Thursday, January 31, 2008


Oh I'm not done yet with this glorifying stuff. This is the worst of them all. The pimp life style. I can't believe how glorified this one is. They have parties in honor of this pathetic act. Why do we think it's cool to force women into prostitution by beating, raping, imprisoning them? Where's the cool factor in that? You tell me, cause people celebrate this crap like it's a holiday.

For the fellas, does that make you feel manly? You feel good about beating up a women? Forcing them to support your lazy a$$ by whoring herself out? That make you feel more of a man? Yeah? If you think so, damn you're a sorry a$$ excuse for a man. You wanna fell more manly? Join the Marines and go to Iraq. See the blood shed first hand while defending this great nation. That's being manly.

Pimps are basically lazy mofos, that want others to earn him money while he sits there on his lazy a$$ watching TV or snorting coke all day. People like The Bishop Magic Juan are a joke, sporting their circa 70's pimp flourecent colored pimp gear. They look like modern age clowns.

If you seriously think Pimps are cool than man mainstream media's got a hook on you.


Mainstream media has a strong hold on our society. Whatever they put out, we the people will eat it up and ask for more. Wether you're willing to admit it or not, they have total influence of what we like and dislike. They can take something very negatively evil and make it "Cool" and "hip". For example they can take a gangster/gang banger/drug dealer such as 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z , or Ja Rule and turn him into a hip hop icon. Becoming a roll model for all these young suburban wannabes. They see their war stories told in the their raps and the kids eat them up and idolize these rappers. Leaves me to ponder, what kind of message are we spreading to our youth? The gangster life glorified by these rappers can only keep the cycle going. Glorifying this life style just shows how dysfunctional this society is.


Alicia Keys, one of the most talented musicians is accused of resampling a Black Eyed Peas song? Keys' new song No One shares a little more similarity to the Black Eyed Peas song Where Is the Love. Listen to the BEP's song and then listen to Key's song. In fact someone went further and synchronized the songs and found not only did both songs have the same chord structure, they also had a very similar beat and the choruses, verses and interludes seemed to play at the same point in each song. These two songs have not been edited. He only found about a 1% difference in change. Well below the industry standard I presume. I believe it's 10%. Listen and decide for yourself.

I don't know if it was her intent or not. Maybe she just really liked the BEP song and wanted a song with that same structure, who knows. But the fact is that they sound very similar...


Can they just keep her in a mental institute for the remainder of her life already? Aren't we all tired of hearing about Britney's breakdown? Just lock her up and throw away the key. She doesn't belong out in society, she's insane. Stop giving her the benefit of a doubt, if it were an average person (non-famous), everyone would be screaming to put them away for good. But since it's a celebrity in this case, people feel for her. Whatever.

Did mention to you that she's now talking with a British accent (a bad one at that)? She's nutts, let's stop this Britney insanity by giving her all this coverage. Her life isn't worth the time. Let's stop the madness.

It's really looking more like Brit will pass on sometime this year. The way it's spiraling down so fast right now, it could be anytime...damn what was month did I predict she would pass? Crap I forgot. Gotta see what the odds are in Vegas, cause you know someone already beat me to it and put a line out on her.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It's one thing to be arrogant, but to take the legal system as a joke, O.J. takes the cake on that. I mean come on, you got away with murder. Literally. All you had to do after that was just lay low, essentially disappear from the lime light, not get into any trouble what so ever. Because your every move will be watched and the second you mess up they (the legal system) are going to slam your a$$ against the wall and a$$ rape you sore. They want to make up for their mistake in your murder case, so they're looking to put you away for good. Just lay low and enjoy the rest of your life...thats all he had to do. But nope he couldn't even do that. He had to release a book which pretty much confessed his guilt and was a slap to the face of the legal system. They're out to get him and they'll get him.

As an NFL football fanatic I can't help but think his story is such a sad pathetic story. Here's a guy that became an NFL legend, one of the best of all time, had everything and threw it away in a furious jealous rage. Now people will remember him as the guy that killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend but got away.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm really glad that most of these award shows have been cancelled due to the writers strike. Honestly who gives a sh#t about actors getting awards? Seriously? I'm sick of it. Actors/actresses always have to make themselves feel good about themselves because deep down inside they all know they're shallow selfish a-holes. Well with an exception of a few. (a very low number) and one just passed away the other week in his apartment.

I mean tell me, what do you get from watching an award show? Aside from MTV, at least they have performances to look forward to. But these serious ones like the Oscar, Emmy's, etc. What do they do for you? Okay let's try to break it down a little here...

First there's always the pre-show. Where you get to see these celebrities arrive in limos (which you would never get to ride unless you were getting married or part of a wedding party) and then you get to see them walk the red carpet, sporting the latest and newest fashions. You know stuff like Vera Wang and blah blah blah (designer stuff that you would never be able to afford, unless you were famous). Not to mention all the bling bling they wear...they've got bracelets on worth 100s of thousands of dollars. And what do you have? A wedding band or engagement ring worth a few thousand dollars. Oh and don't forget the complimentary gifts worth $10-20 thousand, that they receive for showing up..That doesn't make me feel

Second is the actual award show. Zzzzz! You wait for the announcers to announce the next award, then once the winner is called up it pans around and you get to see the lovely food that they're being served and the expensive champagne they're being served. (doesn't beat my $7 bottle of Balitore...thas the bomb champagne). Make you feel good? Not me.

Then there's the after parties that they all get to go to. Can only imagine the amazing hors' dourves they're being served and not to mention that they get to party all night on a work night because they don't have real jobs. (real jobs are jobs held by people of the average; a non-celebrity). That actually pisses me off.

So really in conclusion...what do these award shows do for you? Nothing...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Before she was Mrs. Scientology freak. Fame seeker was on a little show called Dawson's Creek. She was itching to be famous, even going topless on the big screen for a movie called The Gift.

In this link we'll see a young Katie Holmes flashing the paparazzi. Aw the good old days, such fond memories.

Click Here

It's those knockers to the knockers in the movie The Gift and you'll see that they're one in the same...


Saw a segment on Bono on ET (Entertainment Tonight), I believe. Their segment was about how Bono was still trying to save lives of the less forgunate.

He states the (obvious fact) that there are people in poor countries surviving on $1 a day. And Bono being a strong advocate of trying to save lives wants US to do something about it. By donating $$$
to the cause.

Gee, you're (Bono) are talking about US giving donations to starving people. But yet Bono wears expensive a$$ sun glasses if, worth who knows.

He talks about all this saving of people in all and asks for our donaton but yet have yet to hear that has used his some of his money to help out. He's another overseas fraud.


British cult hit show Most Haunted has been exposed as being fake, by one of it's own. Parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe has opened the door to the truth about the show.

I knew this show was nothing more than a fake annoying British show. This show is still being aired on the Travel Channel here in the US frequently. Every Friday.

Read full article Click Here

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Eva Mendes
Picture says it all...dam she's smokin' hot!


Fame seeker Heidi Montag from The Hills gets on the cover of Maxim magazine. This girl will do anything to stay in the lime light. When things get quiet she'll release a sex tape or something to get back in the tabloids. Cause now being the villan of the show, she's received more attention than she could have ever imagine of getting. And like Spencer she's eating up every second of it.


Reading more and more articles about the new Batman movie set to release this summer and seeing the trailer makes me anxious to see the movie. Especially seeing glimpses of Ledgers final performance as the Joker. Gave me the chills. From those teaser clips, you saw just how great of an actor Ledger really was. I think this by far will be his greatest performance. It seems he got the idea of who the Joker is down tight. He played the Joker how he was intended to be played. Jack Nicolas ain't got nothing on this Joker. This is the real deal Joker, the comic book Joker. Demented, psychotic, deranged, and numb. Heath Ledger literally became the Joker. It's amazing.

Here's to you the Joker.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Looks like another classic is being brought back to life. And they are smart enough not to do a remake but a continuation of the old series. KITT will be back, in a new suit, you can say. KITT will now be in the body of a another American car. A modified version of the 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Modifications done by Gaplin Auto Sports (formally of MTV's Pimp My Ride). Let's just hope that Mad Mike didn't put tv monitors all over the car.

David Hasselhoff will return as Michael Knight, but the story follows Knight's estranged son Mike Traceur played by Soap star Justin Bruening (see image at the top). Traceur along with his childhood friend Sarah search for her father Charles Kamen (inventor of KITT) who has disappeared mysteriously. It is uncertain how big the Hoff's role will be and if he will be a regular if the series is to be picked up and green lighted. So far it seems like this is a TV made movie, with hopes to be picked up for a series run. If it's done right and well than I don't see why not. As long as it's better than the Knight Rider 2000 movie with the Hoff in 1991 where kit was a red Pontiac Banshee prototype car. Words can't describe how terrible that was.

I say KITT should have been a Nissan GT Skyline. It's an overall much better machine than the you could have added drifting to KITT's new maneuvers. But I guess KITT was an American car back then, so he should stay that way.

Knight Rider movie should hit the airways on February 17.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science
L. Ron Hubbard

I've learned recently that you should do your research before talking about something or in my case blog ranting about it. If you don't you than you'll only sound like a fool. Your rants will be nothing more than a stupid rant.

With that said, I purchased (not at full price of course) L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science. To get a better understanding of Hubbard and why he his Scientology ideas became such the cult religion it is today.

Well so far I've read about 4 chapters of the book. And it gave me a lot of insight into the mind of Hubbard. After reading only 4 chapters so far I've come to this conclusion. Hubbard is as dumb as a donkey - even dumber. His theories and philosophy is a bunch of jumbled scattered rants. His mind is everywhere and his writing is by far worse than mine. I'm no writer (he is). I haven't written a single book (he has), but I sure am considering it now, because Hubbard's writing is confusing and all over the place. None of it makes any real sense. He's right out stupid, no wonder lower intellectual people fall into the grasp of Scientology. Perfect example, Tom Cruise. Tom is not a smart man with a high IQ, in fact he's dyslexic. Hubbard in this book tries to sound like Confucius, but instead he sounds more like a retarded Confucius.

Here's an excerpt from the book:

I found that a "hardened criminal" with an obvious "criminal mind" was, in basic personality, a sincere, intelligent being with ambition and cooperativeness.
This was incredible. If this was basic brain, then basic brain was good. Then Man was basically good. Social nature was inherent! If this was basic brain...

(pg. 34 end of 3rd paragraph and all of the 4th paragraph.)

And it only gets better from there. I'll read more and give a full review of the book once finished. But so far I give it 1 out of 5 stars. That's subject to change after finishing the book.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Watch and enjoy...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


That's the real question. Why did someone who actually had something to contribute to Hollywood have to die at such a young age? Why couldn't it be someone like Britney Spears, now there's a waste of human space. Such a great actor Ledger was, it's a shame.

He's one that HAiDER will not hate on. He's one of the true genuine actors of his time. I will hate on his lack of judgement on mixing pills. You have all this money, fame, and popularity. Yet you waste it getting wasted. It's a shame someone with his talents would go down that road.

The full details won't be fully understood until all the results are back from the coroners office, in fact we (the public) may never fully know the entire truth as to what happened. Only one person would know for sure...Ledger. Another one of the greats dies. He's now in the ranks of actor River Phoenix, rocker Jim Morrison, comedian/actor John Candy, and actor Brandon Lee.

Like Brandon Lee, I think his greatest character will be from a comic book. Batman: The Dark Knight which releases this summer. Ledger plays Batman's most notorious foe, the Joker.


Maid discovers Heath Ledger unconcious in an appartment with prescription pills (sleeping pills reports) near by. More reports to come...

Rumor already floating around that the appartment Ledger was found in is owned by Mary-Kate Olsen. This rumor is NOT true.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I don't know about you, but I have a feeling in my gut that Britney won't get better in fact I only see one way out for her and that's for her to OD. I think she will OD sometime in '08. I'm saying sometime in September.

Her life is a big gaint mess. A mess that she created and I don't think theres anyway for her to fix it at this point. Some one might as well just give a bottle full of pills and say "knock yourself out."

Not to sound grim or anything, but this would be the perfect end to her roller coaster life. The life of a pop singer. It's that simple. So September '08 is my prediction.


In the belly of the beast is were this brave soul is headed. If the Chargers win he will be the lone sheep in a stadium filled with wolves.Holding up a sign that will say it all.

Let's wish him and the Chargers well.

image supplied by Robeast

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I really don't know where to begin with Tom Cruise. He's as wacko as they get. Take his religion to seriously. But the odd thing is that he won't acknowledge or admit that he's the second in command. He's the most devoted celebrity Scientologist. He claims that Scientology was the only thing that cured his dyslexia. I dunno just check out the video

For Tom Cruise Whacky Video
Click Here

Thursday, January 17, 2008


EPSN's: Sports Center is among the biggest advocate and pushers of the Chargers hater movement. Especially Mark Schlereth, a former Denver Broncos (it's no wonder he hates us, we've buried his team the past season, embarassing them even). He and the rest of the ESPN crew have nothing but hateful things to say about the Chargers. Not once have they said anything positive about them. Last week before the Colts vs. Chargers game all Mark kept raving about was how Sanders was the defense of the Colts. As if Sanders was going to single handedly win the game for them. He raved on and on about the colts defense. But did not mention that the Chargers are a lot faster and more aggressive and hold more than a handful of talented big name players. Merriman, Philips, Williams, Cromartie, Castillo to name a few. He compares Rivers to Leaf like there is a comparison to make. Rivers is a good solid football player, Leaf never was. So to Mark I give a big fat F YOU!

To the former players that are now so called sports analysts I say screw you. You're just jealous cause you never had a chance to play on such a talented team. No one will give us an ounce of respect that we wont't get blown out on Sunday. They call our players no good punks and hate us with passion, but they easily forgive and forget the antics of crimal players like Pacman Jones, M. Vick, and Randy Moss.

If the Chargers win on Sunday they won't get the respect that they deserve, they'll still be looked down on for the Super Bowl. If they win the super bowl they'll still be looked down on and call it a fluke. They'll say we don't deserve it. They'll just talk about how the other team give it away. They won't give it up to the hard work of the Chargers season, fighting adversity and adjusting to new coaching staff. No ESPN, FOX sports, CBS, all the sports media platforms will down play our road to super bowl. They'll focus on Rivers attitude on the field and whatever else chalkboard material they can dig up.

I say F you to all you haters. Especially the ones on the East Coast!


It's one thing to be arrogant, but to take the legal system as a joke, O.J. takes the cake on that. I mean come on, you got away with murder. Literally. All you had to do after that was just lay low, essentially disappear from the lime light, not get into any trouble what so ever. Because your every move will be watched and the second you mess up they (the legal system) are going to slam your a$$ against the wall and a$$ rape you sore. They want to make up for their mistake in your murder case, so they're looking to put you away for good. Just lay low and enjoy the rest of your life...thats all he had to do. But nope he couldn't even do that. He had to release a book which pretty much confessed his guilt and was a slap to the face of the legal system. They're out to get him and they'll get him.

As an NFL football fanatic I can't help but think his story is such a sad pathetic story. Here's a guy that became an NFL legend, one of the best of all time, had everything and threw it away in a furious jealous rage. Now people will remember him as the guy that killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend but got away.


Let's relive the moment that Seau broke his arm. Can you "Say Ow!" Seau! That's what a traitor gets for making the Chargers look like a fool. By throwing you a retirement party and by you shoving it in their face by coming out of retirement two days later. I pray we beat you and you don't ever get your super bowl ring. TRAITOR!


In the final game of the season, Wilfork poked his fingers through the facemask and at the eyes of Brandon Jacobs of the Giants. He was fined $15,000 by the NFL.


Patriots DT Vince Wilfork was fined $12,500 by the NFL for this hit on JP Losman of the Buffalo Bills. Notice how as he is falling his elbow magically rises up into the knee of the Buffalo QB. Losman missed several games with a knee injury.


I know I've been spending a lot of time covering the San Diego Chargers. But hey they're about to play the biggest game they've ever played and no one in the sports world is giving them a fighting chance. It seems like it's the whole world against the Chargers. Especially the Chargers QB Philip Rivers.

Like I've been saying from day one. This is the guy that will lead this Charger team to any future championship. And everyone wants to focus on his attitude during games. Just cause he likes to be vocal on the field with everyone, including fans. People are riding him like he's some sort of criminal (uh, Randy Moss). Like he's done something so bad. Especially the fans. They've gotten on his case about him talking back to fans. Well if you (the fan) are going to dish out some trash talk from the stands, don't be surprised if you get it thrown back at you by Rivers. Fans talk all tough from the stands (they're like telephone tough guys) and knowing they never have to back it up. Rivers on the other hand can talk the talk because he's already backed it up on the field. Look at his last to games (playoff), he's lite up the stat sheets.

Sports announcers around the nation, especially ESPN love to rag on Rivers, yet they don't aren't man enough to get him on the air to tell him in his face. They're what you call "television tough guys". Then you have talking all this trash, saying how Rivers is a punk. But the truth is he's just like you guys. Rivers is from the east coast, so he's got that east coast confidence. That attitude, the only difference is that Rivers' attitude is limited to the field of play. Not like the rest of you east coast simpletons, who think the world revolves around you. But it's not limited to the east coast columnists. You have people across the nation. Such as talking trash. But they won't seek comment from Rivers, why? Because they're online tough guys. I'm an online tough guy myself but I'll call out any of these sports columnists and the Patriots players. Write to me and I'll respond They won't because they're pu$$ies. I've already sent them emails but they haven't responded.

Now the hate for Rivers isn't to far from home either. In our own backyard, San Diegans are hating on the only successful QB post Stan Humphries. He's done what Brees failed to do so many times.

People have gone as far as compared Rivers to Leaf. How pathetic is that? There is NO comparison what so ever. Leaf was hated by the whole team because he treated them like second class citizens, he carried an attitude everywhere, Rivers leaves it on the field. Stats wise Rivers blows out Leaf. I think Leaf had maybe 2 wins as a Chargers. He was sacked so many times, and most of the time it was because his linemen let the other team sack him. His own teammates wouldn't help him up whenever he was on the ground, I remember his own linemen stepping over him as if he wasn't there. There's no comparison to make. Rivers can back up his talk, Leaf couldn't. Leaf didn't even want to be in the NFL. He loved college and the college life to much. He was a slacker, that just wanted to party and get laid by college groupies. Rivers is a family man. So knock it off with the Leaf comparison, because it ain't valid.

Have some pride fellow San Diegans and back our QB. He's a real winner, he's the man to lead us to our first (of many) super bowl championship.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The newest Hollywood trend to plague celebrities is of course...pregnancy! Everyone and their moms is pregy. Nicole Ritchie, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, J-Lo, Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera, Brooke Burke, and Jamie Lynn Spears. It's like one person does it and then the rest of the Hollywood brats follow suit and it's all because they think babies are cute accessories. Most with exception to a few really want babies. Like J-Lo, Brooke Burke, and Kidman, but the rest are all Hollywood brats aren't even no where near prepared to be parents. You think Ritchie is going to be a good parent? I highly doubt it.

I didn't think the baby trend setter herself Britney Spears was ready to have kids and the recent events of '07 have proven that to be a 100% correct assumption. She's a nut case and a danger to her kids. What more with these other Hollywood brats that are so used to life where it's me,me, me all the time. Now they'll have to take a back seat to their baby? They aren't going to let that happen. They'll abandon the baby with a nanny or their parents and continue with their party antics. Nicole will be back to drugs and partying, Jamie Lynn Spears definitely won't be the one to be watching her kid. She'll have her even crazier mom take care of it. Boy do I feel sorry for the kids of these celebrities. They'll grow up to be as f#$ked up as their parents.

Now I'm concerned that a jump in teen pregnancy will sky rocket this year because of the celebrity influence. It's a shame most of society live their life modeled after their favorite celebrity. Think for yourself and be yourself. Don't let these celebs dictate your life. Have some respect for yourself.


All they do is resort to is trash talking. Quote:

“The Chargers are perennially among the league leaders in embarrassing celebratory dances after routine plays. They also specialize in jawing – with their opponents and amongst themselves. For all their talent, (LaDainian) Tomlinson and (Philip) Rivers are easily thrown off their games by missed calls and assignments or hecklers. You're just as likely to see them brooding on the sideline as you are to see them in the end zone.”

–Jim McBride, staff writer for The Boston Globe, in a photo gallery posted yesterday on

Jim is just like any Pats fan. Full of themselves and blouted with an over confident ego. You know that east coast swagger. They think they're better than everyone. If you ask a terrorist he'll tell you he doesn't hate all Americans he just hates Americans in the east coast. Why do you think all the attacks happen in the east coast? But that's a different topic I don't go to on this blog site. See Kings of Society for that kinda talk. Anyways back to these pathetic maggots called Pats fans. You know just goes to show why the Chargers and other teams respect Manning, the Colts, and their fans and not New England, Bellicheat, and the New England fans. I had a staff member in Indy for last Sunday's game and when asked about his treatment from Colts fans, he had nothing but nice things to say about them.

He said they congratulated him on the Chargers win. Told him exactly what Manning told the press. The Chargers played better today and they deserve the win. But they also added that they are now going to be cheering for the Chargers next week because the HATE the Pats. Pat fans on the other hand are nothing but rude, angry, selfish, degenerates that deserve nothing but the worst God has to offer them. They have no class in New England, just clam chowder.

Every sports analyst calls this game over before it even started. To them all I have to say is I curse you with bad luck. None of you want to pay respect to the Chargers and say that they might not have a chance to win, but they'll fight till the end. Instead all you talk about is how this is going to be a game not worth watching, it's a sad day for the NFL. You all give no credit to any of the Chargers, in fact all you do is degrade the players. Well then I have no respect for you or your life. I wish you the worst. You know who you all are.

If you guys want trash talk here's my contribution HAiDER style:

If New England wins this Sunday I pray to all the Gods that their team plane crashes on the way to Arizona. Crashing into a hotel, housing all New England fans, killing most except for a few. I pray that Tom Brady survives with 98 percent of his body severely burned, missing one leg and half of his throwing arm. Then we'll see if his ugly ass super model girlfriend will stick with him. Also to survive would be Junior Seau severly disfigured (not like he doesn't look like that already) just so the I can tell him to "SayOw" and last to servive would be their also cheating coach. So we can see his career die out because his injuries will make it difficult to return to coaching. If life was fair, this is what would happen if they win Sunday.


This queer Gerry Calahan writes...

Why bother showing up? Chargers no match for Super Bowl-bound Pats
By Gerry Callahan Tuesday, January 15, 2008 N.E. Patriots

The Patriots [team stats] were comfortably curled up on their couches Sunday night, halfway through “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” when the next victim on their hit list touched down in San Diego. An estimated 10,000 fans were waiting to greet the Chargers as they got off their buses, hobbled into the team complex and headed for the trainer’s room.

Some fans had been waiting on lounge chairs in the parking lot for six hours. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Chargers theme song played repeatedly over loud speakers. The charged-up San Diego fans would have been wearing championship T-shirts and hats except for one small problem:

They didn’t win a championship. Not even a conference championship.

They won a second-round playoff game and earned the right to travel across three time zones to play the greatest team ever on a day that is expected to be colder than naked ice fishing. If this was a title fight, someone in the Chargers’ corner would be screaming: “Stay down! Stay down!”

for full piece of shit article click here.

This is another piece of sh#t journalist that really doesn't know anything about sports, Gerry Callahan. He's just like any Pats band wagon fan, he believes stats determine games. It's obvious that he's not a football fan because if he was, he'd know that it's "any given Sunday." Any team can win on Sunday. No matter what the stats of each teams are or how great they're playing. The Chargers proved that last Sunday. The big underdogs, expected to lose, beat down the defending champs. With the back ups mind you. Now the Chargers are again the big underdogs and injury pleagues them, but you can't count them out. They'll show up and they'll fight, and why? Because they're not quiters. Gerry's header reads "Why bother showing up?" That's exactly why they'll show up you queer, because unlike you who would probably give up when faced with adversity, this team much like any other team in the NFL would not give up. That is why they have their jobs and you have your meger desk job. So go ahead and book your non refundable reservations for Arizona, but don't whine and complain like babies if the Chargers ruin your plans. It's any given Sunday, remember that! Oh, and by the way the Chargers play pretty well in the snow, so don't think that will be a factor. So fu#k Gerry "dipsh#t" Callahan and the east coast for that matter. It's overrated there any way. It's all about California!

Monday, January 14, 2008


It's about everything else beyond the trivial social trend. It's about life, science, evolution, and the truth.


Fame seeker Katie Holmes refers to her daughter Suri as a woman. Not a child. Can you say "weird" like her know it all husband Tom?

What is she going to call her when she's really a woman (by age)? An old hag?

Careful Suri's almost over the hill, age 2.

Katie seeks to be really famous, so she marries Tom "Mr.Hollywood" Cruise to boast her ratings and celebrity status. Well she's got what she's wanted. She is now talked about all the time. Look I'm talking about her right now. You know she loves it. All the attention she's getting.

Acting wise she's never going to reach the elite status, she's a mediocre actress. There are far better actresses better than she. I think even Jessica Alba is a better actress. And Jessica is probably one of the worst female actresses in Hollywood right now.

Well Katie you enjoy your little woman, because she'll probably grow up to have a great career in show business, just like her dad. And mommy Holmes will just live her dreams through her.


I’m sure that the rumors of Tom Cruise being a very nice and generous person are true. But the really nice guys are usually the ones that have a very deep secret. Or extremely weird. Now being a hardcore Christian is weird in itself, but being a Scientologist is just as weird. And Tom is an extreme Scientologist. In fact, I think he wants to be the dictator of Scientology; become it’s ultimate leader. I mean I hear he’s suppose to be a very powerful scientologist. One that possesses healing powers or what not.

This guy is just straight weird. No one will talk ill about him, not even Nicole Kidman, the woman he left suddenly without warning. She has not once has said anything ill about it. Now that must be because he has something on her. Secretly I think he’s a bully that blackmails people to not say anything bad about him or his religion. He could even be the true anti-christ.

He doesn't seem genuine like other actors. Like Johnny Depp or Leonardo Di Caprio. There's something odd and peculiar about him. Like how his relationship with Katie Holmes just appeared out of nowhere. All the rumors that this was a business arrangement to benefit her and his career. Which doesn't seem to far fetch. Lately its obvious how much Katie Holmes seeks to be in the spot light. I feel she would do anything to become really famous and so what better way to get talked about all the time than to marry one of the hottest celebrity in the business. Before her relationship with Tom, Katie was barely a blimp on the tabloid radar. After getting into a relationship and marrying Tom, she’s in the tabloids every week. Fame hungry whore? I think so.

Did she really think that we wouldn't have figured it out sooner or later? Caught cha Katie.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I just enjoy that this old guy running for Presidency is marketing the way he is. It's fresh and hip. It's not the the regular cookie cutter BS that the other politicians do.

He's much smarter and probably on a low budget, but it's working out just fine. He's getting his name across to everyone.

If I voted I would probably have to place my vote for him. But I'm to smart to vote and put myself out there for the government to track. Big brotha's trying to keep tabs on everyone. Watch yourself.
See Kings of Society for conspiracy ideas and theories.


Most are going to "haider" me for this little piece. Oh well, I'm staying true to my nature, and that's being a hater. So here goes...

Is Shepard Fairey a unique and creative artist? Yes. Should he be considered a Graffiti Artist as some do? No. Is he a sell out? Yes.

His propaganda was an underground movement when it first started. Now it's become as trendy as the GAP movement. It's lost it's underground appeal and has gained that commercial feel. And there's nothing wrong with the commercial feel. If that was your goal from the get go. But something tells me that he didn't expect it to leave the underground scene. That it would have been an underground movement forever. But it has now and now he's caught up in the open scene. Capitalizing on his art. Selling sold out propaganda books and an over priced clothing line. He's made it to mainstream. That's what the underground call "Sell Out!"

Now I could be wrong and that was his goal this whole time. And he just used the underground scene to generate hype. So that would mean he basically "punk'd" the underground scene to help him capitalize on them and the mainstream consumer.

Either way in my gut I just feel this guy is too trendy. His art is great, but it's to trendy now. It's lost it's street cred. It's a guys hate me yet? Good hate me cause I'm not looking to go underground, I plan on busting through the scene, be the talk of the world!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Looks like there will be a new Street Fighter movie...sorta. In production is Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and Kristen Kreuk will play the sexy exotic Asian heroin.

I don't know what to say. I don't think it's going to work. But hey let them prove me wrong.

I just don't think she has what it takes to be a leading role. Especially for a specific character such as Chun Li. I don't think she's exotic enough. And she doesn't know martial arts so getting her to look like she knows what she's doing is going to be the most challenging aspect of the movie. Her bouts on Smallville don't really look that great. She needs to look like martial arts is second nature to her. If she doesn't make it look natural, the movie will be as ackward as Uma Thurman's character in the Kill Bill series. Or Keanu Reeves in the Matrix sagas. Just straight out unatural.

You want exotic you get Kelly Hu to do it. I know she's getting older but she still looks great. And she knows martial arts. That's really what these producers of this movie have to make a top priority, will she look natural performing martial arts?

The other thing I have a gripe with is Kreuk's height. She's barely 5'2" and doesn't have the nice long legs that Chun-Li has. Chun-Li isn't that tall either, but her long legs made her seem taller. And not to mention sexier.

But we will see. If they take their time and really prepare and plan, they can make a very awesome street fighter movie. I think people have been waiting for a remake since the Jean-Claude Van Dame Street Fighter Movie. Boy was that movie as cheesey as his dancing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Malcolm X (right) doesn't have anything on Barack Obama (left). While X had the power to command the whole black community. Obama might soon have the power to command the whole United States.

Obama is the front runner for becoming the first Black President. The question is wether white America will allow it to happen? And if it does, will his life be treatened daily? A risk no reasonable man would want to take. But Obama isn't the ordinary man. He's much like Malcolm X; a natural born leader.

He's become so popular that women actually cry in his presence. His following grows bigger with each and every campaign stop. Recently Oprah Winfrey jumped in and publicly supports Obama. And everyone knows that when the you have Oprah's approval, you're set. Her show reaches so many viewers and her follow is so huge that they would do anything she says. Her influence is much much greater than a Jedi Master.

Or he could very well be the anti-christ. Everyone falls in love with him and gains every one's trust and then he turns into the devil. Who knows, but if there was a black male that could win the Presidency at this day in age, he would be the one. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson are both wannabes of their predecessor Martin Luthor King and Malcolm X. If those two were still alive today, there would be no Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

We'll know by years end if 2009 will be the beginning of change as the first minority (black) man becomes a president or if the first female will become president. Or not the people can vote Ron Paul! I don't know who the F-cup he is but I see those "Google Ron Paul" shirts everywhere. I kinda want one now.


The New York Gaints would be honored if Jessica Simpson would grace them with her presence in Dallas for their game against her boyfriend, Dallas QB Tony "Homo" Romo.

The first time Jessica watched her new boyfriends game live, he performed the worst he's ever performed. Netting a QB rating of 22.2. Went 13 of 39 for 214 yards and 3 interceptions. She wasn't even close to being a lucky charm for Romo.

So coming into this Sunday in Dallas the G-Men are welcoming her to be in attendance for the game. In fact they insist she be there, to support Romo of course.

But don't expect Romo to get lucky with her; from her past MTV show with ex-husband Nick Lachey getting lucky with her was an uphill battle.
To her sex is a chore she'd rather not do.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


This sorry a$$ excuse for a psychiatrist is nothing more than a media whore. Everyone knows he's not really a psychiatrist, he failed at that. He only became famous because he got on Oprah's good side. Ever since than he's been hungry for attention, passing himself off as the psychiatrist to the stars.

For once I'm proud of what Britney did. She completely ignored him when he showed up unannounced at the hospital Britney was staying in. He then immediately had a press conference (what real psychiatrist would talk about a potential patient to the public? what happened to doctor/client confidentiality?) after his 15 minute visit with the pop mess. He states to the media that his visit was for 60 minutes and that he has come up with a diagnosis for her condition. He claims she has serious mental think?!

This guy is a f#$king retard. How can anyone take this guy seriously? Just cause Oprah said he was cool, not everyone has to jump on the Dr. Phil band wagon. He's a little Oprah bitch and people will soon realize how dumb this guy really is.


Don't ask why I put this image up for this article. The image just came up when I was searching for new year's images.

Anyhow yes the new year is here and it's time for most of us to start writing down our goals and resolutions for this year.

Most will write down that they will loose some weight this year and get in the gym more often. Crap if you ask me.

As for myself my only resolution is to be meaner and more aggressive. To not let people step on me. Take advantage of my kindness. In fact the goal is for me to bully people around, instead of the other way around. Which may lead to physical fights and confrontations...which is something I'd look forward to. So I guess I should get in the gym more than huh? Yea bitches don't f*ck with this Glock (well technically I'm still saving up to purchase it) wielding Asian. Remember VT bitches! What have you learned from that event? Don't piss off an Asian that's what! Anyways, yep thas about it...happy new year to you all! I know, it's a bit late...Asian time!