Saturday, February 21, 2009


On Friday Shepard released this print @ 12pm pst and it sold out in 6 minutes. 6 fucking minutes. I know a few people that were kicked off of check out because it sold out before they could finish checking out. 400 prints selling for $55 each sold out in 6 minutes. That's $22,000 with out tax and shipping costs. That's a astounding amount to make for less than 10 minutes.

Shepard has become a such a huge obsession. His obey campaign has gathered a huge following that he could actually start a cult religion. Seriously. He's come to God like status. But unlike most I don't follow to religion well, so I don't follow to the obsession of Obey well. His art is unique and creative, but to me if you don't lay down that artwork by hand on paper, canvas, walls, or any other material FIRST, but instead do it all on the computer, than you're a lazy artist. To me art is laid out by your own hands, not by a click of a mouse. The messiness of painting, fingers full of spray paint, clothes with paint splatters all over it, the smell of acrylic, to me that's true art. That is the essence of art. People are forgetting that, they're dependant on computers to do everything for us without the mess.

Like I said his art is nice but apparently on a recent article is sometimes not his own. Literally lifting an art piece without "appropriation" he has been known for. But a literal lift from Koloman Moser piece. You decide for yourself. Here's the article link.

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