Monday, February 9, 2009


Ah even the likable, soft spoken young black super star can't get away from the stereo type of black men beating up on their women.

Chris Brown has been booked and could face domestic battery charges for his early morning assault on his then girlfriend singer Rihanna. Apparently the two left the pre Grammy's party the night before, happy, but during the drive home the two got into a heated argument. [probably some chick was all over Chris or dudes were all over Rihanna]. The couple pulled over and thas when Brown bitch slapped her Jamaican ass before leaving her on the street like a prostitute roughed up by her pimp.

The two missed the Grammys, which Brown was suppose to perform at. He did not attend because he was in police custody and she did not attend because her face was all bitch slapped up.

Ah, another day in the life of a celebrity super star.

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  1. ::edit:: Rihanna is actually Barbadian, not Jamaican.