Saturday, February 28, 2009


Just saw the movie and it was all I expected it to be. Liam Nielson was amazing. He is the father all of us normal fathers, who care nothing more for than the safety of our children. And will stop at no limit to ensure it. His skills and resources are what true fathers dream of.

The excitement of seeing Liam torture these scum for answers and then continue the torture til they die, even though he's gotten the answers he's wanted was addicting. Movies that torture and cause unspeakable agony to bad people is the best kind.

If you enjoy stupid slasher films more or ones like Hostel where good people get tortured and barely survive by the hands of sick people, than you yourself are sick. But if you enjoy bad people getting tortured and destroyed, you are sane. Cause that's how it should be. 

Anyways it was nice seeing a good guy really knowing what he was doing, and he was the stronger one, not the bad guys. It reminds me of the Denzel Washington movie. A Man On Fire....bad guys didn't stand a chance.

The underlining point is that this shit happens to girls, it's a fact of life that no nation wants to fully address...human trafficking for the sex trade. It's a sick dispicable issue and it should be stepped on. BUT nations are cowards, including ours. And most just turn their backs because they're paid to. I would love to see Obama on his second term deal with this issue. But first he's got to fix the economy [thanks Bush] and this distraction called the Iraq war. Sometimes I think this war was a deliberate move to distract the attention of the world away from such issues like human trafficking and drugs. Either that or these shit flies who call themselves Al Queda [oh by the way Saudi oil tycoons relish in this human trafficking economy. they buy girls, YOUNG girls to do with whatever they wish] are so self centered that they've taken all the attention away from other issues.

Oh, yea well the movie was great. I can't wait to see Last House on the Left. A family fights and kills a group of criminals that earlier in the day raped and tortured their daughter and left her for dead in the woods. When a storm comes in the group seek refuge in the last house on the left, which happens to be the families house. It's a remake from the 1972 flick. Here's the trailer below. I love the end of the trailer, the clip where the scum asks why he can't move. The father responds "that's cause you're paralyzed from the neck down, we didn't have any rope so I used duct tape." The whole time the cameras panning around to reveal that the scum is ducted tape to a table and his head is inside a microwave. Amazing! I can't wait to see it. Just love the smile the wife gives the scum.

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