Friday, November 16, 2007


Out of respect to Mr. Kanye I'm not going to bash his mom for her mistakes. A mistake that cost her, her own life. But I will question her actions.

As more and more information comes out. I can't help but not put the blame entirely on the surgeon. He just did what no other surgeon would. Perform the surgery.

The story is that Donda West saw the surgeon (I don't recall his name) who does work on the TV show Extreme Makeover to get a consultation. Apparently he turned her down because of the risk with her having thyroid or something. So in comes Dr. Jan Adams, who with no questions asked performed the procedures Donda asked for. Two days later, she's dead. Yes, he's partly to blame for her death, but she also has a part in it. If she had done her home work on the infamous Dr. Adams she would have found out about his lawsuits. Particularly of one Lori Ufondu, who sued Dr. Adams for malpractice, leaving surgical gauze in her breast for seven years! But no, I bet Donda was thinking "Great! A brotha gonna do me up." The dude's chop shop is right above a FedEx Kinko's, how credible is that? This can be summed up by the expression "you get what you pay for" and unfortunately for Donda West it cost her her life. She got caught up in her son's success and being thrown into this lifestyle where image is everything, she thought she needed to fix herself. It's a shame and it goes to show that even being a college professor for numerous years and having the higher education she had, the lifestyle still got the best of her...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Kanye West’s mom, Donda - who died due to complications from surgery over the weekend - was warned not have a tummy tuck and breast reduction because she had a health condition that could cause a heart attack, reported.

The 58-year-old former chairwoman of Chicago State University’s English department died Sunday at Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center in Marina del Rey, Calif., due to “complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure,” her publicist told CNN yesterday.
But spokeswoman Patricia Green later backed off the statement, telling that she never confirmed that Donda West was undergoing a cosmetic procedure. She said she was only forwarding unconfirmed, incomplete information she had received.

Kanye West’s spokesman said the family “asks for privacy during this time of grief.”
Paramedics were called to Donda West’s home Saturday night and she was rushed to the emergency room, TMZ said. Attempts were made to revive her, but she was pronounced dead before 9 p.m.

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HAiDER: HAiDER does know how to respect celebrities when something like this happens, I'm not entirely cold. I can bash them in one article, but I can respect the human side of them as well in another article. It's always devasting losing someone you love very much. To Kanye his mother was the most important person in his life, we can only imagine how lost and uncertain he feels right now. The best goes out to him and his family.

Monday, November 12, 2007



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George Clooney vs. Fabio: Slap Fight, Clooney Dubbed a "Diva"
By Cyndi JamesNov 7, 2007

What would the odds in Las Vegas be on this slap fight between two Hollywood divas? Reports claim that Hollywood heavyweight and liberal activist George Clooney got into a fight with romance novel coverboy Fabio during dinner at Madeo in West Hollywood on November 2, a report from In Touch Weekly claims. The story is a classic and it is hard to believe that there is no cell phone video of the incident - what were the people thinking that witnessed this?

Clooney - who at times has been no fan of cameras and the paparazzi apparently even gets upset if people aren’t; taking his photo. Couldn't Fabio beat Clooney into oblivion?

Click National Ledger to read full article...

HAiDER: I don't know who's side to take on this situation? The washed up romance novel cover model or the grade A celebrity asshole? I think I'll take FAGio's side. At least he was kind enough to take out a couple of his fans to dinner. If that holds up. Even then I think I would still take FOBio's side. Cause I just hate Clooney, I can never forgive him for what he did to Batman. F you George!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I don't know about the rest of you but I'm tired of reading stories of Britney endangering her kids. Putting them in situations that potentially can be dangerous. Now she can only see her kids with a court appointed monitor and even that has proven to be dangerous. She just ran a freakin red light with the court appointed monitor in the passenger seat. The thing that pisses everyone off the most is that as she's running the red light, she's clearly texting someone! When is the judge going to get? Only allow her supervised visits in a safe and secure place. Do not allow her to take the kids out or sleep over her house. She's clearly a terrible mom, she's got the mentality of a 12 year old. And I know there are even more terrible mothers out there in the world, but she's a celebrity and she's got an image to uphold. She clearly isn't doing that. Take those kids away from her permanently!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Hands down I believe JLo will be the better mom, by far. She grew up in a big family, she's very into family. Her sleazy ass husband has like two kids from a previous marriage. Besides she's the more mature one out of the bunch.

Christina Aguilera I think will come in a close second. She seems like the type that would take on the challenge of becoming a parent well.

Nicole Ritchie probably won't even spend all that much time with her kid. She'll want to get back to all the partying and drinking up as soon as she pops out the baby. You're talking about one of the most spoiled brats to ever grow up in Hollywood. She had no sense of responsibility growing up as a kid and she doesn't have none right now. She'll hire someone to watch the baby, Grandpa or something. She'll be like Britney Spears. She'll say she loves her kid more than anything but in reality her kid is just an accessory. Totally irresponsible, let's hope she's not as horrible a mom as Britney Spears is.

Halle Berry...bitch is crazy. She'll probably end up running over her kid and then claim she doesn't remember. Wouldn't trust her for a second with a kid. She's got major issues that all celebrity moms have. Crazy bitches.

Monday, November 5, 2007


As I watched a few episodes of the new series Keeping Up With The Kardashian's I couldn't help but wonder who the heck their mom Kris Jenner (left image) reminded me of? Took couple of episodes, but it finally came to me. She looks like she could be related to Chyna (right image) the former WWE wrestler. I just thought it was hilarious and disgusting at the same time. Because Kris is always in the shot always trying to get in front of the camera. The things she does is just really gross, she doesn't get that the show is about Kim, not her worn out a$$. So now that I have infected your mind of the info, I'll leave you to watch the show and every time you see Kris, hopefully you'll be reminded of Chyna.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


The New York Guido look is back and reinvented for the new generation. Wannabe "wanksta" thug Carmine Gotti ain't gonna intimidate anyone with his looks. In fact the only thing that he has going for him is that he belongs to the Gotti family, even though he doesn't carry the name he's a part of it. His real last name is Agnello, his mom is the true Gotti. I bet you anything the Teflon Don is rolling in his grave seeing his grandson, looking so pretty.

Thrust into the lime light with their show Growing up Gotti, we thought we were going to get a glimpse of what the mafia life is like. Instead we got to see three spoiled brats running around with their over protective mom, spending mafia money for all we know.

This kid needs a beat down, along with his two other siblings. In fact New York is filled with these Italian pretty boy Guido's that need serious beat downs. Them and those Dominican pretty boys who listen to that awful music called Raggaeton. I love raggae, but this raggaeton crap is giving raggae a bad name. Affiliating their style of crap music with the name raggae, is wrong...okay that was a bit off subject, but yea you get the point.