Thursday, January 29, 2009


Nothing pisses me off more than punkasses that don't pay you for items they won on your listing. Pisses me the fuck off so bad that I wish I could get his address [you are not permitted with that info unless they pay you. then you're given their shipping info] so I could go to his house and burn his house down. Oh and not when he's home...when he's gone off to work and but his family is home.

Point I'm making? When people fuck with me...I loose all sense of right from wrong and I ponder how I could hurt this person in the most demented and torturous way. I think it stems from growing up being picked on all the time. I've got a long list of people I wish to inflict "torturous" pain on...I like that word...torturous. I'm talking about Saw [movie series] type shit.

Anyways [off on a tangent again] I hate dead beat bidders. Oh and I know that this guy knows or is the other account of this user that kept asking me to sell my item for the starting price. I ignored his emails. I just know it's him fucking with my listing. Oh I'm gonna fuck with this guy big time. He's in for it.

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