Friday, June 6, 2008


So the question comes to the surface from the last post. Will there ever be a successful pure bread Filipino entertainer in the US market? And I mean A-List status. I highly doubt it. Hollywood is still black and white. There ain't no brown, yellow and tan up in the mix. Specially in leading roles. We're reserved for the comedic sidekick role.

Hahaha look at that short funny looking asian person doing those crazy stunts!

What am I talking about you ask? Give us an example you ask? One name...Jackie Chan. In his Chinese movies he's the leading man, in American movies they place him in the role of the comedic sidekick. They don't take Asian actors seriously in Hollywood.

They place martial arts roles to white actors and actresses. Matrix was a terrible display of a white guy with supposed martial arts skills. The same goes with Kill Bill, Uma Therman knows martial arts better than her co-star Lucy Liu's character? Yea that's believable, no. Both Keanu and Uma butchered the art of Martial Arts. It looked like what it was two people that didn't know a single thing about martial arts but were trained for a few months to make it look like they've been doing it for years. Unfortunately it didn't work. They looked awkward and terrible.
So again with that, will a pure Filipino actor or actress ever be able to be an A-List celebrity in Hollywood? No. And that's the truth so live with it!

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