Wednesday, June 25, 2008


You'd think all his popularity and his $150 mil in endorsement deals it would all go to his head...even just a little bit. But I'm happy (for once) to say that none of it has gone to his head. He doesn't think he's above any one because of his fame and money.

My uncle worked the recent US Open in Torrey Pines, laying out fiber optic cables and ensuring video feeds to his companies hand held TV devices that they were promoting at the event. So during set ups he and the guys ran into a bunch of the players and even to their surprise they found Tiger Woods to be the most down to earth, loose pro there. He said Tiger didn't hesitate to say "hi" to my uncle and his crew asked how they were. He even asked if his (Tiger's) car was in their way and if they wanted him to move it. They kindly asked if he could. Tiger again without a hesitation moved his car, then thanked the guys and said good bye. They wished him good luck in return.

Most of the other players seemed to be to focused or in a hurry to be somewhere else than to greet people. San Diego native Phil Mickelson seemed to be that kinda guy that weekend. The guys said I to him, he acknowledged them but didn't even bother to look their way or pause. Seems he was in a rush to be somewhere.

It's nice to hear stories like Tiger's, where the fame and money hasn't inflated his head, like some others like Kanye West. So let's just hope it stays that way or else I'm going to have to start hating on Tiger like I do on Kanye.

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