Monday, June 30, 2008


I never did like the BET Awards, mainly because back in the 90's the award show was so ghetto that rappers would actually get into confrontations during the airing of the show. The most infamous was during the West Coast & East Coast rap wars, when Snoop Dogg came out firing and spitting fuel to already tense atmosphere. Well all know what came out of the feuds...two of the most talented rappers dead. Tupac and Biggie. Ever since they I view BET as dirty as a strip joint. No matter how classy they try to be, they're still ghetto to me. And with the black this and black that comments these artists blurt out on this award show because they know they can. Any other award show they're on check.

One of the comments this year came from an obviously tipsy Sean "Diddy" Combs, he blurts out "To our blackness, black is beautiful baby, yea!" You know he wouldn't say that during an MTV award show, Kanye would. But anyhow I just thought that was funny comment for him to make. Considering he's the only black person who loves nothing more than to wear white. He's hosted a few "All white" parties in the Hampton's. If black is so beautiful why doesn't he wear more of it?

Then there's the what now seems to be politically driven Alicia Keyes with her quote and Obama support at the end of her speech. Oh let's not forget her comment in the beginning of her speech, where she made a comment about how everyone wants to be us (I can only imagine that means everyone wants to be black?). They only time I want to be black is during football season.

Diddy and Alicia were straight campaigning for Obama. Watch when it gets closer to the elections Diddy will be front and center with his "Vote Obama or Die!" I'd rather die. Obama would be as bad as Bush. No experience. But he'll have ALL the black entertainers on his side. They're going to push for the first black president. They want to break the mold of white presidents so badly.'s all a gimmick, Obama is a gimmick.

Back to the show, it's all about black this and black that at these BET Awards. 400+ years of slavery remember? They never let you forget. They are so oppressed know they've got natural ability to play sports and make millions doing it and they have this hip-hop enterprise locked down to where they're making millions off selling their brands...but they still complain. I wish us Asian guys could get into sports or the hip-hop front stage with ease and make millions. No we have to go through endless schooling to become boring a$$ engineers or postal workers. This show should be called the "Black Power" Awards cause that's the underlining message I get from watching this show. "We're great, your not!"


I caught a glimpse of the BET Awards (also referred to as the Ghetto Awards for his violent history) and I after 20 minutes I wish I hadn't. I saw Lil' Wayne's performance and boy did it leave me at the end scratching my head thinking "What the hell was that?" I could never understand a damn word that guy says nor can understand his performance. How the hell could this guy seriously sell a million records in the first week?

I nearly died laughing as I was on looking at Lil' Wayne pics from his performance. The comments that I guess the BET staff was putting on his pics. One says "Lil Wayne delivered a priceless performance!" or "Lil' Wayne did a great job in the finale!" or "Lil' Wayne closes with a great performance to a great show!" but wait there's more, of T-Pain's and Lil' Wayne's performance "They definitely gave a grand finale!" oh but it gets even better "The Fireman definitely delivered a hot performance!" do you want to hear more? It just goes on.

Tell me am I missing something here? I thought his performance was whack! Amateurish, lame, and the sound was terrible. You could hardly hear him, it's was like watching a 50cent live performance...boring!

You get Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def, or even the egomaniac himself Kanye West up there and they'll entertain you. This was just straight whack and if you think it was a hot performance than you got some whack taste.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Screw the mile high club, celebrities now have a very exclusive club. It's the celebrity sex tape club. And the only way a celebrity can join is to release one, but claim it was stolen from your home.

Vern Troyer has just become a member of the club. A sex tape of him and an ex-girlfriend was supposedly stolen from his home (yea like we haven't heard of that excuse before). Clips of the tape was leaked all over the internet, including whom posted clips from the tape. Vern is now suing TMZ for posting those clips. He's only mad because clips of the tape were leaked out and he's not getting paid for it.

How the hell does this midget asshole have a sex tape (most likely with a hot chick) and I don't. I'm feeling less manly here. Who in their right mind would want to get with Vern and why the hell is so angry at people all the time when apparently he gets tails like mad crazy? Vern is so anal uptight about everything. He's annoying as hell.

Oh the girl on the image above isn't the girl that he recorded the video with. He gets so much pu$$y.


With all the humanitarian work Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have done in the past few years it's not a surprise that talk about Angelina Jolie wanting to go into politics in the near future and eventually wants to be the first female President of the United States. Heck I never vote because only fools vote, but if she was running I'd vote for her. She's matured so much in the last few years that she seems older than what she really is. But I don't know, her competition would expose her wild years. They'd have a field day with her relationship with a bi-sexual woman. It wouldn't be pretty. But I think if she keeps doing what she's doing people will see past that and see all the selfless things she's done in her mature years. They'll chalk all the wild stuff to her adolescent years. What a hot President she would make. The leaders of other nations would just be thinking about her naked during meetings.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Alright so this is the week that the real competition starts. The theme was take a hit music video, emulate it but make it your own. There's no more freebies from here on out. This week would show some weaknesses that some groups have. Like some crews weren't used to the style of dance on the music video or certain individuals in many of the crews felt uncomfortable knowing that they had to learn a new move. But overall all the crews had good performances. Here's my review of the crews...

4 out of 5 stars

The overall performance was good. It was very entertaining. They have a little bit of the Jabba swagger about them in their performance. It seems as if they go to a lot of Phil's or Chris Styles work shop. Their routine dancing isn't up to par with Jabba but since they're good friends with Jabba, I'm sure Jabba won't have a problem with giving them some pointers. But their breaking is off the hook. And what you've seen of their breaking is only a drop of their full breaking potential. Just watch their youtube clips. It'll blow your mind away.

The thing I enjoy most about them is that (again like Jabbawockeez) they use the whole stage. Actually even more than Jabba did. They entertain you from the second they start to the end of their performance. I have to admit at the end I thought their timing was off, but what I thought was the end wasn't, there was a rewind thing and then it ended with the two guys posing. I really thought the end was the two guys flipping.

Now people might think well then they're like Status Quo, just filled with stunts. Not so. Because Super Cr3ws stunts are precise and controlled. Status Quo's was never precise nor controlled. Break dancing is about stamina, control, and execution. SC do it well.

4 out of 5 stars

So far this group has made me eat my words since the live auditions. And I'm man enough to admit that I was totally wrong about them. They are odd, eccentric at that. I love the 80's but I really don't want to still sport it, but more power to them. This group is amazingly entertaining to watch. Their routines are well choreographed and well executed by the group. And not to mention they're fun routines.

The one thing I like about them is that their routines tell a story. Like Super Cr3w they are thriving and doing well each week because their groups performance is about entertaining the crowd, and their routines are about tell you the crowd a story in less than a minute.

3 out of 5 stars

Their performance was definitely better than last weeks. The had some cool fast footwork in parts of the routine that made it look good, but I still feel like last week they didn't really use the full stage. They're a crew that spews out their over confidence and ego to the audience when they talk, but their performances don't really show it. Come to think of it their routine reminded me of a Janet Jackson routine, featuring Tony Testa. I mean the routine was good, but it just reminds me of a routine Janet would come up with.

There weren't any crazy stunts that would really wow you. Again these act like they're the best dance crew ever, but they have yet to show that.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Another solid performance by the Philly crew. The got the whole Chris Brown grove down. The emulated Brown and his dancing well. The only thing that still throws me off with this group is the big man. The tall one, Mark. He just seems out of place. Kinda like that big guy from Status Quo. But difference is big man Mark can dance. But his height is just out of place. It seems like he should be playing ball or football or some sport, not dancing. But other than that the guys did a good job.

ASIID -CIARA- "Like A Boy"
4 out of 5 stars

Very fun performance, so full of energy. They know how to really dance. It's not typical hip hop video dancing. It's just good fun dancing. And they don't have real stunts, but their choreography makes up for it. Just like J.C. said, they have that certain magic to them. A very solid team.

SoREAL CRU -USHER- "Love In This Club"
3.5 out of 5 stars

Overall good performance by this seasons Kabba Modern. Their moves aren't as smooth as Kabba's but their girls are definitely better looking. The begining was cool, how they all split up.

The thing that erks about this crew is Andrew (I'm sorry Flip brotha) but you just don't make for good television. You're a bit goofy looking. And putting you in the middle most of the time isn't such a good idea. Again I'm sorry bro, but I have to tell it how it is. The group is a good dance crew a top crew this season.

That ending was very weak. I thought there was really no place for it. And his combo was very amateurish for a BBoy. Flare to nickel (aka windmill) back to a flare is pretty much the basic combo that you first learn. I think that was Brian Fucanan. It was real slow and sloppy. One flare to half a windmill to a flare to a back tuck weak very weak. Breakers all around were disappointed with that combo.

3 out of 5 stars

Looser than last weeks performance for sure. But still this group just bothers me. I don't think they bring anything original to the table. I don't like their look. The tall Spanish (Armando) guy at first look on the streets doesn't look like he can step side to side let alone do a full routine. Their persona bothers me too. I just don't dig their boy band burbs attitude.

Their routine was okay. But most of the moves are from Mario's video anyways. The ending was gutsy, jumping down to ground level, which probably was about 12 feet high from his highest point. But other than that nothing impressive from this group.

BOOGIE BOTS -B2K feat. DIDDY- "Bump Bump Bump"
3.5 out of 5 stars

Smooth just straight out smooth performance. They brought it this week. Last week they lacked a little, but this week they brought it. Or as Lil Mama would say "They Turnt it up!" The transitions were smooth, the stunts were smooth, the choreography was smooth. Just a very solid performance for the crew.

The crew has a lot of potential. I just wish the two girls on their crew that couldn't make the show (due to one being in nursing school and the other a full time dancing gig...touring for some artist I bet). So the crew is left with just 5 members (the smallest crew this season). But they all pick up the slack and pull out some solid performances so far.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

These girls just don't belong in this competition. This is mainly a hip-hop dance competition. Their style of dancing just isn't for this show. I felt sorry for them because they got Britney Spears as their music video. The choreography in her video's are so simple that a toddler can perform them. Britney's so dumb and untalented that her choreographers had to dumb down their routines so that she could follow them. Which doesn't help the already doomed SassX7.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Biters will be eaten!!! The Jabbawockeez motto. In this clip below we have yet ANOTHER crew from the Philippines biting the Jabbawockeez persona and gimmick. When will our Flip brothas from the Mecca stop biting our brothas here in the States? It's so lame. These guys on the clip don't even fully put on the face masks. Why? I've come to the conclusion that they can't see what they're doing with the masks on. Probably because the masks are too big. If you've ever put on the real Jabbawockeez mask you'll notice that once you put it on, it seems as if you're not wearing a mask because your view is perfect. The mask doesn't hinder any of your vision. The mask fits so snug that it's a perfect mold. Any ways these guys are terrible dancers as is with most of the crews in the P.I.


Actually here's the thing about this so called battle. Supreme Soul was actually called Soul Sector and they technically battled only a few from the Jabbawockeez. Phil, Kevin, Gary Kendall (RIP), and Joe Larot (a Jabbawockee not featured in ABDC). And there's another thing. Phil and the guys were reppin with other crews to battle as...SoCal Allstars. So you really can't say it's a battle with just the Jabbawockeez because it's not the whole crew. I mean if Kid Rainen was there (naturally a B-Boy) he would have ripped them to shreds. But he's got his own B-Boy crew to back, Killafornia and Footwork Fanatix. This battle took place here in S.D. at Body Rock in 2006. In my opinion I thought SoCal Allstars beat SS. SS lagged most of the time setting up moves and most of the moves weren't that impressive. SoCal had better dancing and better bboy combos. I also think it's lame that "Supreme Soul" would bring up the battle just to stand out from the rest of the crews during the audition process. You know they knew MTV would eat it up and use it to their benefit. If they never brought it up you know they might not have made it to the show. So now expect a special show in the works that pins Jabbawockeez and Supreme Soul on national television to battle it out and have the audience vote. Anyways here's the battle from Body Rock 2006. You decide who won. (Supreme Soul is on the left and Jabbawoockeez, Boogie Monstaz, etc are on the right)...

Soul Sector vs. SoCal Allstars pt.1

Soul Sector vs. SoCal Allstars pt.2

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Almost two years ago Officer "Shit for brains" Aaron Mansker ended the playing career of chargers fierce linebacker Steve Foley. Mansker who has been known to follow suspected drunk drivers as a vendetta towards them because a drunk driver took the life of his own father followed Foley to his Poway home where he confronted Foley and shot him several times...causing serious injuries that resulted in the abrupt end of his playing career.

Then flawed San Diego justice system found Mansker not guilty of negligence or attempted murder in the shooting of Foley and instead placed arrested Foley and gave him 5 years probation for drunk driving...nice system we got here. So now Foley is suing the City of Coronado and Officer Dip Shit for lost earnings, pain and suffering, and medical costs.

Officer Dingle Berry uses the "He was reaching for his waist band for a gun" excuse, of course there was no gun, during his testimony the other day on the civil trial.

Foley still has some issues walking due to his injuries, not to mention the restless nights he says he has because of the incident. His frustration of not being able to play football again also lingers in the back of his mind.

If I ever see this dip shit around town, I'd make sure to spit in his face or throw a drink on him. But I'll make sure to ask if he's off duty first. This Officer Pencil Dick (No.2) needs to pay for what he did. For his stupid Charles Bronson act of vendetta that cost the career of an amazing football player. If I were Foley I'd want to rip his freaking head off. I'd want him on the field with no gear on and blast him at full speed. He acted recklessly and selfishly. He disobeyed procedures outlined in the Police Officers hand book. He should be marked by every Charger fan in San Diego.

You see him around town, you taunt him, call him names, degrade him, call him the pig that he is. Call him the racist in front of a crowd. Say he hates black people. Make his life a living hell. If you're any sort of Charger fan this is your home work. Let's drive this limp dick out of southern California.

Foley better win the civil suit. If he doesn't than you know the San Diego justice system was looking out for their own kind. I'd be more proof of how stupid our justice system is. By the end of this Foley should own all of Coronado.


You'd think all his popularity and his $150 mil in endorsement deals it would all go to his head...even just a little bit. But I'm happy (for once) to say that none of it has gone to his head. He doesn't think he's above any one because of his fame and money.

My uncle worked the recent US Open in Torrey Pines, laying out fiber optic cables and ensuring video feeds to his companies hand held TV devices that they were promoting at the event. So during set ups he and the guys ran into a bunch of the players and even to their surprise they found Tiger Woods to be the most down to earth, loose pro there. He said Tiger didn't hesitate to say "hi" to my uncle and his crew asked how they were. He even asked if his (Tiger's) car was in their way and if they wanted him to move it. They kindly asked if he could. Tiger again without a hesitation moved his car, then thanked the guys and said good bye. They wished him good luck in return.

Most of the other players seemed to be to focused or in a hurry to be somewhere else than to greet people. San Diego native Phil Mickelson seemed to be that kinda guy that weekend. The guys said I to him, he acknowledged them but didn't even bother to look their way or pause. Seems he was in a rush to be somewhere.

It's nice to hear stories like Tiger's, where the fame and money hasn't inflated his head, like some others like Kanye West. So let's just hope it stays that way or else I'm going to have to start hating on Tiger like I do on Kanye.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Last week R. Kelly gets acquitted on charges of child pornography. The case in which video evidence claims that R.Kelly and a 13 year old victim is seen having sex and to finish it off he urinates on her.

R. Kelly is a dirty nasty man. I bet he's got tons of skeletons in his closet. He's a rich celebrity so you know he's got a huge closet. You got all that money and your single.You can only get so much of those groupies your age that you get bored with them and have to keep going younger and younger, I guess. Sick pervert f#$k!

Well file it in the folder of celebrities getting off the hook for insane crimes, all because they're famous and have money. If you're rich and famous you can get away with murder...literally. Ask O.J. and Robert Blake. But if you're just rich and no one knows you than your screwed. You have to be famous.

R.Kelly will be in another scandal in the future watch. I think the guys got a lot of other tapes that the Fed's don't know about.


Much like her sister know one really cares. But Jamie is prettier than her whacked out whore of an older sister, Britney. Congrats Jamie, sorry no one cares. It's better that way, trust me.


Today is a sad day for comedy. One of the greatest comedians succumbs to heart failure and dies at the age of 71. Carlin is best known for his comic routine ''Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television''.

He was a comedic pioneer that loved to skate on thin ice with censorship.

He appeared in such moves as Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, Jersey Girl, and Scary Movie 3.

His comedy and screen presence will be greatly missed.

Here is a clip from his most famous comedic routine "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television."

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Let's just compare Tony Testa's choreography to the song Apologize by One Republic performed by his Nick 6 kids to the Jabbawockeez choreography to a remix to Apologize. It just shows how Tony's not even in the same league as the Jabbawockeez. His routine is a joke compared to the Jabbawockeez's routine. Well you decide for your self.

Nick 6 - Apologize

Jabbawockeez - Apologize Remix


He's the real joke of that show, the dance routines are a joke. He acts like a famous choreographer, but he's not. I bet Shane Sparks would laugh if someone asked him what he thought of Tony Testa. If you tired to look up Tony Testa there's nothing to be found. Which must mean that he's not an establish choreographer. Seems like he's just some would be back up dancer that got lucky and landed a gig on a show. He's pretty much like a K-Fed.

Now he's gonna get a bunch of kids in America beat up on the playground for doing his stupid dance moves. I wanna see a kid bust Testa's "Fresh Squeeze" move during a battle. Or rock his "Air Guitar" move in a competition...guaranteed beat down.

I wouldn't put it past him if he choreographed this weeks routine for Extreme Dance Force on ABDC2.

I've seen some of his choreography on youtube and it's not impressive at all. He's more of a theatrical choreographer than a hip-hop choreographer. He is definitely no where close to Shane Sparks league. He's more of the choreographer for the rich suburbs kids rather than a urban choreographer for middle class to poor kids. Check out this clip and notice that the audience seems mostly white kids that live in the burbs...


These 6 kids act like they're Gods gift to dancers. They're okay dancers that got onto a lame attempt by Nickelodeon to get into the dance craze trend that is hitting America and now being on the show they ALL act like they're the best dancers in the nation.

They come off like really annoying little punks. That guy Hefa acts like a gay Samoan not to mention he looks like that guy Vili Fualaau, the one that had sex with his teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, had two of his kids and are now happily married. But gay version of Vili. Then there's the Filipina girl. She's totally OA. She's so fake it annoys the sh#t out of me. The rest aren't any different, they all think they're big time celebrities. I think they think they're bigger than let's say Miranda Cosgrove. Not even close. They're like D-list celebrity Kathy Griffin and Miranda's like A-list Angelina Jolie. That's how off they are, but they act like they're A-list celebs. It's so annoying.

Then there's their teacher and choreographer Tony "sucks" Testa. Who's lamer than they are. I'll get to him later.

But yea the dance moves and routines these nick 6 kids are doing would be a joke to Shane, Lil Momma, and J.C. on MTV's ABDC. They can thank Tony Testa for that. These kids are lame. The whole show is lame...


The question is..."Who's buying a Lil' Wayne CD?" Who's actually spending money to listen to his music? I've never been able to get into his style of music. I'd rather listen to a CD of Manny Fresh or the Birdman than pop in his CD. I don't like that rappin style of his.

I prefer the styles of Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Common, or Kanye West. They a more solid and rich structure to their music. Lil Wayne's style is just nasty, half the time I don't know what he's saying or what he's rapping about. And his latest single "Lollipop" isn't very creative. I think it's pretty lame. I think all his music is pretty lame. But his newest CD is in demand like a "Jabbawockeez" shirt. I dunno I don't get it. Rap music today has become so contrived and gimmicky that it's just not fun to listen to. Only some artists like Common, Mos Def and Talib Kweli stay true to the music and put out music with actual substance to it.

Well much props to Lil Wayne for pullin in a mil on the first week of sales. That is an accomplishment. I just don't get how he did it....but that's just me.

Friday, June 20, 2008


So Thursday night America's Best Dance Crew season 2 priemered with a two-hour special on MTV. And the first elimination took place. Here's my review of the 10 teams...

They had a solid performance, nice and clean. Nothing that would wow you but still a good performance. It was a great way to start off the night. Solid dance crew. I gave them 4 out of 5 stars.

During the Live Auditions I hated these guys because of their big egos and because of that one Filipino guy with the squinty stare like. It's annoying. But I thought they were pretty good dancers. This first week, I consider them to be one of the worst performance. They belonged in the bottom 5 not the top 5. Their routine was just hard to follow and they pretty much stayed in one spot didn't utilized the stage. They saturated their routine with the arm movements. By the end I was sick of those arm movements. SS get's a 2 out of 5 stars.

Now these guys are straight out preppy boys that can kinda dance. Their routine was terrible. Looked like they were doing an aerobics routine. They were terrible. I really didn't enjoy their getting to know the crew segment. They act like they want to earn respect and not be the boy band suburb livin rich kids that they are casted as but in their segment they all go and get facials. It's kinda hard trying to give them respect when they act like the rich brats that people type cast them as. I gave them 1/2 of a star.

They came out there and they were just as good as they were during the live auditions. They continued where they left off. The deaf dancer continues to impress a lot of people much like how the deaf celebrity on the latest season of "Dancing with the Stars". I gave the crew 3.5 out of 5 stars.

BOOGIE BOTS Now this crew is one of Celebrity Haider's favorite crew next to Super Cr3w coming into this season priemere. Boogie Bots where good. They brought it. Some sloppy transactions and formations but they still brought it. They get a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

HAiDER's other favorite crew had the best performance of the night. The ninja theme really killed it. Some of their stunts were amazing very very entertaining. They had a theme in their heads and they went out and excuted it to the fullest. The BBoys rocked it. It was to short of a performance at the end you wanted to see more. I gave them a 5 out of 5 stars

They looked smooth out there. They had excelent formations and utilized the big stage space they had. I loved how they brought in the old school kid n play dance move and that one stunt at the end was dope. I gave these guys 3 out of 5 stars

I don't get these girls they either they want to be known for looking like cheerleader or not, but that night they looked like the freaking cheerleaders they are. The Los Angeles Lakers cheerleadering squad. They get 1 out 5 stars.

Okay here is the crew I was raggin on during live auditions, but I'm gonna have to eat my words from before because this crew brought it. They were surprisely entertaining and very good. I have to give it up to them. I gave them 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Based on performance that night. I believe that Fanny Pak and Distorted X "DID NOT" belong in the bottom. Based on that night it should have been Extreme Dance Force and SassX7. Distorted X had a hot routine, the girls busted the little shirt lift tease and their overall routine was good. I gave them 3 out of 5 stars.

So in the end who got sent home? Distorted X. Big disappointment because again they did not along with Fanny Pak did not belong in the bottom. They both rocked it but the judges had to choose a team to go and it was Distorted X. Next week should be a given on who's gonna go home. The cheerleader chics just don't belong in the this competition. It's not for them. They're good at what they do but they belong in their element. They need to be in the Nationals or something. Bring it on...

The real test starts on next weeks show. Just how well each team deals with a different theme every week and how well they can prepare on a short time frame. That start to weed out the weaker crews and the stronger and more talented crews will emerge. We'll just have to see in the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The deadliest trio in the NBA right now are these three...aka "The Three Amigos!" They've worked hard all year long to get where they wanted to get to. And boy did they get it. By destroying the Los Angeles Lakers by 40 points.
And no other trio deserve the ring more than these three.

Kevin Garnett has been trying so hard in Minnesota but couldn't bring one home. Ray Allen has been chasing that quest for a ring also. Paul Pierce has finally got a winning team behind him. But will the trio be there next year? Probably not. This was Bostons year. Simple as that.

I am still down with the Lakers though but this time I just had to root for the guys in green. These three are pretty close to the end of their careers, probably after a season or two. Let these three get theirs before it's too late. I mean come on Kobe Byrant already has 3 championship rings, give it up to the old guys trying to get one before they retire. Now if it where the Lakers vs. Pistons than I'd be all up on the Lakers band wagon. But again since it was a deserving Boston team, I had to go against the Lakers.

Make sense?


The question I had watching the celebration in Boston was, where was Larry Bird? Bill Russell was there along with other Celtic greats. Where was the most famous Celtic?

Can someone anwser that question for me. He's Mr. Celtics and he wasn't there to welcome a 17th championship to his beloved team? I find that as odd behavior.

Was he off making another commercial or a special appearence? Who knows but the greatest Celtic ever wasn't there to celebrate with a "Three Amigos!" (Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce).

Really someone tell me why he wasn't there.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ever there ever was an example of an artist that has let the money and fame get to his head, it's none other than Kanye West himself. His ego is as infinite as the universe. His antics at countless award shows, bursting on stage after losing, throwing baby tantrums here and there. Let's not forget his stupid comments during the Katrina tragedy. From the looks of it, he was a spoiled brat growing up and he still is.

The fact is he is a great producer and artist. He makes hits. Good ones at that. Confidence is one thing but egotism is just childish.

His latest antics take place during the Bonnaroo Music Arts Festival were he went on stage two hours after his scheduled appearance at 2:45 am. He was greeted with boos instead of cheers. Didn't even acknowledge the crowd, nor apologize for his tardiness, cut the performance short, and then didn't even wave "good-bye" to fans as he departed the stage.

The next day other artists were disgusted by Kanye's behavior.

Let's face it Kanye is a piece of shit. Straight out. His song "Through the Wire" was about the accident that he caused, that he was at fault for because he fell asleep at the wheel, the one that almost killed the person he crashed into, the one that he has never apologized for, and the one he blames the victim for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. All he cares about is himself. All he thinks about is himself. He's selfish and greedy. To him the world revolves around him. To him he's not rich because of the fans, he's rich because he's great. To him the fans should be thankful he shows up instead of hoping the fans come out to see him. To him he doesn't believe in thanking god first, god should thank him.

If there is anyone that deserves to have karma unleashed on him 10x fold, it's Kanye. Karma hit him once already when karma said "I'm gonna take the one thing you love the most, your mom, bitch!"

Thank you Karma!

I gave him respect for the terrible loss when it first happened, but when the details came out in the following days I quickly changed my mind. His mom was as selfish and self-centered as he was. In fact he learned it from her. And she got exactly what she deserved.

Yea I went there...the don't call me HAiDER for nothing.

Monday, June 16, 2008


On Father's Day Barrack Obama made a speech at a the Apostolic Church of God near his hometown. In his speech he called out all the absent black fathers. He like many black children is a product of an absent father. He calls such absent fathers boys, not men. "They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men. And the foundations of our families are weaker because of it," the Democratic presidential candidate said Sunday.

For the first time, I agree with the man on an issue. I mean it's a sad but true fact that a majority of black absent fathers are selfish boys who aren't man enough to take on responsibilities. And No one else can bring up the issue, other than Obama, without sounding racist. Maybe he is good for a presidential run? He can address issues of race that white presidents can't. I dunno, I still think America is not ready to allow a minority or a woman as the President of our country. As much as we think we're passed all that, the truth is we're not.

But again props to Obama for calling out the issue. I think it reflects on why some black communities are so bad. People growing up without a father figure filling the void with drugs and gangs. Passing the cycle on to their children and onto their children's children. And endless cycle that has to stop.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Jessica Alba's boyfriend Cash Warren breaks up with her and then a few months later she gets pregnant? I mean I get being broken and still hitting each other up for a "fix" but she was careful when they were together and then now all of a sudden she isn't? Sounds like a trap to me.

I dunno know about you but I've seen plenty of women that have played the trap game (also known as the "baby trap") on men. Basically a girl gets pregnant on purpose to keep their man ,who most of the time wants out, in the relationship. Having the baby forces the man to stay connected via child support or in most cases (best case scenario for the female) forced marriage. And it's not like most of these women don't want kids. They do, it's just that instead of waiting for when they are really ready to have a one, they have one "prematurely" or ahead of schedule.

I say it because she's been so responsible throughout her whole career so far and then now to conceive a baby unmarried? Doesn't seem responsible. But you know it's a matter of opinion and that's what this is. My opinion. I think she trapped him by having a baby, that's my opinion. But it looks like he manned up to his responsibilities. He knows he could have said no to sex, but again it's Jessica Alba, who's gonna say no to that? So he's doing his part. It's like they say you do the deed, you man up to the consequences. Good for him. It's not such a bad thing to be married to Jessica Alba.


It's true his destiny will be the best golfer there ever was. Jack Nicklaus is regarded as the greatest golfer of all time...for right now. But when Tiger Woods is done, he'll go down as the best and greatest golfer of all time. Nicklaus will have nothing on Tiger, when he's done. And here's the catch...he's not white!

A predominately white sport Tiger has crushed all that by being the most well known multi-racial golfer of this generation.

I've watched Tiger since he turned pro at the age of 21 in 1996. He's dominated the golf industry ever since. He's been consistent throughout his career minus a year where he kinda hit a slump. He is one of the richest sports athlete thanks to his endorsement deals. He roughly averages about $23 mil a year playing golf (and that's not the PGA paying him, that's him winning tournaments after tournaments) and he makes over $150 mil off endorsement deals. Sports digest has him becoming the first billionaire athlete by 2010. And I don't doubt that will happen.

Just watching his tournaments on television you see how amazing he is. I can't imagine what is like to be in his presence watching him do his thing. In fact I just watched the highlights of day three of the 2008 U.S. Open and Tiger is just phenomenal. That's the best word to describe him. I mean a 66 ft put on the 13th hole on a downhill slope that broke to the left and he got it dead on center for an Eagle? Come on that's phenomenal. Or what about on 17 in the rough and chips it in for a birdie? Or on 18 a 35 ft put on a slight down slope and a huge break to the right? Gets it dead center again for an eagle. Oh and all this on a tweaked knee that shrieks in pain after each opening drive at the tee? Phenomenal!

All I have to say is that his father taught him well. I've heard of all the things his dad did to ready him for the pros. The countless hours of tedious practices, the numerous exercises to kill the butterflies that being nervous brings out. Would all sound like some form of child abuse now, but look what it did, it made him the best golfer the world will ever know. I really don't believe he gets nervous, he's so focused out on the course that I don't think he ever worries. He's a robot out there. I can't wait to see how his career pans out. I hope he remains keeping his head straight and not trip and do something to taint his image and career. In other words, don't bust a Kobe or O.J.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I wonder what dead beat dad Scott Storch is gonna get for Father's day? A whole lot of nothing. Because Storch is one of the biggest douche bags in the entertainment business. He looks like an immigrant from Russia or something that's trying to be hip and dress like the popular hip hop artists in America.

And what is up with the aviator glasses? He's got them on like 24/7. I think they're surgically sewn on to his face.

I don't think he's as good as people hype him up to be. I still think the top producer of all time is Timbaland. No one can out produce him. He's the king. I think the N.E.R.D. duo producer better than Storch.

He's got all this money but he can't be a man and own up to his responsibilities? By paying child support for his two kids? And you've got all that money yet you can't pay your property tax? Rich people I tell you. Just cause they're rich they think they don't have to pay for property tax or their income tax.

And can you believe this douche bag dropped out of school in the 9th grade to pursue a career in music and this punk actually became successful for being a dropout? Makes all of you that spent all that money and time getting your Bachelor's and then Masters degree feel a little nauseous huh? Just proves that getting that education isn't everything that it's cracked out to be, huh?


A Manson family member, Susan Atkins known in the family as "Sadie Mae Glutz" has asked for a "compassionate release" from prison because of her terminal illness that gives her only 6 months to live.

Charles Manson along with his cult group he called "the Family" went on a two day killing spree in Los Angeles in 1969. They are famous for murdering actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time and her dinner guests. She was staying in the home she shared with Roman (pedophile & child rapist) Polanski. He unfortunately was not home to be slaughtered with the rest. Pedophile bastard should of died instead of Tate. The Manson family were all charged with murder and Manson and a few of his followers (Atkins among them) received the death penalty. But some pussy peace loving tree hugging hippies thought the death penalty was wrong and so in the 70's their death sentenced was turned into life sentences.

Atkins now is dying, slowly thank goodness. Due to privacy policies her illness can not be publicly released. But sources say that it's terminal brain cancer and that she's already had a leg amputated. Good for her. Hope her last months are filled with pain and suffering. It's the least God can do for the pain and suffering she caused.

I am as disgusted as Sharon Tate's sister is that they are considering granting her an early release. Atkins was the one that stabbed and slit the throat of Sharon Tate as Tate begged for the life of her unborn child. Atkins has told Sharon that she didn't care for her or her unborn baby as she slit Sharon's throat. Atkins gave Tate no compassion, why should she be shown any. Let her die in misery in prison. I don't care for her life because she didn't care for Tate and her unborn babies life. People like Atkins can never be reformed. More than 90% of criminals will NEVER be reformed. They are what they are, pathetic life forms using up precious oxygen. They deserve one thing and one thing only a painful execution. An eye for an eye.

If Atkins gets released from prison than it's only more proof of how weak our nation has become. How we are filled with hippie peace loving freaks that are influencing everything and ruining our integrity as a fierce country. Showing compassion to a heartless killer...ha what a joke.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This just in from

CLEARWATER, Florida (AP) -- Hulk Hogan's estranged wife is asking a Florida judge to cite the wrestler for allegedly not paying his share of a $4.2 million Las Vegas condo.

Linda Bollea is asking that Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, be held in contempt of court and jailed until he pays. A court order requires them to share the purchase of the condo at The Palms hotel and spa.

Linda Bollea is asking that Hogan be jailed in Pinellas County. That's where the couple's son is serving an eight-month sentence after pleading no contest to causing a crash that seriously injured his friend.

An assistant for Hogan's lawyer says the attorney wasn't immediately available.

These Hogans are just falling apart aren't they? You literally got watch the destruction of their family. And it all started with the move from the suburbs or Florida to the hip and fast part of Florida. Their sons in jail for literally killing his friend, Hogan and his wife split after 20 some years of marriage. Hogan cheated on his wife with a young girl. Linda was seen in Vegas with an even younger man (20 years old) at an event. Their daughter is an unsuccessful singer. What's next for the Hogan's? This family is a joke

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


If your a sports gamer, epecially a football gamer than you know about Madden. And if you know about Madden than you know about the curse that over shadows the player that so agrees to be on the cover each year. It's seriously become a scary reality. Every and I mean EVERY single player to grace their image on the cover has had a significant injury or decline in their game after appearing on the cover. Seriously. Here's the list.

Madden 2000
Barry Sanders - RB, Detroit Lions
Though Sanders was not featured on the cover alone (John Madden was the main focus of the cover) but Sanders did appear in the back drop as an action shot. Sanders abruptly quit the NFL after 10 seasons and still at his prime.

Madden 2000
Dorsey Levens - RB, Green Bay Packers
After recording 1,034 rushing yards in 1999, his production dropped severly. He only rushed for 224 yards the year after he appeared on the cover.

Madden 2001
Eddie George - RB, Tennessee Titans
Before Cover: 1,375, 3.9 ypc Averages
After Cover: 892, 3.3 ypc Averages
He also fell prone to injuries after his cover appearance.

Madden 2002
Daunte Culpepper - QB, Minnesota Vikings
After appearing on the cover of the 2002 version, Culpepper struggled to a 4-7 start and eventually fell to a knee injury. He now plays for the sad sad sad Oakland Raider team. The team that Madden coached.

Madden 2003
Marshall Faulk - RB, St. Louis Rams
After hitting the 1,000 yard rushing mark in 7 out of 9 seasons, Faulk never hit the mark again. He fell to injury and later had to have reconstructive knee surgery. Though his last game was in the 05' season he remained as a Ram until his announced retirement in March 2007.

Madden 2004
Michael Vick - QB, Atlanta Falcons
Literally days after Madden 2004 was released, Vick injures his fibula and misses all but 5 games of the Atlanta Falcons season. The Falcons ended up with a 5-11 record. Let's not forget the illegal dog fighting, breeding, and butchering he was involved in. Vick is now in serving 23 months in a federal prison.

Madden 2005
Ray Lewis - LB, Baltimore Ravens
After earning the honor to appear on the 2005 edition, Lewis looked to be the player to break the curse. But, he broke his wrist in the second last game of the season. Not to mention his legal issues.

Madden 2006
Donovan Mcnabb - QB, Philadelphia Eagles
After making it to the Super Bowl in 04-05, Mcnabb suffered a sports hernia in the first game of the season, feuded all year with Terrell Owens, and then finally decided to have his injury surgically repaired, effectively ending his season after only 10 games. He's still plagued with injuries.

Madden 2007
Shaun Alexander - RB, Seattle Seahawks
Never missing a game in his career and becoming the leagues MVP with 28 rushing TDs before gracing the cover , the Madden Curse proved to be too much for even Shaun Alexander as he cracked a bone in his foot and was injured for several weeks. His production after that was minimal, after 9 seasons in the NFL he now is unemployed. Waiting for a team to pick him up. Thus far none want the cursed Alexander.

Madden 2008
Vince Young -QB, Tennesse Titans
After a nice show in his rookie season Young fell to numerous injuries that nagged him through the last half of the season.

Madden 2008 Spanish
Luis Castillo - DT, San Diego Chargers
Shortly after the release of the Spanish version of Madden with Castillo on the cover he fell to a nagging ankle injury that forced him to miss six games. Likewise, his stats from the season before, where he also only played in ten games, showed a statistical drop in virtually every defensive category.

Madden 2009
Brett Favre - QB, Green Bay Packers -RETIRED
Brett Favre will be the first retired player to be featured on the cover other than John Madden himself. Smart move by Favre to wait til he was retired to appear on the cover and smart move by EA Sports to try to break the curse by placing a retired player on the cover of it's next installment. But let's not speak to soon...let's just get through the season and hope that Favre doesn't get hurt as a retired player.

Let's just hope that Tom Brady goes on the cover in 2010 and something terrible happens to him. Like a sex tape is released of him and some dude! That would alienate him in the locker room. Yea. I dunno I just hate Brady, the way he looks and acts. Mr. Hollywood and deadbeat father.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't think it's right to be calling these guys New Kids On the Block. It's more like Old Farts On the Block. I mean come on, I can't believe that Donnie agreed to do this. I mean he's the most successful one of the bunch. He's in a bunch of movies and has established himself as a serious actor. Now he's going to try to relive his youth? What these guys having a mid-life crisis? or what?

Jordan Knight has proven to be a weird creepy anal diva, who on the show Surreal Life would freak out because people touched his stuff and wouldn't share rooms with of the other cast members. And he was one of the most popular NKOTB member. Look at him now he's as creepy as Scott Baio. It's just funny how the ones the girls went crazy for back in the days become these creepy weirdos still refusing to grow up and move on. Lets name a few. Jordan Knight, Scott Baio, Cory Feldman, and Cory Haim.

Anyways back to NKOTB...

I haven't heard one of their new songs yet, but I really don't plan to. I couldn't stand them then, I can't stand them now. The only one I enjoy seeing is Donnie, but as an actor. I think he's a good dedicated actor, much like his brother Mark. If Mark goes back to Markie Mark and the Funky Bunch I'm going to shoot myself. Because I know then that the world is ending.

I can imagine the NKOTB concerts filled with a bunch of moms trying to relive their youth along with NKOTB. I doubt that there will be young girls there because they probably think it's creepy that a bunch of grown ass men are trying to be the boy band group they once were.
What are they thinking?


Okay so here's another show that pisses me off. VH1's Fabulous Life Of... Like I want to see exactly what a filthy rich celebrity spends their money on. Like the Beckhams. I don't give a f#$k about their castle/mansion in England. Makes me feel like a piece of sh#t that he can buy his kids anything and everything they want, when I gotta tell my little girl that we'll try to buy that $5 toy next time. f#$k the Beckhams and their rich snooty a$$es.

I'm sick and tired of these shows that slap the average person in the face. And I don't understand why other people aren't pissed off with these shows? Oh that's right, cause most of you worship all these celebrities as gods. I mean it's okay to look up to an actor/actress because they're great actors but worshiping them by putting up posters and making photo colleges of them is just straight retarded.

They need to make a show about rich a$$ celebrities getting jacked. Like their cars getting stolen or scratched up. Them falling on the street or running into things. Now that would be more interesting than watching them buy 10 cars just because they're bored. FUCK those shows...

That was my hateful rant of the month, thank you very much. Boy did I need to let that one out.


Here is one interview of many with M&B. In this clip she talks about her interests and hobbies. To be honest she doesn't look that hot in the interviews as she does in her pictures. She actually looks different. I've met her back in the days when she was just coming up and back then she looked more like she did in her pictures. I dunno, maybe it's just an off day for her. I mean look at her hair. Looks like she just woke up or something. She's still dope though...

Monday, June 9, 2008


I don't know about you but I hate this show so much. Much more than MTV's Cribs. Well actually now that I think of it, both those shows are on the same level. I hate both of them equally.

I just really don't need to see some spoiled brat parading around like they're Gods gift to the world, spending their parents money like they earned it.

All of them have this attitude like they've earned it. When in reality they haven't done shit in life to earn the "Diva" attitude. They haven't put out a record or starred in a movie. All they are are brats of famous and successful people. Mostly all the kids featured on the show you just want to bitch slap or give a good old fashioned a$$ whoopin to.

Over the weekend the had a whole marathon of the show. Even had a few real celebrity ones. Like Shawn Kingston and Bow Wow. Now see those guys you don't mind as much watching them spend their money. Because they worked hard for their money and didn't get it from their parents. It's their actually money. But still it's annoying watching a rich celebrity spend their money on TV. It's like they're rubbing it in the average hard working person's face. It's like "hahaha it took me only one nights performance to earn $100k, it'll take you years!"

Anyways back to this S16 crap show. The girls are such bratty bitches. They bitch and complain about every last thing. Heck all the kids talk down and degrade their parents in front of the camera. If my child had the balls to do that to me in front of a camera. That same camera would catch the worst beat down ever. In today's society kids don't have any respect for their elders. Our society has spoiled our kids with so many luxuries that they don't have any idea what hard work is anymore.

Look at the Hogans. The Hulk and his soon to be ex-wife Linda are terrible parents, who spoiled the shit out of both kids. Now look at their son Nicole, he pretty much killed (I would call a vegetative state pretty much dead) his so called best friend. And til this day won't take responsibility for it.

Final thoughts: F#$k a Sweet 16 show, lets make it a Sweet A$$ Whooppin show. These brats need to be taught a lesson.


Sean "Diddy" Combs, one of the most overexposed personalities in the entertainment business. Diddy builds this huge persona of himself as a huge successful business man who rules the world.

But the reality is that he's a mediocore business man who spends more than he borrows. His clothing line isn't that successful as he plays it off to be. His record company is still struggling to keep afloat since the death of the records number one artist the Notorious B.I.G.

He's got the MTV reality shows that really go nowhere. Where's Babs and Young Choppa?

He's nothing close to a Russell Simons as a mogul and he doesn't have clout like Simons. All in all he's not the big success story as he portrays himself to be.

I know you're probably wondering what the hell you going off on Diddy for. Believe me I was a huge Diddy fan, thought he was the ultimate entrepreneur/business man. But I later realized that he's just a guy who tries so hard to squeeze every last nickel n dime he can get out of the Notorious B.I.G. Even Biggies mom doesn't Diddy. Stated that Biggie and him weren't really close friends, as Diddy claims.

His diva attitude just makes him look more like a guy that's not really in touch with anyone but himself. A grade A selfish greedy man


Yes folks after 13 years of being the king of billionaires Bill Gates is no longer the #1 guy. Now that spot goes to his friend Warren Buffet. Heck Gates ain't even #2, that spot goes to Mexico's telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu. Gates is #3.

I highly doubt that the list means anything to Gates. I bet he could care less if he was #1 or not. He's got other things in making more money.

But for us, the jealous public it's gossip.

How could that possibly feel like. To have over $58 billion dollars? You literally could buy anything you want. You can buy a 3rd world country or something. That is insane. I hardly have money to buy lunch. He can afford to fly to Paris for lunch. What a sad sad world.


Donald Trump hates Richard Branson. He's made it public and has talked on Howard Stern's show about his disgust with Branson. At first I wondered why Trump would take a shot at Branson when usually Trump doesn't open fire unless fired upon first. But then I started reading about both, individually. Looking into their accomplishments and background. I found this...

Donald Trump is not a true entrepreneur nor is he a self made success story. He inherited everything from his father. Used his fathers millions and with the right real estate moves became a billionaire in the 80's. Now with the reality bug up his butt he now pimps his name as a brand, the Trump brand. Along with his black alter ego Sean "Diddy" Combs. Trump is well eduated in business and has a great educational backgound. Trumps arm only reaches around the United States.


Richard Branson is a true entrepreneur. A self made billionaire. Started off his Virgin company as a mail-order record retailer, 37 years ago. Now his Virgin companies have expanded and revenues exceed $20 billion. And get this he is a High School drop out. No other education. The Virgin brand continues to grow and Branson's arm reaches all over the world.


Now do you understand why Donald Trump hates Richard Branson? It's simple...he's jealous of Branson. Branson is the true self made story while Trump is the silver spooned brat who was handed millions on his lap. Branson is world wide, while Trump is confined to the United States. Branson is worth $4.4 billion and is #236 on the Forbes list of billionaires. While Trump is worth $3 billion and is #368 on the list. He's jealous...heck I'm jealous of both these fags.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


So the return of ABDC is coming up in a couple of weeks. June 17 to be exact but Saturday they aired the live auditions for the upcoming season. So I'm sad to say that none of the crews I mentioned made it onto the show. The ones considered to be the top crews in the West coast didn't make it onto the show, well Team Millennia made it to the live auditions but were beat out by a group wearing fanny packs! Bet they don't feel good about themselves right about now.

There weren't really any groups that looked like they were going to bring it. There are a lot of expectations considering the Jabbawockeez set the bar up so high. Like I've said before the uniqueness of the masks, creating such an entertaining character makes it so hard to watch any other crews dance. Seeing the faces of the crews makes all the crews look the same. The Jabbawockes stood out from the pack. And all it took to stand out was the masks. The Jabbawockeez as a dance crew are as talented as most dance crews in Southern California. In fact without the masks they look like a Kabba or Formality dance crew. But those darn masks do so much to make them stand out. It makes them original and that's why we grew to love them. No one in this season stands out. Except for the pansies with the fanny packs. (I'm still scratching my head about that group).

Then there's that cocky crew that claim to have beaten the Jabbawockeez in a battle. Supreme Soul. It seems that the two crews are rivals as at the end of the Jabbawockeez performance when all the crews hit the stage. Supreme Soul made it a point to not give props to the Jabbawockeez. But that's normal, if you're a groups rival. Back in the day we never gave props to crews that were our rivals. So it's understandable, but Supreme Souls cocky attitude won't go over to well with the fans. Confidence is one thing but straight out cockiness is just annoying. And seeing that dude (spiked hair) with the bitter beer face expressions doesn't help the crew. They are good, but so far they haven't really brought anything special. So we'll see how they do during the season.

So final thought? As of right now I'm not dying to watch the new season, but we'll see if all that changes when we all get to see what these crews can do during the season.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


The name Jabbawockeez is from a Lewis Carroll (best known for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) poem entitled "Jabbawocky". I actually thought the name came from a reference to Star Wars, because part of the Jabbawockeez crew come from an old school group called Jedi Clan. The story goes is that they had to change their name because of legal issues with George Lucas himself. So they changed the name to Mind Tricks (another Star Wars reference) but they broke up and a few went on to form the group Jabbawockeez. Which was thought to be yet another Star Wars reference. Jabba (the Hut) and Wookies. I was badly mistaken. The truth is that it's in reference to Lewis Carroll's's his poem.

By Lewis Carroll

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood a while in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One two! One two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.


This is one crew to look for in the next installment of ABDC. Their name is FORMALity. These guys are one of the best crews in California. Look for them. Also look for crews such as Creo Cookies and The Company.


Telling you these guys are living every moment of their new fame. I'd do the same. This was one of the West Finals games against the Spurs. With the Lakers in the Finals there's no doubt that they will be back performing at one of the home games against the Celtics. A product of SD.


Honestly I have no idea how another crew is going to top the Jabbawockeez originality (with the masks) and their flawless performances. These next crews have to bring it, cause if they don't than they might as well just go home.


The boyz from SD are representing everywhere. Their new found fame has gotten them gigs all over the nation. And what better place to make an appearance than an MTV event. In this case the Movie Awards. Though they didn't have a performance slot, they literally dropped in on the PCD's performance. Check it...

Friday, June 6, 2008


Rumor has it that the Philippines will do as our entertainment industries do here copy a show. And the lucky show that's going to be copied is Ugly Betty. The big search was set to find someone to play the role of Betty. The Philippines who's becoming more and more vain than we already are, thanks to all the exposure to American programing has cast the role of Betty to a very beautiful and very popular actress. Bea Alonzo. They're going to ugly her up for the part. Isn't that nice. Take a gorgeous girl and make her ugly on purpose. If that ain't a slap to us ugly people, than I don't know what is.

So basically us ugly people have no chance in Hollywood. We can't even roles to play ugly people. They've got beautiful people for that.
WTF is this world coming to?


So the question comes to the surface from the last post. Will there ever be a successful pure bread Filipino entertainer in the US market? And I mean A-List status. I highly doubt it. Hollywood is still black and white. There ain't no brown, yellow and tan up in the mix. Specially in leading roles. We're reserved for the comedic sidekick role.

Hahaha look at that short funny looking asian person doing those crazy stunts!

What am I talking about you ask? Give us an example you ask? One name...Jackie Chan. In his Chinese movies he's the leading man, in American movies they place him in the role of the comedic sidekick. They don't take Asian actors seriously in Hollywood.

They place martial arts roles to white actors and actresses. Matrix was a terrible display of a white guy with supposed martial arts skills. The same goes with Kill Bill, Uma Therman knows martial arts better than her co-star Lucy Liu's character? Yea that's believable, no. Both Keanu and Uma butchered the art of Martial Arts. It looked like what it was two people that didn't know a single thing about martial arts but were trained for a few months to make it look like they've been doing it for years. Unfortunately it didn't work. They looked awkward and terrible.
So again with that, will a pure Filipino actor or actress ever be able to be an A-List celebrity in Hollywood? No. And that's the truth so live with it!


Everyone in the Philippines go crazy over the young hot actors and actresses taking over the entertainment market. Their faces are everywhere. They are the Brad Pitts, Angelina Jolies, Johnny Depp of the Philippines. Sad truth is that they aren't even real Filipinos. To me being half Filipino and half white or black means you're not true Pinoy. Sorry but that's the truth.

The Philippines have these super popular actors such as Sam Milby (half white) and Piolo Pascual (Eurasian) have white ancestry. Beautiful actresses such as Bea Alonzo (half Brit) and Anne Curtis (half Austrialian) also have white ancestry. Thus giving them all nice white features.

You have half Pinoys such as actor Rob Schnieder, singer Apl from the Blackeyed Peas, pro wrestler Bautista, singer Enrique Inglesias, singer Cassie, and singer Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls are rep the Flip side of their heritage, but they just aren't pure Filipinos.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


If you enjoy cooking like I do than you watch Top Chef. If you've been watching Top Chef (in it's 4th season) than you're wondering WTF! that dike Lisa is one of the final 3. When she clearly should have been eliminated a month ago. She literally messes up every single dish she touches, but yet the judges choose to keep her instead of the better chef who made one simple mistake that landed them on the chopping block in the first place. For the last month or so Lisa has been on the chopping block every week but yet she miraculously survives, and the better chefs go home. Go figure. And every time she's spared she makes promises that she's going to step up her game. But you know what? She never does. She clearly has some pull with the judges, that's the only logical reason that she's still there in the final 3.

It's pathetic. Two of the final three deserve to be there. Richard and Stephanie. In my opinion the third person should be Dale. Or Andrew or Antonio, anyone but Lisa! Seriously WTF!

I compare this to Status Quo beating out Kabba Modern to be in the finals, on America's Best Dance Crew...WTF.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


THE FLAVOR OF LOVE 3, seriously come on give it up. No one in their right mind would want to date FLAVOR FLAY'S ugly mug. Seriously, come on. No, seriously lets be real here. LINDSEY LOHAN goes around telling all her friends that she's the best actress in Hollywood. I mean look she's got some performances in such movies as Herbie Fully Loaded, Freaky Friday, I Know Who Killed Me (she played two parts in that movie), Mean Girls, and Parent Trap (also played two parts, one with an English accent). Those movies just showed all her range...which isn't much. Bottom line? She's not good at all, not even for Disney kiddie movies, she's as bad as Paris. And dude for a young chic she's got mad saggy boobs, yuck! CLAY "STILL GAY" AIKEN is having a baby with a 50 year old lady that looks like a man. They didn't do the deed to conceive the baby, which is not a big surprise considering he's as gay as Perez. Just come out already, you're a disgrace to the gay community! Ah, GEORGE CLOONEY, you just dumped your girl of more than a year onto the curb because she wants to get married. Aren't you just the mans man. Bachelor for life. Alone for life is more like it. You've had so many women that would have been great wives, but your just to selfish to see that. Your so called legacy will end with you. For that we thank you. NICOLE "NICK" HOGAN, "Boo hoo, I put my friend in a vegetative state and now I have to go to jail for 8 months (3 on good behavior). My life is over! I blame everyone except myself for the situation I'm in." Nicole, you're a little bitch. Man up you spoiled brat, take responsibility for your actions. No one forced you to race. Your bitch ass is lucky you only got 8 months. You should have been sent away for life. You took away one mans whole life, it's only fitting that you loose at least your freedom in return. Your a bitch Nicole and your parents are partly to blame. LINDA HOGAN, on the tapes you say your suffering. Sure didn't look like it when you were taped on camera by TMZ in Las Vegas with your 19 year old boy toy companion. I guess that's how suffering moms deal with their suffering right? Go out an party. You're a lame ass tore up hag that needs to go away for good. HULK HOGAN, you were one of the biggest icons in American history, but now with the recent issues with your family and those audio tapped conversations with your son, you're just a sorry ass dude. You're a terrible father and an even worse husband. Dude I'm rippin up my Hulkamania t-shirts and memorabilia. Trying to capitalize on a brain dead Iraq war veteran? You ain't an ounce of the American man that you portrayed throughout your whole wrestling career. HEIDI MONTAG on a recent interview with In Touch Weekly Heidi says quote "I plan to win an Oscar. I’m very ambitious." Excuse me as I laugh hysterically for the next hour. LAUREN HUTTON, washed up old and the next dumb ass celebrity with a stupid remark. Hutton hates Sex and the City because she feels it portrays women as lose sluts. She blames the writters of the show as being slutty gay guys. The funny thing about that is that most of the episodes were written by Candace Bushnell. So I guess she means a lesbian whore portrayed women that way. The dumbass award goes to Lauren Hutton!


50 Cent is being accused by his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins of burning down the house with her and their 10 year old son inside the home, owned by 50 Cent.

This just days after 50 Cent tried to get Tompkins evicted from the home he put her up in.

Tompkins, who is no looker at all (what was 50 thinking get with her anyways) definite that it was a molotov cocktail that started the blaze.

Now there are a few things that just doesn't add up. 1. Isn't it a bit suspicious that she knows exactly what started the blaze. Now she wouldn't know that unless she saw 50 holding it. 2, it would be hard for 50 cent to start a fire if he was off in Louisiana shooting a movie when the blaze broke out. 3. Tompkins has been arguing with 50. publicly in order to attract attention? Yep.

HAiDERS final opinion? She's lying her pants off. She was going to get evicted anyhow from his property. She in a stupid rage burned the house down possibly considering killing herself and her son. She's the one contacting all the news agencies (any that would listen to her story) tyring to blast 50 Cent publicly thus trying to win sympathy votes. She's a skank.


Is it just me or do Billy Ray Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson have the same hairdresser? Cause both their hairs look flat ironed to hell. And what's up with that anyways? Isn't Billy suppose to be this macho country boy? Looks like show biz got to him. I dunno does he live in L.A. now? Maybe that's why, he left his country roots behind and moved into the metro sexual Hollywood scene.

To be honest I prefer the mullet do he had back in the day. At least it made him look tougher. You know, the guy that used to break them achy breaky hearts?
This Hollywood Cyrus just isn't the same. He's lost his country edge if you ask me. I wonder who's going to be richer in a few years. Him or his daughter? God, I wonder how many split ends he has from flat ironing his hair like crazy.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Kobe's got a lot on his mind right now. He's set to focus his attention at reclaiming another title for Los Angeles. This would signify that he doesn't need Shaq to get another championship...but aside all that there is the lingering issue in the back of Kobe's mind. The allegations first brought up by

The website alleges that Kobe was having an affair with a female other than his wife who is also named Vanessa. Apparently the other girl is 18 year old Vanessa Curry. She was a Laker Girl, but resigned during the season, because she said she was pursuing another career. All her info has been taken down on the Lakers's official website.

Kobe's legal team has since tried to bully the website into taking down the allegations but the site has yet to take anything down.

Wow, didn't it make him feel any guilt calling the girl Vanessa knowing that's his wife's name also? Probably not, Kobe as great of a player as he is, is also the most selfish. He cares more about himself than anyone else. He's just a product of the lifestyle he was raised in. He's a man that has everything going for him, but is never satisfied and never realizes what he's got. And he never will until it's all gone.

His wife is still hot and what I mean by that is after two kids she still looks like the way she does, before she had kids, that's hot. For women that's a hard thing to do, especially after multiple kids. To think he's willing to throw that all away for an immature 18 year old girl that probably has yet to figure out what she wants out of life, stupid. Kobe you're one of the best players to ever play ball, but you're also one of the most selfish players to play. Be happy with what you've got and be appreciative of all that's given to you. You need to take notes from Lebron James. He's a lot younger than you in age but his maturity surpasses yours by a decade, he's got his priorities straight. Grow up Kobe and be a real family man. But first Go ahead and win another Championship for L.A. And when you do don't forget to thank Gasol.