Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Isabel Lucas hotter than Megan Fox, huh?

Buzz is that Isabel Lucas (who appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) is the other "hot chic" in the movie. Huh? First off what the F are they smoking, these people that are saying such nonsense? Crack? Yea she's hot if you're into girls with total man face! I can't believe they casted her in this movie. Now if they casted Olivia Munn with Megan Fox you'd have to do a lesbo scene. Cause two amazingly hot chics come on, I'd throw it in the script just because. It'd be this amazing Transformers fight scene with the robots and then in the middle of it all scene cuts to Megan and Olivia making out and getting down and dirty, then after 5 min cut back to the action, then cut back to M&O, then back to the action, etc etc, do this for like half the movie. You know it's a good break from the action packed fight scene, slow it down, bust a slow mo to some lesbo scene, and then break it back to the high intensity fighting. It's typical Hollywood movie formula, right?

Anyways, I'm not going to post a picture of Isabel Lucas because I don't want to do that to you. I'm not going to cause your eyes any pain. Just google her if you really want to see what she looks like. But I'm telling you, that ain't even worth it.

Celebrity Haider on Twitter

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You'll catch me on that more than you will on the site. I'll update the sight as much as I can.

Paris Hilton is a demanding little b*t@h!

**I just love this picture of Paris Hilton. I think it's the best image of her, ever taken.

The Superficial reports that Paris will make a cameo in the new Will Ferrell movie The Other Guys and for her ONE DAY shoot her people gave the producers a 3 page list of demands that states that there be fresh lobster cooked whenever she's ready to eat and a bottle of grey goose vodka.

The producers should take those 3 pages of demands and turn them into a lobster origami and serve it to the bitch for "whenever she's ready to eat." I can't believe people kiss this bitches ass. I'd show the brat her place with a pimp slap to the face, throw a can of tuna at her and say that's your lunch bitch, enjoy!

That little bitch needs to learn respect, I'd say bring her to Iraq and punish her with a "gang rape" but no one wants to hit that crusty krab cunt. Ooooh, like that Sponge Bob reference?! Yea I'm good.