Monday, April 27, 2009


Screw I wasted almost an hour of my life trying to register and be a member. I registered and everything, but after I login it boots me off anytime I try to click on anything else on the site. For example I tried to change my profile info. After typing all the info I hit "Submit Modifications" it sends me to a page that has an error type message saying I have to be a registered user to make changes. I look up to the top right corner where you login and it says "Login", it should have said "Logout" since I was already logged in on the previous page. Shit frustrated the shit out of me. Fuck that site. Piece of shit site.

Oh by the way celebrityhaider is going to die. I'm tired of this format. Fuck celebrities. Will be moving to soon. be on the look out there. Peace out and fuck ya'll. Lol