Thursday, January 29, 2009


If these all girls group doesn't win this season of ABDC than I'm saying the show is totally rigged. I mean ALL of these girls are REAL professional dancers/choreographers. Their credentials are miles long. They've danced for Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliot, Madonna, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake...etc. Rino the Asian girl of the group is part of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku girls. She's MUSIC in the Harajuku perfume line. Teresa Espinoza is like Janet Jackson's girl. I mean come on. You don't dance for the performers on this list unless you're a great dancer.

The B-Girls break dance like guys. In fact are better than a lot of B-Boy breakers. Lady Jules can easily match Kid Rainen's forever headspin in the first season of ABDC. Most likely she will bust it sometime this season. Beat Freaks are by far the best crew on this season. Quest is the other group, but it doesn't really seem fair because three of the members have appeared on the first 3 seasons of the dance show So You Think You Can Dance. So they already come in with a fan base, while their girls aren't known to well by the mainstream audience. But I still will bet the farm on them. My friend who's a pro dancer and knows the girls personally swears on them. So I'm taking his word for it. So far they haven't disappointed. Their routines are so clean and so on point. And they have yet to show their full potential. 


Nothing pisses me off more than punkasses that don't pay you for items they won on your listing. Pisses me the fuck off so bad that I wish I could get his address [you are not permitted with that info unless they pay you. then you're given their shipping info] so I could go to his house and burn his house down. Oh and not when he's home...when he's gone off to work and but his family is home.

Point I'm making? When people fuck with me...I loose all sense of right from wrong and I ponder how I could hurt this person in the most demented and torturous way. I think it stems from growing up being picked on all the time. I've got a long list of people I wish to inflict "torturous" pain on...I like that word...torturous. I'm talking about Saw [movie series] type shit.

Anyways [off on a tangent again] I hate dead beat bidders. Oh and I know that this guy knows or is the other account of this user that kept asking me to sell my item for the starting price. I ignored his emails. I just know it's him fucking with my listing. Oh I'm gonna fuck with this guy big time. He's in for it.


Troy Polamalu, whom I wouldn't be talking shit about right now if stupid ass deceased John Butler drafted him for the Chargers instead of jobless Sammy Davis and dead ass Terrance Kiel. But that's not the case so here I am.

One of Troy's nicknames is "The Flying Hawaiian."  Why? Wasn't even born in Hawaii, he was born in California. Never lived in Hawaii, went to high school in Oregon and college at USC. The dudes a born again Eastern Orthodox Christian, whatever that's suppose to fucken mean. Christians are Christians...crazy motherfuckers. He prays after every play, while he's sitting on the bench waiting for his Defense to get back on the field, while he's in the locker room prepping for a game, while he's in the crapper, while he's having sex with his wife, while he's gardening, while he' get it. The dude prays to fucken much.

Dude sports long hair because in Samoan culture it is customary that men grow out their hair. He don't act Samoan...dude acts like a over religious Christian. But that hair is badass though. Makes me miss my long hair. See at least I wish I had hawaiian blood in me. I was only made in Hawaii...I'll count that...Loved it when people would ask if I was Samoan or Hawaiian with my long hair. FUCKIN shit why the FUCK did I cut my hair! Now I have to wait for a fucking year and a half for it to grow back to the way it was. FUCK!

Anyways back to Polamalu...I really don't have anything else on him. I mean the dudes a solid player. If the Chargers hadn't fucked up and picked Polamalu, who was suppose to be Rodney Harrison's replacement we'd be a better defensive team. Other than Troys over praying and his shot at Gates ankle in the Pitts/SD game he's pretty awesome to watch. He's really dangerous out there.

Whatever I hope the Steelers lose. My friend told me that on his visit to Pittsburgh during that playoff game, he noticed that the Steelers don't have cheerleaders. He came to the conclusion that they don't have a cheer squad because he noticed while he was there that he could NOT find one decent looking girl over there, therefore Pittsburgh doesn't have cheerleaders! Pittsburgh is a state without pretty girls!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


One of the things that I hate most about this world is human trafficking for the sex trade. I believe anyone involved in it should be executed. No trial, no jury, straight to execution. I beyond hate the scum that traffic children for sex. Those scum deserve to be tortured painfully for at least a month before being executed in the slowest and most painful way as possible. Customers of these scum should be castrated and marked/branded on the forehead with a symbol to signify the perverts that they are. If Obama is man enough he should take the issue seriously. Human trafficking is an epidemic that needs to be destroyed.

But no the world will not do much, because a lot of government officials in other countries are being paid to look away. Or they enjoy the perversions that is supplied to them by these scum. A fraction of the young women who disappear from the U.S. are traded in the sex trade.

Then we have this movie Taken, which would be great if it where true. It just brings awareness to the issue. But most of us wish we can do what Liam Neeson's character does in the movie. Torture and kill everyone involved in his daughters kidnapping.

I have no regard for the lives of people like Snoop Dogg who glorifies Pimps and people like the self proclaimed #1 pimp. Don the Magic Juan. Glorifying that degrading a woman and "bitch" slapping her every time she got out of place is the thing to do. Yes Snoop Dogg did endorse that kind of behavior. He ain't showing it now, since he's got a TV show. Hell you don't even see him with that dumb ass pimp anymore either. Snoop is a piece of shit, plain and simple. Anyone who aspires to be a Pimp or is one already is a piece of shit and should be executed to a slow death.

With that rant said Liam Neeson's movie Taken looks like a good watch.  Watch trailer below...


The icon's story is told on the big screen. Many people especially the older American generation as a Marxist nut, much like Castro. But that's because back then during Che Guevara's time, the Americans hated his beliefs. So much so that they order for his head...literally, along with other allies America wanted him dead.

Che is a hero to a lot of Cubans. Though he was a ruthless leader at times, he was still a man fighting for his people. He is an inspiration for most to fight for what you believe in. Sometimes to get a point across you have to start a revolution. In fact I believe we need another revolution her in the US. With the way things are going it would be a good cleansing move. 

This one older man one time ranted how my generation doesn't really know what Che did. At the time I wasn't up to speed on Che, so I didn't respond. But now I clearly would have told him that HE didn't know who Che was. Because he only read and saw what the American media wanted him to see. And in those times the journalist went to bed with the government. This old guy Don is a dumb ass anyway. He's an ex-con that thinks he's safe to go to heaven because he's a born again Christian or some crap like that. Ex-con and ex-con buddy, ain't no erasing that. You can read your bible all you want, still going to the same place everyone else goes.

Anyways Benicio Del Toro looks born to play Che. He's an amazing actor, so I would expect this to be a good movie.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009


Yea Charice can stand next to one of the greatest female singers of all time and match her note for note. And she's only 16 years old. Now that's amazing.


Oprah has recently done something that has the whole country of the Philippines ecstatic. If you go to the Philippines and ask random people in the Philippines what they think of Oprah. I'm willing to bet 9 out of 10 will praise her as being the kindest TV personality that they've ever seen.

Why would 9 out of 10 people in the Philippines praise Oprah? Because Oprah brought to the American audience the most talented thing to ever come out of the Philippines. EVER! No one in the history of the Philippines will ever compare to the international fame and long career 16 year old Charice Pempengco is destine to have.

She literally is the next Celine Dion. Thats how good she is. Like Celine she started getting noticed at a very young age. But she is on the path to surpass her life long idol Celine Dion because she already was able to sing Celine's songs at the age of 4. And now at the age of 16 she sounds just as strong and powerful as Celine. So who knows what the future holds for Charice. Her dreams are coming true thanks in part by the power of Oprah.

This just in...Kanye West just said that President Bush still hates black people but Oprah loves Filipinos.

Big ups to Oprah for giving a little girl from a country that's often looked down on a platform and a chance to be seen by the American people. So on behave of no one but myself. Thank you Oprah for acknowledging Filipinos. Cause we all know the part Filipino celebrities here don't acknowledge their heritage. Yea I'm talking about you Vanessa Hudgens and Enrique Iglesias.

Anything Oprah backs becomes very popular. And she backs President-Elect Barack Obama. So I know she knows what she's talking about. Her word has more authority than God himself.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I've known it about myself, and now people will know it. I am the biggest hypocrit I know. And it's because when I don't know something. I tend to hate it first and then when I get to know it, then my views change. Making me a hypocrit. But really who gives a shit. I don't care what people think of me. I don't waste my time on's petty. In fact I'm starting to like that people are starting to hate me.

But anyways to what I was meaning to talk about. The last few days I've been totally into fixing and pimpin' out my myspace page. Not to mention trying to get my friends list up. Like I said before I've got to network and promote myself. I'm out to become famous. Via being the hated or liked, doesn't matter to me as long as I become well known, that's my goal. For people to know who I am.

This is one of the few times you will get a glimpse of Chris Haider. So everyone Chris Haider. Tattoo addict mutha Fucka! Ugly ain't he.