Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Isabel Lucas hotter than Megan Fox, huh?

Buzz is that Isabel Lucas (who appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) is the other "hot chic" in the movie. Huh? First off what the F are they smoking, these people that are saying such nonsense? Crack? Yea she's hot if you're into girls with total man face! I can't believe they casted her in this movie. Now if they casted Olivia Munn with Megan Fox you'd have to do a lesbo scene. Cause two amazingly hot chics come on, I'd throw it in the script just because. It'd be this amazing Transformers fight scene with the robots and then in the middle of it all scene cuts to Megan and Olivia making out and getting down and dirty, then after 5 min cut back to the action, then cut back to M&O, then back to the action, etc etc, do this for like half the movie. You know it's a good break from the action packed fight scene, slow it down, bust a slow mo to some lesbo scene, and then break it back to the high intensity fighting. It's typical Hollywood movie formula, right?

Anyways, I'm not going to post a picture of Isabel Lucas because I don't want to do that to you. I'm not going to cause your eyes any pain. Just google her if you really want to see what she looks like. But I'm telling you, that ain't even worth it.

Celebrity Haider on Twitter

Yes I've joined the Twitter band wagon. It's mobile, it's quick, it's convenient and no I'm not talking about a hooker!


You'll catch me on that more than you will on the site. I'll update the sight as much as I can.

Paris Hilton is a demanding little b*t@h!

**I just love this picture of Paris Hilton. I think it's the best image of her, ever taken.

The Superficial reports that Paris will make a cameo in the new Will Ferrell movie The Other Guys and for her ONE DAY shoot her people gave the producers a 3 page list of demands that states that there be fresh lobster cooked whenever she's ready to eat and a bottle of grey goose vodka.

The producers should take those 3 pages of demands and turn them into a lobster origami and serve it to the bitch for "whenever she's ready to eat." I can't believe people kiss this bitches ass. I'd show the brat her place with a pimp slap to the face, throw a can of tuna at her and say that's your lunch bitch, enjoy!

That little bitch needs to learn respect, I'd say bring her to Iraq and punish her with a "gang rape" but no one wants to hit that crusty krab cunt. Ooooh, like that Sponge Bob reference?! Yea I'm good.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Death to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I get what President Obama has been trying to do since he came into office. Stupid conservative Republicans like Michelle "white washed" Malkin think he's being weak and saying sorry to much. What they don't understand is that he's apologizing for the last administration that carried itself as white people often do, pushy and arrogant. Obama is trying to mend relationships not for the sake of bounding and becoming good friends with enemies. He's modeling his movements off of former President Clinton. He is using the expression, "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

But conservatives don't see that. They're to stupid too.

I do believe that Obama has to show that nations shouldn't take his kindness for weakness. Kinda to just put them on check. And I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should be made an example of. Obama gave a warning and now Ahmadinejad challenges the warning and is threatening the President. The President has to have him taken out if he Ahmadinejad keeps running his mouth. He thinks he's tough well the US is going to have to knock him down.

Ahmadinejad is an American hater that preaches hate for our country. He needs to be taught a lesson.

See Pastor Steven Anderson is wasting all his time praying for Obama's death when he should be praying for the death of all our enemies that are trying to really hurt us. See how selfish Christian/Catholic conservatives are? All they care about is themselves, they don't think of the whole nation. Neither do these "Tea Party" lynch mobs.

All our enemies are hoping that we as a nation destroy ourselves internally so that way they can easily come in and finish us off. All this health care bullshit means shit if the enemy comes in to destroy us while we're all bickering about health care.

Two Worthless Lennons

Aw look two untalented Lennons. Sean is clearly his mothers son. His father John was a very talented musician. His mother is a worthless artist and a sorry ass hippie. Sean is now 34 and is labeled as a musician. More like a wannabe musician than an actually recording musician he is no Ziggy, Damien, or Stephen Marely to the great Bob Marley.

Not even close...

Sean is a talentless leach who pretty much grew up privileged thanks to his dad John. His mother pretty much leached off John as well and when he died she took over his estate. All the money she has made has been because of John. Not anything that she did on her own. Her art was crap. She was no Shepard Fairy.

Lets end this note on the fact that this was a waste of time as these two are a waste of life.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Michelle Malkin Slut or Political Contributor?

I say she portrays herself as a super conservative Republican, but I say you get a few drinks into her and she's stripping and jumping on white boys laps. I bet she gets dirty dirty. She's a slut who loves to hate her culture, a black President, and gays! Someone needs to shut her ugly ass up. Cause dude looks like a man baby!

Michelle Malkin the white washed Asian Racist

Yes she's one of those Asian girls that dispises her Asian heritage and would rather be white than brown. I know her type. I've grown up with Asian girls her type that have given up on their Asian pride.

But this pig nosed ugly example of and exotic Asian is also a conservative racist. She hates President Obama with a passion, she talks shit about him all the time. Calling him all sorts of names. More PC names when she's on TV of course, but I can only imagine the names she calls him off the air.

In her new book...which I will not mention the title because she doesn't deserve it. She bashes the President in all sorts of ways. (I have yet to read her filth) but from what I've heard, it's an Obama hate book. White racists would probably actually enjoy reading her book.

Did mention that not only does she hate Obama but she hates Gays even more. I would speculate that she prays for the death of gays as with the death of President Obama, much like Pastor Steven Anderson.

I really don't know how she is qualified to write a book or have any political say when she has slutty pictures of her on the web from 1992. She sits next to Tila Tequila as two of the sorriest examples of Asian women in America. You white people can have her. She's not wanted by the Asian community anyways. She's a traitor to her kind.

Must I Drill It In Your Head? Olivia Munn = Hot

Okay looking at this picture where she's wearing sexy lingerie and the position she's in, how can you not I dunno go grab some tissue and some lotion and start fantasying? eh eh? If this doesn't get you excited, then you must be gay.

Okay what about this quote from her...

On her sexual peccadilloes, Olivia is quoted as stating: "I can't bring in another girl. I can't have sex with people I'm not emotionally attached to. And the thought of going down on a girl grosses me out, but if a guy says, 'I want to stick a carrot in your ass,' I would be like, 'Well, if that really turns you on...."

Now if that doesn't turn you on, you're really are batting for the other team.

Someone Dare Say Another Is Prettier Than Olivia Munn

As I was surfing the net looking for images of OM. I came across a site that had the heading Kirsten [Chenoweth] vs. Olivia Munn and the winner is Kirsten. My first thoughts upon reading this garbage?


So I quickly google this girl Kirsten Chewbacca (pictured on the right) or whatever and just as I thought. UGLY! Only a white guy would pick this old looking haggard ass girl over Olivia Munn, cause you know most white guys, they don't have a clue that exotic looking girls are the hottest. They're clueless.


I've brushed this website off as a stupid website [which what most people probably think of mine]. So what.

Olivia Munn is hot! That's the truth and I'm sticking with it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Think Tequila Prays for Merrimans To Have A Sucky Career

If there is one thing Tila definitely isn't class. I really don't know what she has. Oh wait...STDs? Yea that might be something she has.

So in the delusion thoughts of Pastor Steven Anderson, Tila Tequila prays for God to give Shawne Merriman, prostate cancer or something terrible that will cause maximum pain and death. I wouldn't put it past the wench to conjure such terrible thoughts. But I'm pretty sure she's happy that his groin was acting up on him during the Baltimore game causing him to sit out. I know she'd rather had the injury caused by her kicking him in the groin, because that's her mentality of thinking. She's about as smart as Kelly actually I think Kelly is smarter.

Final words...Tila's a wench.

Racism Grows As the President Obama's Days Go By...

A clipping from
September 22, 2009
Posted: September 22nd, 2009 07:15 PM ET

Georgia congressman: Wilson's outburst 'carefully calculated'.
Georgia congressman: Wilson's outburst 'carefully calculated'.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Rep. Hank Johnson is standing by his comments that Rep. Joe Wilson's "You lie!" outburst at President Obama "instigated more racist sentiment" and could lead to a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan.

Johnson, a Georgia Democrat, wrote in theAtlanta Journal Constitution on Monday that he doesn't think that most of Obama's opponents are motivated by racism, but that he believes Wilson's comments "winked at a racist element" and that there is a small but "racially motivated fringe" among those who disapprove of the president and his policies.

"Wilson is a canny politician," Johnson said. "His outburst was a carefully calculated appeal to a particular constituency who question the legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency. The symbolism of his act, which violated the rules of the House and attacked the dignity of the president's office, emboldened and validated those who believe that President Obama, despite having been lawfully elected, is an illegitimate occupant of the White House."

Johnson said that some feel "resentment that the president of the United States is a black man" and that the "risk of violence is real." He said he believes some of the angry protests during town hall meetings over the summer were also motivated by racism and warned that if that element of some opposition is ignored, it will "fester, grow and come back to haunt us in ways we haven't seen in decades."

I couldn't agree more with this article. We will see racism breakout like we did 40, 50, 60, etc years ago. It could possibly be worse. It's the ugly truth that a lot of you turn a blind eye to. White racists are waiting to wage their war on the rest of America, and this Presidential term might be their que to unleash it. In fact I guarantee it. Everyone should be ready. Train, prepare, and arm yourself to fight this white terroristic threat. It will happen, white racist Americans are at their boiling point with keeping their mouth shut about a black President. They will blow over. It's already beginning with this outburst from a racist. It's a sad truth, that most of you are not willing to face. This country will go to war within itself if we do not stop these racists. And if it happens we as a country will be open to attacks from Al Queda and the Mexican cartels.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mandonna Gets My Respect...For The Night

Mandonna came out at the beginning of the VMA Awards for a special presentation in honor of Michael Jackson. Her speech was well written and great way for people to understand why Michael acted as he did. And on point in her speech was so true that it hurt. She stated that we "ALL" turned our backs on him and we didn't realize how truely special he was until he died, and we "ALL" lost him.

It was a nice tribute.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tila's Lawyer As Stupid As She Is...

Tila's lawyer pretty much wants to spend more time and taxpayers money pursuing a false claim. Here's his statement:

"Tila Tequila is the victim of a violent crime. The San Diego District attorney's decision not to press charges against Shawne Merriman for the battering of Tila Tequila demonstrates an unconscionable negligence in the discharging of their public duties. We strongly feel that justice has not been served in this matter.

Obviously, The San Diego Charger's NFL franchise brings millions of dollars in revenue to the city of San Diego, and it seems clear that other interests are being served by the DA's office than the upholding of the law. A young woman was violently beaten and choked, and the physical evidence is both overwhelming and disturbing. Tila's account of the events has remained consistent from the beginning, while Merriman's story has changed repeatedly.

Just because the DA has made this reckless decision doesn't mean that justice will not be served in this case. No one is above the law. Tila Tequila will immediately begin pursuing civil charges against Mr. Merriman and she will have her day in court."

He claims (Merriman) violently beat her. Why where there no signs of abuse that night? If she was "violently beaten" than it would show that night not days later. Days later they would look worse, but they would have been present shortly after being inflicted. If she was beaten so violently then why hasn't she been brought to the police station to photograph this so called abuse for evidence? Then he claims the city of San Diego's DA is not pressing Chargers because the Chargers organization makes them millions in revenue. That is a bold statement that the DA will not take lightly. And he claims that Merrimans story has changed, that he's lying. And that hers has remained the same. Oh really? She hasn't lied? So she is allergic to alcohol? And she didn't drink that night? So the servers and owner at Stingeree are liars to then? Cause I really don't see any evidence Merriman has changed his story.

Let's face it she's a proven liar and we all have heard what led up to her claims. She was upset and angry that when the party resumed at his house he brought two girls to his room. None of them was Tila. She busted into the room, the girls asked her if she wanted to join them, this set her off. Supposedly she went buck wild, threatening to sleep with one of his entourage. She then decided to bounce, but Merriman and others tried to convince her to wait til they got her a ride. She what you get when you try to help someone out? If they let her drive off on her own this story would be Tila Tequila dies from a car accident. But no she can't see that all she sees is trying to ruin someones character and make money off it. She's so petty it's sickening.

Friday, September 11, 2009

This Just In A Mexican In Space!

Okay so it's not new news. I just happened to come across it...

Oh this is going to be a good one. Yes folks that is a Mexican dude sitting in the middle. And no he's not the janitor of the space crew Discovery. He's Jose Hernandez and yes he's a Mexican-American Astronaut. And yes he's tweeting from space. WTF! (sorry that just came out).

Astro Jose is now Mexico's newest hero. Born to ILLEGAL immigrant parents he's reaped in the benefits of America and has moved his way up to being an Astronaut. Sorry I just have an issue with parents that don't go about things the right way. I don't know it's just my thing. I mean my dad joined the US Navy so he can become a US Citizen in order for his kids to be born US citizens. Some I guess just decide to do it illegally. Not cool. I don't care what you say, it's not cool. There is a right way to do things and there's the wrong way to do it, plain and simple.


You might be Mexico's new hero, but let's not forget what country gave you the opportunities to be where you are right now, US f#@kin A. Cause Mexico for sure ain't gonna give you that same opportunity. Viva America! Thas whats up!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Allergic Alcoholic Will Be Strong For Her Grandmother

Yes folks she deleted all her previous tweets because she knows they discredited her, well she didn't realize that, her lawyer did. But now she tweets "I'll be strong for my grandmother." Obviously in an attempt to get sympathy votes. Guess what bitch...ain't gonna work for ya. No cares for you. Your grandmother should have died along time ago, knowing that her grand daughter became a celebrity slut. You ain't Rhinna bitch, you ain't got that clout and you fo' sho aren't gonna get that sympathy from people. Especially since the cops didn't find any visible signs of abuse, and that they only arrested Merriman because any citizen has the right to exercise a citizens arrest. And your lawyer knows that and at this point he has no bullets to fire back, so he says what any lawyer would say that doesn't have anything on the defendant, Merriman's story will be "completely discredited."

Let's face the facts bitch, you're a bitch and that's all there is to you. If you disrupt Merriman's ability to focus this season because of your stunt than you better not and I mean BETTER NOT EVER come back down to San Diego, because you will not be welcomed. You will get things thrown at you and you will be verbally chewed out where ever you go in SD.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tila Tequila vs Shawne Merriman

First of all I'm going to address her for what she is. A "BITCH". I'm going to refer to her that way from now on. She's had Merriman arrested for a false battery and assault charge over the weekend. Merriman in a statement he released said that he just didn't want her to drive drunk and was trying to get a her a ride. The bitch tweets that she's "allergic" to alcohol and that her she changed her name to Tequila because of the irony of her not being able to drink.

That makes about as much sense as bee's on a corpse. Let's see you would normally change your name to Tequila because it's something you drink a lot of or is your favorite poison. And I do believe she stated that when she changed her name a few years ago. So yea bitch ain't no one falling for that.

Then, being a better person, she tweets about steroids, about how it makes people aggressive. Trying of course to ruin Merriman's name some more.

The thing is it doesn't come as a surprise, because women in general are very vindictive and very evil when they are upset with someone. I totally won't be surprised if later she tweets that she was raped by Merriman too. Point is the bitch is what she is a bitch! Plain and simple. No one gives a rats a$$ about what she says or what she tweets. She's a sorry representation of Asians. The Asian community has disowned her and will not acknowledge her as Asian. It's so funny she's picked a fight with the wrong dude. Because Chargers fans will maul and harass her for the little distraction she's stirred up.

She's making false accusation after false accusation. In the end it's going to bite her in the a$$. She'll get what she deserves...that's for someone to really turn her "lights out."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Do I need any more evidence on why Olivia Munn is insanely HOT!!!

I don't know why I don't have G4 TV. I don't know how any guy doesn't have the G4 TV channel. I'm calling my cable provider on Tuesday and demanding they turn it on on my cable box. Seriously! Oh that reminds me. Grocery list add of tissue. Make that two boxes of tissue and lotion.

Did I Mention My Favorite Celeb Site is the Superficial?

I love, love, love the Superficial. It's got to be the best celeb site out there. TMZ and Perez are crap compared to the Superficial. It's just hilarious commentary after the other, life this for instance.

- Kelly Osbourne wants kids to stay off tattoos. Hey, doesn't she know educating kids is for commies? Oh, wait, that only counts if you're a black president. My bad.

Now that is so true in so many ways. I wish I could write witty stuff like that. I just write hateful driven rants. I probably need to see a psychiatrist about that...I think I'm bi-polar or something worse!

This Just in Pastor Anderson Prays for something else...

I'm assuming here, again NOT fact that Pastor Steven Anderson is praying that fags (that's slang for Homosexuals) die from anal/rectal cancer. But since he's racist he's only praying for black gays to die. He wants to try to reform white gays by holy water boarding them. And shoving a crucifix up their a$$, while saying "yea you want to get f--ked, well let Jesus f--k you!" Believing by forcing Jesus up their a$$ they will learn from their evil ways and find God and be remorseful and beg for forgiveness. But all the black gays must die. Again this is NOT fact, this is an assumption. Because come on if he's got that one thought on our President, she's got to have other thoughts about other topics. Am I right?

Let's Thank Jordan and his dad Evan Chandler for killing MJ

Let's all take some time to thank Jordan and his dad Evan Chandlers for ruining Michael Jackson's reputation and his career by falsely accusing him of molestation. I mean it was because of the Chandlers (who welcomed and recognized Michael as part of their family) accusations, that Michael Jackson got addicted to prescription medication. That's a fact. They are the reason for spiral to destruction for over a decade.

Now Jordan and Evan are suing each other in court. Jordan alleging his father Evan struck him on the head with a 12lbs dumb bell and tried to choke him. Yea probably fighting about the millions that they live off of thanks to Jackson settling out of court. Which was what the father wanted in the beginning of the accusation. In a way to extort money from Jackson. That is a fact also. He initially wanted to reach a settlement before it would blow up into a full blown criminal case. It's a perfect example of a someones kindness being taken advantage of. It is an American way isn't it? To extort money from vulnerable people.

This kid and his sorry as father deserve only the worst life has to offer to them. I hope they get what they deserve soon. I don't see how this kid and his father aren't harassed every second of their lives for ruining Jackson and eventually killing Jackson. Maybe if they were harassed every living moment, it would drive them crazy and they might (if we're lucky) kill themselves over the stress of being harassed about Jackson. That would be joyous if it were to come true. If this were Fight Club (lets pretend for a second it is and I'm Tyler), this would be the homework assignment. Harass and drive Jordan and Evan Chandler crazy.

People probably don't harass them because there aren't many pictures of Jordan and absolutely none of his dad Evan. Papparazzi need to find him and snap them both so their faces can be plastered all over the web. Michael Jackson can not rest in peace until these two pay for what they did. Did I mention his mom has not seen her son in 11 or so years because she was against the father and knew it was a lie. She left their two sorry asses to enjoy in their riches on their own.

Oh by the way did you know that Pastor Steven Anderson prayed for Jackson to die. It's come true and that is why he's so focused on the President now. Thats not a real fact but I'm making an executive decision here and assuming it probably has a possibility of being true.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Let Me Make This Clear...

Pulling your kid out of the President's (the COMMANDER IN CHIEF) speech about how important it is to get a good education by working hard in school is racist. It is equivalent to the 50's when white parents would take their kids out of a public pool when a black child steps into it. It is what it is. Or when drinking fountains would be disinfected when a black person would take a drink out of a fountain designated for whites only. Yes it is similar to that. Keep telling yourself it's not go ahead, but it is what it is. Keep telling yourself it's for political reasons that you don't want your child to see that speech, it's not it's racial. And keep telling yourself it's not racial because you're not white. It is. Black people, brown people, yellow people can be racists too, it's not just a white thing. It's racist, plain and simple. Conservatives wouldn't do this to Bush, nor Clinton. It's racist, it reall is as simple as that. You saw all the disappointed look of all the people at John McCain's concession speech. They had the look of a group of whites ready for a lynching. It's a fact that race will always be a factor in our newest President. And it is a fact that the majority hate him because he's black. As much as people deny it, it's the main reason they hate him. My sister told me that my own mother made a comment when they announced his presidential win. Something to the lines of "Oh, no the President is Black." She's somewhat of a conservative. She is Catholic and Filipino. That combo alone has "Conservative" written all over it. Narrow minded thinking. I was a bit disappointed in her, but I understand she's old and old people are always stuck in their ways.

The Real Reason Conservatives Don't Want Kids To Hear Speech

Let's get real here. The real reason that "Conservatives" (aka Christians) don't want kids to see Obama's speech on education is so obvious. They don't want a "Black" man talking to the kids about staying in school. This is the conservative way, if they don't like you they try whatever they will to smear you. They don't know how to have get along with people that have different opinions. To them it's their way or no way. It's the Christian way. Christian God is the only true God, every other God of any other religion to them is a joke. They spit it on and look down on other peoples beliefs. They spit on Obama because they don't like his ideas. They don't want to sit down with him to have a peaceful debate. Even people that disliked Bush would listen to what he has to say, but not Conservatives. They are so obsessed with hating Obama that they don't see the real issues with this country. Like the borders to Mexico. Tons and tons of drugs and slaves pass into the US everyday. Cartels are killing people left and right and are knocking on US doors looking to cause hell, but no instead of bringing that issue up to Obama they want to bring up stupid arguments like not allowing kids to watch Obama's speech about staying in school and getting a good education. Come on how fucking stupid are you conservatives, how full of crap you guys are. He's going to be talking about staying in school and working hard in school. That's a bad thing!? Conservatives are so amazingly stupid it's just beyond belief. It's a racist move to remove your child from watching a speech about how important education. It's as bad as in the 50's when white parents would take their kids out of a pool if a black child stepped into it. It's Christian conservative ignorance. That's what it is...if you pull your kid out of that speech, I truly hope your child becomes a drop out and a failure in school. Because then they can be as ignorant and racist as your conservative self.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kush Forest Found and Cut Down By the DEA. BASTARDS!

A literal forest of Kush [Marijuana] plants was recently discovered. And the f#@king DEA chopped it all down. When will you stupid conservatives realize smoking kush isn't as bad as driving drunk or smoking cigarettes. And no it doesn't make you stupid. If you smoke pot and are stupid it means you were stupid to begin with. What a waste of grade A kush. For reals!

Yea thats a 5 tissue picture.

K-Dash wearing almost nothing but a small string tied panties and the all wise Borat would say. "NICE, me like to do sexy time with her." You know Reggie Bush is like, WTF was I thinking!

This religious pervert needs to be killed!

This f#@ker needs to be killed. A group of inmates in prison need to step up and do something about this guy. Same goes for his wife. They both need to be dealt a horrible hand. Then we'll see if God has a place for him. There isn't enough ways to die that I would like to see this guy go through. He needs to die slowly and painfully, both he and his wife. I know let's Pastor Steven his a$$. Let's pray he and his wife die slowly of brain cancer...nah to easy let's make it rectal cancer. Yea that's it. Let's Farrah Fawcett his a$$, literally.

Update: DJ AM death a suicide?

So now the Popo's are saying that he (DJ AM) had 8 Oxycontin pills undigested (which means he's swallowed more than the 9 counted for) in his stomach and a 9th still in his mouth. They now are going on the possibility of a drug induced suicide.

What the fuck were you so depressed about you fucking retard? You survived a fucking burning plane less than a year ago and you spin records for a living and get paid bank to do it! Again what the FUCK were you so depressed about you had to kill yourself! You fucking ingrate. You're better off dead, because you were so unappreciative of your second chance in life, your celebrity status and your money. If this is confirmed the cause of death "suicide" then I really do not have any respect for you. All your celeb friends and fans can kiss your ass all they want, but Haider ain't gonna sail on that boat. Fuck you DJ Piece of Shit.

I pray that Heidi and Spencer die from flesh eating bacteria

Hey if Pastor Steven Anderson get to pray for the death of Obama, I sure as "hell" pray for the death of Heidi and's only fair. I mean come on, how can you like them? Seriously, if you enjoy seeing those two on TV then there is seriously something wrong with you. Shit I know I'm normal. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you. What? To each his own? What the fuck. That shouldn't apply to these two morons. Seriously, I'm praying to all the Gods. See that's where Anderson fucked up, he's only praying to one God. I'm praying to all of them, ha, my chances for it coming true just went up. Yea you keep believing that there is only one God there Anderson. We'll see who wins. uh huh

Stupid is as Stupid Steven Anderson say

Christian childmosleter I mean Pastor Steven Anderson wants Obama dead but doesn't condone killing...But you want God to kill him, but you don't condone it? I'm confused...

"I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today," he told MyFOXPhoenix on Sunday. He called his message "spiritual warfare" and said he does not condone killing.

Okay so he wants it to look like he died of a sickness of cancer, not by lets say a bullet or bomb or a samurai sword, but Caner. And he wants God to give him cancer, but that would mean God is killing him, right? But he deosn't condone killing...I really am confused by this. Either he's really an idiot or is just plain stupid. I think he's just what he is, an idiotic stupid white racist, nuff said.

I think religion hates more than Haider

Maybe I should become a Christian because we all know Christians are haters! Yea! Speaking of which Christian Pastor Steven Anderson preaches to his church that he and his flock of sheep should all prey for the death of President Barrack Obama. Nice Steven, let's preach hate. He calls Obama the devil...gee isn't that the easy route? We don't like his ideas so let's call him the devil or the anti-christ! Wait doesn't the devil preach hate? Or does God? I think it's the red guy! So what does that make you Pastor Steven? You preach hate and so does the red guy with the horns? Put two and two together and you get what? Correct Pastor Stevens must be the devil.

But let's see since he's labeled President Obama as the "Devil" it's only fitting that we label Pastor Anderson...Let me think of something here...hmmm, Oh! I got it! A WHITE RACIST! Yes I'm a genious! Thank you. Obama is the devil and Anderson is a white racist! Yes. And me I'm just an asshole, thank you very much I take that as a compliment.

By the way Haider will continue to bash Pastor Steven Anderson for the rest of the month. Just because he feels like it...and because he voted for Obama, which means if you don't like his boy Obama, he'll get on you like Donkey Kong.

F#@k Jim Brown!

With football season coming up. Let's start it up with LT, Jim "Punkass" Brown, and Adrian Peterson. Recently Punkass told Adrian that he is the best runner he's seen in a very long time. Which of course pissed off LT, who's done so much in his longer than expected career, who will undoubtedly be in the hall of fame. It all has to do with pride. LT is still playing and is still great but Punkass disrespects his accomplishment by telling the younger newer player Peterson that he's THE BEST. FUCK YOU PUNKASS BROWN! Thas what LT should say to his face. LT has earned the right of greatness and respect, but the other greats don't want to give it to him, because he's a San Diego Charger. LT will most likely end his career at 33 or if lucky at 34. Peterson will undoubtly end his career the same number that is on his jersey. 28 0r 29. And that is because of his running style. He won't last long like LT. So therefore FUCK YOU JIM "PUNKASS" BROWN! So some respect to a complete running back. A back Adrian Peterson can only hope to become. Enoug of that back to celebs...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yo Yo Yo it's K-Fat ya'll!

Now this a "fat white mutha fucker." huh, right? Now he really looks like white trailer trash. Damn all that Britney money went straight to his gut. It'll take acouple of years working out or dancing to get that gut down. Dam Gina, if that doesn't say "Fat American" I don't know what does. Have some respect for yourself, and get healthy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dee and Ricky WTF!

Dee and Ricky make broches, belt buckles, bow-ties out of lego pieces and sell them for a ridiculous amount of money. They have Kanye West sporting their shit. I mean seriously these fools sell these little pieces for $80 and up. Check out their website. It fucken blows my mind how people are stupid enough to buy these items when they can go into their old box of legos or their kids box of legos and make the same dam thing for free! SERIOUSLY! It's fucken ridiculous. These two fools are laughing all the way to the bank! OMG our nation is full of dumb shits!

Update on Brody

I forgot I should watch myself because I forgot that Brody and Spencer took lessons on who to fight. I remember Spencer braggin about it a long time ago. Hahaha fuck those to fucks like I'm really scared of two spoiled white kids. I'd still throw down with either of those fools if I ever saw them walking down the street in LA. Lucky for those two fucks I live in SD.

Heidi Montag wants it up the you know what...

Aww 1 of 2 of my most hated wannabe celebs, Heidi. She was recently on the Miss Universe pageant performing a song (I think). As a bunch of you fat ass white mutha fuckers were beating off to her fake, well everything. I was getting ready to gauge my eyes out because I know what's hot and what's not (you fat slobs don't) and she DEFINITELY is NOT HOT! But I know you will enjoy this picture of her trying to get someone or some animal to stick it's member in her because like a skinny pig she's always in heat. I wouldn't stick it in that even if you told me I could kill her afterwards. I'd feel sick from knowing I was in that nastiness, for the rest of my life....ew.

Chris Brown playin dumb...

You don't remember hittin the bitch? Thas your answer? Just admit it you gave the bitch a smack down for steppin out of line. Don't play the Halley Berry card. "Oh I didn't know I hit someone, I just drove home and yea here I am at home...I hit someone?" Fucken celebrities, always trying to pull the denial card out of their asses.

Aww DJ AM is dead...who come I don't give a fuck?

Maybe it's because DJ AM died from a DRUG OVERDOSE OF CRACK! Bitch survives a plane crash, you'd think the fool would be a little more appreciative of his life...NOOooo the dumb shit gets back on crack after 10 or so years sober. Fool deserves to be dead if you ask me. That was one ungrateful mutha fucker.

Olivia Munn is fucken HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

Olivia Munn is fucken HOT!!!!!!!!!! Enuff said. And she's cool as hell because she likes dorkee guy stuff! Thas what's up!

Francis vs Jenner

Brody is a fag. How you gonna blindside someone and call yourself a man? Only bitches bust a blindside move. Brody's a little bitch, his fame comes with a silver spoon from his dads fame. At least Francis (as sleezy as he is) is a self made millionaire. He exploited stupid college bitches. Don't hate on the fucker. You know you're just jealous you didn't capitalize on stupid slutty college bitches like he did. Brody has "Bromance" how gay is that? I'd like to blindside Brody and yell "paybacks a bitch, huh Brody." and pull his girls hair, punch her in the face, throw her to the ground and then kick her while she's down and yell "well now it's not a lie is it? Someone did beat you down bitch!"

Francis acted accordingly, if a bitch pushed me from behind and poured a drink on me out of nowhere, she'd get her hair pulled and a backhand to the face. If she'd done that to a brotha he'd have shown her whats up. Bitches think they're untouchable because their girls. Well if you gonna act like that you better be prepared for the consequences. Thas what Haider's sayin!

Oh by the way I'm back bitches. Had no choice anyways, since GODaddy fucken automatically renewed my addy for 2 years. Might as well get the best of it. Get ready for a really angry hateful Haider this time around.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Screw I wasted almost an hour of my life trying to register and be a member. I registered and everything, but after I login it boots me off anytime I try to click on anything else on the site. For example I tried to change my profile info. After typing all the info I hit "Submit Modifications" it sends me to a page that has an error type message saying I have to be a registered user to make changes. I look up to the top right corner where you login and it says "Login", it should have said "Logout" since I was already logged in on the previous page. Shit frustrated the shit out of me. Fuck that site. Piece of shit site.

Oh by the way celebrityhaider is going to die. I'm tired of this format. Fuck celebrities. Will be moving to soon. be on the look out there. Peace out and fuck ya'll. Lol

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Jen, Jen, Jen...lets face it. You're just not girlfriend or wife material, you're to self absorbed. Plain and simply're a bitch and a half.
So it comes as no surprise that psycho killer looking shit face John Meyer left your crusted old ass.
I really do get why you and Brad lasted so long. Brad was just to nice of a guy. He just couldn't find it in him to throw your ass to the curb. So when he met Angelina, she helped a brother out.
Don't ask why I put this pic up. I just thought she could use the help attracting men.


Blame it on her age [19], blame it on her success [thanks to Heroes], or blame it on the color of her skin. Who knows what goes on in her little brain. But to me everything that was describe by The Superficial and other tabloids about her attitude towards Milo and the pappazo's sound about right. She's a WHITE young BLONDE, 19 year old [terrible] actress who's letting the sudden attention get to her head. It's quiet common, especially with WHITE BLONDES. Look at Paris. She blew onto the scene, God knows why, but got a stupid reality show and then all of a sudden she thinks she's on the same level as lets say Angelina Jolie. Or Julia Roberts.

It happens it gets to their head big time. Especially being so young. And this whole Milo thing. The dudes 31 and she's 19 of course she's going to be bitter, of course she's going to throw hissy fits and tantrums. She's immature, what do you expect.

By the way I think she's racist...thought I'd just throw that in there.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


If they were to make a movie about our newest President. I would think they would pick this actor as Barrack Obama. This is actor Harry Lennix. He is on the new show Dollhouse. He speaks as well as the President and he is as charismatic. His voice is deeper and it carries that strong confident tone that the Presidents does. Check out the show Dollhouse and watch Harry and you'll see he could fit the shoes of Obama. And after that you can check out Eliza Dushku, cause she's a hottie.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Just saw the movie and it was all I expected it to be. Liam Nielson was amazing. He is the father all of us normal fathers, who care nothing more for than the safety of our children. And will stop at no limit to ensure it. His skills and resources are what true fathers dream of.

The excitement of seeing Liam torture these scum for answers and then continue the torture til they die, even though he's gotten the answers he's wanted was addicting. Movies that torture and cause unspeakable agony to bad people is the best kind.

If you enjoy stupid slasher films more or ones like Hostel where good people get tortured and barely survive by the hands of sick people, than you yourself are sick. But if you enjoy bad people getting tortured and destroyed, you are sane. Cause that's how it should be. 

Anyways it was nice seeing a good guy really knowing what he was doing, and he was the stronger one, not the bad guys. It reminds me of the Denzel Washington movie. A Man On Fire....bad guys didn't stand a chance.

The underlining point is that this shit happens to girls, it's a fact of life that no nation wants to fully address...human trafficking for the sex trade. It's a sick dispicable issue and it should be stepped on. BUT nations are cowards, including ours. And most just turn their backs because they're paid to. I would love to see Obama on his second term deal with this issue. But first he's got to fix the economy [thanks Bush] and this distraction called the Iraq war. Sometimes I think this war was a deliberate move to distract the attention of the world away from such issues like human trafficking and drugs. Either that or these shit flies who call themselves Al Queda [oh by the way Saudi oil tycoons relish in this human trafficking economy. they buy girls, YOUNG girls to do with whatever they wish] are so self centered that they've taken all the attention away from other issues.

Oh, yea well the movie was great. I can't wait to see Last House on the Left. A family fights and kills a group of criminals that earlier in the day raped and tortured their daughter and left her for dead in the woods. When a storm comes in the group seek refuge in the last house on the left, which happens to be the families house. It's a remake from the 1972 flick. Here's the trailer below. I love the end of the trailer, the clip where the scum asks why he can't move. The father responds "that's cause you're paralyzed from the neck down, we didn't have any rope so I used duct tape." The whole time the cameras panning around to reveal that the scum is ducted tape to a table and his head is inside a microwave. Amazing! I can't wait to see it. Just love the smile the wife gives the scum.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dude she got served, she looks like she got beat down by her pimp. On lookers probably thought exactly that seeing her arguing with a black man on the side walk with her probably wearing something sexy that night. But in reality it looks like Chris Brown didn't take to the news that she's pregnant [rumor] or the booty call text Brown got from some chick [rumored]. Whatever caused it, he tried to make it up with a an iPod touch as a birthday gift to her. Nice. Nothing says I'm sorry like and iPod Touch.


I don't even know where to begin with this. I don't think I even have say anything. I saw this on The Superficial and I was just blank afterwards. WTF is he wearing? Is that a dominatrix or sex slave type gear? I just don't know.


Heath Ledger will be forever remembered for playing the Joker in the Dark Knight, his final and best acting he's ever done in a movie. Just like Brandon Lee in the crow they will be remember for playing morbid and dark characters. The ones that intrigue the audience the most. Ledger has won a few awards now for his role as the Joker and rightfully so. At the Oscar his win as best supporting actor brought the place to tears. He was a rare talent that will be missed. But that's okay right? We have the likes of Paris Hilton and others like her to fill in his place in the Hollywood acting scene. Life sucks huh?


Okay first of all Jen, um sorry but you're old and haggard looking compared to the beautiful Angie who just gave birth to twins not so long ago mind you.  Second of all, that wasn't a real face to face confrontation you had with Angie. It was more like you went on stage for Angie to look at, nudge Brad and ask, "Do you miss that?" [I assume Brad said NO]. And third, ladies do you really think John Mayer is handsome? Seriously? No I'm really serious here. Compared to Brad the dude stands no chance. Compared to the average guy the dude stands no chance. The dude looks like a really perverted pedophile. He's trying to pull off the GQ John Kennedy Jr. look, but it's looking more like a retarded John Kennedy Jr. look. Dudes retarded, he's full retard. Sorry no offense to retarded people. Honestly I would admit if a dudes handsome. I'm not homophobic like that. I'm sorry the dudes straight ugly, down right scary even.


Okay so last month I defended Jessica Simpson on the attacks on her weight. That was before I saw this picture on The Superficial. Bitch has beefed up like Miss Piggy. Give it up for Romo for ruining another thing he's touched. First the Dallas Cowboys and now Jessica Simpson. Dudes like George Bush. He takes on something great and then he ruins the shit out of it.


Would someone please tell Robert Pattinson that he can stop acting like Edward [Twilight] now? At the Oscars he looked like he was still in character. It's like come on dude you're not really Edward, you can't fly away or have super human strength. The movie wasn't that great dude, ask your co-star Kristen Stewart.


The ever so hot Megan Fox is single! Reports are in that her and Brian Austin Green are no longer together. They remain friends but have decided to focus on each others careers. Typical celeb excuse. Boy if I weren't happily married I'd move to LA right now and make it my mission to be her next man toy. Sadly it likely wouldn't happen, she'd take one look at me does the expression go? "Run for ze hills!"


This is so dope. I can't begin to even describe it. Patrick Boivin, the guy that created these youtube clips is so good. He's got a bunch of these stop action clips.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


On Friday Shepard released this print @ 12pm pst and it sold out in 6 minutes. 6 fucking minutes. I know a few people that were kicked off of check out because it sold out before they could finish checking out. 400 prints selling for $55 each sold out in 6 minutes. That's $22,000 with out tax and shipping costs. That's a astounding amount to make for less than 10 minutes.

Shepard has become a such a huge obsession. His obey campaign has gathered a huge following that he could actually start a cult religion. Seriously. He's come to God like status. But unlike most I don't follow to religion well, so I don't follow to the obsession of Obey well. His art is unique and creative, but to me if you don't lay down that artwork by hand on paper, canvas, walls, or any other material FIRST, but instead do it all on the computer, than you're a lazy artist. To me art is laid out by your own hands, not by a click of a mouse. The messiness of painting, fingers full of spray paint, clothes with paint splatters all over it, the smell of acrylic, to me that's true art. That is the essence of art. People are forgetting that, they're dependant on computers to do everything for us without the mess.

Like I said his art is nice but apparently on a recent article is sometimes not his own. Literally lifting an art piece without "appropriation" he has been known for. But a literal lift from Koloman Moser piece. You decide for yourself. Here's the article link.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


River Phoenix is turning in his grave because his crazy ass brother Joaquin is acting like a freakin retard. I don't know if this is just a stunt by him or he's really this retarded. I mean I put him up there, acting wise with the great late Heth Ledger. But I'm thinking now with his actions of late, that he's just mentally retarded. He wants to become a rapper? WTF! Don't make me guess what 50 Cent would say about this stunt by Joaquin. My advice to Joaquin, just chill white boy. Enjoy your millions and your life. F#%kin retard.


Okay so Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorce after what 5 years of marriage. Because Aniston didn't want to have kids and Brad did. Brad moves onto a sex hot OMG! Angelina Jolie who has a couple of adopted kids and then has three with Brad. He wanted a family, he got it, plus a super hot kinda not really wife.

Lets look at aging and showing. Brad dumps her selfish ass she dates Vince Vaughn. Now that's what you call a rebound. Then she gets with this guy, John Mayer. Who's even more retarded than Vince Vaughn. Not to mention from what I hear is a cheap bastard! Man she's really low ballin herself isn't she? Can you tell I really don't like her. She's a real selfish stuck up bitch. Ask Howard Stern he feels just about the same way.


If I could guess what 50 Cent would think of this picture, it would go something like this. "Nigga what the F#%K you doin with these two cracker ass mutha f#%kers? Nigga you dumb or dun lost mind?" Something like that but with a lot of slurring, cuz ya'll know 50, fool slurs.

Now this is what I said when I saw this picture on The Superficial. "Nigga what the F#%K you doin with these two cracker ass mutha f#@kers! You one desperate mutha f#%ker."

See the similarity there...means me and 50 think a like.


Gwyneth's best friends with Mandonna, so it's no surprise that Gwyneth has now followed suit and has converted to Kabalah aka Kabullcrap aka KaKaBlahBlah. I don't know about you but Gwyneth Paltrow is one ugly white chick. Seriously. Who finds her attractive? Oh wait Mandonna does doesn't she. I think she does. I get it Mandonna's warming up with these Latin men to get ready to strap-on it to Gwyneth. Whatever the case they're both two incredibly ugly white chicks. 


Salma Hayek during a humanitarian mission for UNICEF decided to one up the humanitarian Goddess Angelina Jolie by poppin one of nice huge juicy melons out and allowing an African baby to suck out some of that sweet milky nectar. What a lucky baby...excuse me where's my thing that looks like a flashlight? 

Monday, February 9, 2009


Mandonna has finally let Lourdes get her eyebrows waxed. Lately it's been said that Mandonna is jealous that her daughter is getting older and boys are paying attention to her. She hates the fact that she herself is getting older and becoming more man looking. That is why she has never til now allowed Lourdes to attempt to pretty herself up. 

To counter this dilemma that Mandonna finds herself in she's dating a 22 year old Brazilian model. Named "dumb shit." I'm kidding I don't know what his name is. All I know is that A-Rod was tired of getting the strap-on love from Mandonna so she threw him out with yesterday's lube.

I really feel sorry for her kids. I bet the African kid would rather go back to Africa than to stay another day with Nazi mom Mandonna.

**that is not a typo. I am spelling it Mandonna, because I think she's a man and her name is Madonna.**


Ah even the likable, soft spoken young black super star can't get away from the stereo type of black men beating up on their women.

Chris Brown has been booked and could face domestic battery charges for his early morning assault on his then girlfriend singer Rihanna. Apparently the two left the pre Grammy's party the night before, happy, but during the drive home the two got into a heated argument. [probably some chick was all over Chris or dudes were all over Rihanna]. The couple pulled over and thas when Brown bitch slapped her Jamaican ass before leaving her on the street like a prostitute roughed up by her pimp.

The two missed the Grammys, which Brown was suppose to perform at. He did not attend because he was in police custody and she did not attend because her face was all bitch slapped up.

Ah, another day in the life of a celebrity super star.


I have to admit. Elisabeth is a dumb ass republican cunt, but those fake boobs are rockin!

Anyways, so now she's going after Ashley Judd, because Judd released a commercial calling out Sarah Palin for her support of wolf hunting. Even going as far as offering cash rewards for wolf feet.

Apparently this ticked off Hasselbeck, who is a strong supporter of Palin and McCain. The funny thing is that she attacks Judd for literally stating true facts about Palin. Palin has admitted to and has publicly encouraged wolf hunting.

Which just shows how stupid Hasselbeck really is. Oh and if you really believe that she now supports President Obama, you're just as dumb as she is. She was told to say that and to lay off the President. I am willing to bet that 1. she still hates Obama 2. she has called Obama a "nigger" via jokes or in a drunken rant. 3. has made fun of the first lady and her kids. and 4. has called the white house, the black house.

Point is Hasselbeck is dumber than Lloyd and Harry from the movie Dumb and Dumber. Her arguments and analogies are that of a retard. In fact she is a retard. A retard with big ass boobs that is.


Not only did she marry sorry ass Hasselbeck QB, but her daughter got all her looks from her dad. What a bad break for the little kid. Girls do take after their dads more often. But man was she dealt a big blow. Lil Grace has got that monster face going, but it ain't a cute looking monster face. It's more like Herman Munster looking monster face.

Sorry little one...

Let's just hope you're not as dumb as your mom. That would be a double whammy.


The crack whore queen herself is trying to make it back into the limelight. Anyone want to guess why? My guess is because crack king Bobby left her ass and now she's got to earn more money to fund her addiction.

But of she does have to look like she's healthy again so that way people will take her seriously. But then within a year, after making some $$$ doing some gigs maybe a new album she'll be back to cracking it up.

You know what they say. Once a crack fiend, forever a crack fiend.