Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Freddie Bean
Celebrity HAiDER staff writer

That's right, he did it again. Become the number one suspect in a crime. You'd think after pulling off the most obvious murder in history and getting acquitted for it you'd just lay low and stay away from the headlines. Try to leave a normal life. No, not Mr. Center of attention here. He wants to be in the limelight constantly and the only way he can is to break the law. Or stir up controversy, like publishing a book entitled If I Did It. He's just rubbing it in every one's face now. He knows he can't be tried for her murder again, double jeopardy sees to that.

Now he's back in the legal system, this time for robbery. Basically someone supposedly stole a bunch of OJ's personal items a few years ago. And he recently found out who and confronted him and ended up taking his stuff back. But of course he couldn't do it in a civilized way, he had to do it his own way. And that would be with brute force, intimidation, and a hand gun.
To top it off, it was all recorded on a digital audio recorder. Basically burying himself and securing that he will get jail time.

People were throwing around numbers like 20-30 years. He won't see more than 3 years. I'd say if convicted he'll be sentenced to 3 years and get off within a year or less for good behavior, time served and/or overcrowding. Because he's a celebrity figure he won't be doing any hard time.

It's a shame how messed up our justice system is.

Monday, September 24, 2007


No introduction needed...

HAiDER adds: Damn! This is probably just look at another typical day for our soldiers in Iraq. The sh*t they have to go through over there. It's f-cupping nuts. I say send Bush and his family over there along with his administration and their families and fight their own oil war in Iraq. And focus our troops on destroying Bin Laden and his organization. There u go my little war rant for the week.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Update on Britney Spears fan/youtube success story Chris Crocker (stage name). Apparently he now has a development deal in the works with a studio to do a show entitled "Complaining with Chris Crocker". Apparently Crocker has been making video blogs for a good part of a year, and only when he released the Britney video that he hit youtube stardom. Raking in 8 million youtube clicks. Not to mention appearing on TV and Radio shows.

From the seeing clips of his video blogs, he's up there with the ever so flamboyant Bobby Trendy. I mean there is definitely nothing wrong with being gay, but do you really have to be so outragesly flamboyant? It's beyond annoying. But it's a good formula for hollywood entertainment. Enuff said, wasting to much time on a 15min of fame whore.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


September 18, 2007 - 9:56AM
Britney Spears has been banned from an exclusive Los Angeles hotel after shocking guests by "smearing food all over her face".

Troubled mother-of-two Britney can never check into the Chateau Marmont again after diners in the hotel restaurant were appalled by her animalistic table manners.

A "source" told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "The diners were disgusted. You wouldn't expect that from a teenager in a fast food joint. Royalty have dined in this restaurant. Her behaviour was totally unacceptable."

However, it wasn't just Britney's eating habits that led to the ban being enforced by the hotel - which is a favourite haunt of Lindsay Lohan, Sienna Miller and Britney's ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

According to an insider, the Gimme More singer has been "acting weird" for months, and bosses decided to impose the severe punishment before things got out of control.

The source added: "Staff at the Chateau have been told she is not welcome.

"She constantly looked out of it when she came in, and guests began to make noises. The hotel acted before she made a huge scene."

The ban is the latest in a string of setbacks to Britney's highly-anticipated career comeback, which began with her widely panned performance at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month.

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HAiDER adds: The chick is clearly insane, she's crazy and needs to be put to down. She's a danger to her kids and a danger to all young kids out there. Her celebrity popularity can influence kids out there to act and do dangerous things. And when they do and are called on it, they'll just say "Well Britney does it." She's a terrible roll model and should not be in the lime light. But she's a money maker for the entertainment business. And you know who controls the entertainment business, money hungry...Jesus killers. I really hope her world crashes so hard and she ends up in an institute.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Excerpt from FOXnews article

In her speech, Griffin said that "a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus."
She went on to hold up her Emmy, make an off-color remark about Christ and proclaim (suck it Jesus), "This award is my god now!"

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HAiDER says: There actually was a lot more to her speech that the FOXnews article didn't mention. Howard Stern today played the entire speech on his satellite radio show. I personally thought the speech was hilarious. She's a comedian and she made a joke and it was funny. Was it racist? NO! and anyone who believes it was is a freaking religious dumtard (I made that word up, I'm claiming that word). I think it's racist for people to thank god on stage. People are saying it's worse than saying the "N" word. Okay so if I start a joke with "Three NIGGERS were walking down the street..." I guess I'm okay. I'm getting a headache from all this religion crap. Get with the program people religion kills (and molests), that's a fact. I think the "N" word should be taken out of speech altogether and the same should go for starting acceptance speeches with "First of all I want to thank god/Jesus..." I'm tired of that opener, it's so common with the black folk. They should be thanking the Jews who run the entertainment business. It's plain and simple, it's her American right to say what she wants, that's the beauty of freedom of speech. That's why I can say what I want. That's what blogging is all about.


New millennium in Ethiopia - News - New millennium in Ethiopia

13-month calendar finally flips to year 2000 and, amid celebrations, PM foresees `glorious new page'

September 13, 2007
Katie Nguyen
Barry Malone

ADDIS ABABA–Seven years after the rest of the world, Ethiopia entered the 21st century yesterday with parties, prayers and gestures of political reconciliation.

Tens of thousands of revellers packed Addis Ababa's main square for festivities overnight that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said should mark the vast Horn of Africa nation's renaissance.

Ethiopia follows a calendar, long abandoned by the West, that squeezes 13 months into every year.

Meles said the occasion heralded a "glorious new page" in the history of a country that, from the 1980s, became internationally synonymous with hunger and conflict.

"A thousand years from now, when Ethiopians gather to welcome the fourth millennium, they shall say the eve of the third millennium was the beginning of the end of the dark ages in Ethiopia," he said.

"They shall say that the eve of the third millennium was the beginning of the Ethiopian renaissance."

Whistles, car horns and sirens shook the air at midnight.

At dawn, worshippers wrapped in traditional white robes flocked to church, crossing paths with partygoers returning from a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

"I've come for God's blessing," said Michele Fantaye, smearing ash on his forehead. "I hope the next 1,000 years will deliver peace and unity."

Banging drums, Orthodox Christian priests sang of the importance of the occasion in Ethiopia's ancient Ge'ez language in churches choked with incense.

As home to the 3-million-year-old "Lucy" skeleton, Ethiopia and its 81 million people claim to live in the cradle of humanity, the birthplace of coffee and the only African nation not to be colonized.

But "the darkness of poverty and backwardness" had dimmed Ethiopia's proud reputation, Meles said. "We cannot but feel deeply insulted that at the dawn of the new millennium ours is one of the poorest countries in the world," he said.

He was speaking at a new exhibition hall where U.S. hip-hop act Black Eyed Peas performed for dignitaries and the capital's elite.

Many stayed away from the official event, regarded by critics as a government project. They preferred to party for free in sports fields rather than pay $170 – two months' wage for many – to rub shoulders with the wealthy.

Some in Addis Ababa, an opposition stronghold, were angry at the government's campaign to clear the streets of thousands of beggars, and at the spiralling cost of food for the millennium.

"I don't think much will change," said resident Belai Kassa. "Most of us will stay poor." (HAiDER Comment: At least the guys being realistic)

Most Ethiopians spent a rainy New Year's Day with their families. Sweeping away ashes of bonfires lit the night before, many held a day's fasting to be broken today by a meal of njera, spongy Ethiopian bread, and roasted goat.

A host of millennium events were delayed or dropped because of security concerns in Ethiopia which is embroiled in Somalia's conflict, locked in a bitter border row with Eritrea, and fighting separatist rebels in its Ogaden region.

Criticized internationally for an opposition crackdown after disputed 2005 elections, the government released nearly 18,000 prisoners this week. There were 230 political prisoners, including 35 Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) rebels.

HAiDER Says: Get with the times, that was so 7 years ago. When only a small groug hated America (Bin Ladin).

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


This crazy mofo is straight serious when he's talking about Britney Spears. Chris Crocker (now a youtube success story) uploaded a video were he rants about how everyone is treating Britney Spears unfairly. How she's suffered so much this year...a divorce, having two kids, how she's been away from performing for such a long time, etc. This f-nut is exactly that nuts. After seeing this clip I just want to grab him by the throat and just squeeze. He's so into Britney he just doesn't see how mentally unstable she is. To him she can't do no wrong. Chris is pretty much on the same boat she's in. A hop, skip, and a jump away from the loony bin.

Crocker, she's a dumb white trash whore who had babies because she thought it would be cute. She doesn't love her kids...her antics with her kids in public prove it. To her they're just accessories, to attract more attention. She doesn't care about her fans either, if she did than she would work at being a better role model for all the young girls that sheepishly worship her, and that includes you twinkle toes. She wouldn't be out all the freaking time hanging out with celebrity whores and partying at clubs all night, knowing she has kids at home. Wake up and smell your finger, she's a wreck, she can't handle daily living. If I had to make a choice between bringing Anna Nicole Smith back the dead or keep flooding mainstream media with her slutty a$$, I'd pick Anna. At least Anna was entertaining to watch. Britney Spears just looks like an uptight southern princess that you'd like to teach a lesson to.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I love football and hate celebrities. So when I hate a football player or a coach in this case, I hate them with passion. And this coach is one of the most hated coaches in the league. He's unprofessional, sore-loser, sore-winner (WTH is that about), a cheater, a jerk, an a--hole, you name it he's it. This guy is the ultimate jerk off known to the football world. His philosophy is to win at all costs. Do what it takes to win, even if it means cheating.

Now his team, whom have won 3 championships and is considered one of the best teams of the decade is now facing spying chargers. NFL security confiscated a hand held camera and video tape belonging to a New England Patriots employee. Reports say that the employee was filming the opposing teams defensive coaches, spying on their defensive signals.

Tuesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that indeed the Patriots violated NFL policies and will be brought up on chargers and handed a severe punishment for their tasteless act.

Even the most respectful NFL player in the league, Ladainian Tomlinson has something to say about the Patriots. When asked about the spying claims, he replies "I think that the Patriots live by the saying 'If you're not cheating, you're not trying.' I think they live off that statement, and nothing surprises me really," Tomlinson said. "I'm not surprised because you keep hearing the different stories [and] people complaining about the stuff that they do." The guy who has love for everyone doesn't seem to have any for NE. Rightly so.

I say take their win from last week away. Commissioner Goodell has the power to do so. Belichick should be suspended for at least 4 games and the Patriots should lose their first thru fourth round picks. One for each quarter of last weeks game. I say review all their games, mainly the Superbowl tapes and see if they cheated in those games too. If so, than strip them of their rings. Label them as cheaters, tarnish and bring down their organization like the mighty twin towers of New York on 9/11. I want to see this dynasty to come to ruins. That would make my season if they were broken.

This dirt bag of a coach should never be allowed into the HOF, like Pete Rose. He's a liar and a cheat. He respects and cares for no one but himself. I hope they bring it down on him. It's keep our fingers crossed.

Monday, September 10, 2007


No talent Britney Spears made her come back debut last night as the opening act at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA). Singing...I mean lip syncing her song Gimme More, left me begging for NO MORE!

First off she obviously wanted to misdirect peoples attention away from her lack of performance skills by coming out wearing only her underwear. That shouldn't be a bad thing right? Girl coming out in her panties and bra. Yea NO! Not when you look like a cheap $2 trailer trash whore. No one wants to see your flabby belly Missy. She could have at least picked a sexier pair of panties and bra. Her outfit was a mess, she was/still is a mess. I can only image how the whole thing would of looked if she had come out without the hair extensions.

Besides that she was of course lip syncing to her song, but that's normal for her so enough said.

She also definitely looked rusty, she didn't know were she should be on the stage half the time and her choreography was so boring and simple that a wild monkey would be able to learn the moves in 2 hours. She was trying so hard to exude sexiness that instead she exuded skankiness. But I'm pretty sure perverted fat white guys on the internet loved every second of it.

Her performance by far was the worst out all the other performances that night. My prediction is that her come back is going to be as short as her hair. I think she's done, her music sucks and her personal problems will break her. Can you say "I'm a train wreak and my name is Britney Spears."

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Saturday, September 8, 2007


And here I thought that Howard K. Stern (not to be confused by the greatest radio personality in history Howard H. Stern) was the creepy opportunist. But boy was I wrong, it's Rita Crosby. Rita a former FOX News and MSNBC broadcaster is now going into the publishing business, writing and publishing a book about Anna Nicole Smith titled "Ambition: The Untold Story of Anna Nicole Smith's Death." Why the F-cup is she writing about Anna Nicole Smith? The fat whale is dead, leave it be. And besides why did Rita write a book about someone she didn't know personally? Money hungry whore. To make things worse her book is based on rumors, which she's trying to pass off as fact. She says she has all the proof to back up her claims, but she's yet to produce a single piece of evidence. This broad is only after one thing...$$$. It's like how Diddy releases Notorious BIG albums every year and now a movie about his life. Making money off dead celebrities, that is such a low. Rita is the newest member of "Team Scum." What a sad creature she is...

Friday, September 7, 2007


Well now, I guess Vanessa's Disney days are over huh? Well then again there's coke whore Lindsey Lohan (yea I said it) she's still a Disney actress, but she's white so it's okay. Bagyo Betty over here (Vanessa) is half white and half Filippino (but she's passed her off as a Latina) might not get the same pass. We'll see, but for now she'll have to put up with angry moms and horny fat white guys taunting her at upcoming appearances. The big question is, what the heck was she thinking even allowing something like that to happen, being so young? Now she's tainted, what next? Playboy at 19? Then adult movies at 20? This chick is a fast one. Well I guess now she can go for real movie rolls, I mean looks like she's down to do nude scenes. And besides she won't be type cast as a child actress. I bet in a couple of years she'll have a sex video leaked out. Damn, makin us Flips look cheap. And just for that I should post your nude pix.

Check it out before the link is dead Vanessa nude

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The Miami Herald reports that Shaq "Diesel" calls it quits with his wife of 5 years, Shaunie. Reason? Because he suspects Shaunie of being shady with his money. And you know the BIG DIESEL ain't gonna have none of that. If you ask me, it's just an excuse to be single again. He just doesn't feel like being a family man anymore. I mean he's asking for her to have the kids full time while he has rights to visit. Justifying it with the fact that he travels a lot for NBA games. Yea right, he just doesn't want no kids around that's all, he wants the bachelors lifestyle again. He only wants to see his kids when he feels like it, every other weekend is to much. Tells me right there he was never devoted to his marriage nor his kids. I real family man would work it out. Shaq you just became whack. Not that you weren't already, well more like washed out.

Monday, September 3, 2007


(CBS) Sunday Morning commentator Ben Stein has a few words for the Minneapolis police's behavior in the arrest of Sen. Larry Craig, and for the Republican leadership's response.

The whole story of Senator Larry Craig, the Republican of Idaho who announced his resignation yesterday, is a nightmare of out-of-control police and weak politicians.

Senator Craig has been the innocent victim of a set-up by the evil-minded police of Minneapolis-St. Paul that Stalin would have admired.

Here's the deal: Senator Craig went into a men's room at the Twin Cities airport. He entered a lavatory stall. He tapped his foot. He may or may not have reached his hand down under the lavatory partition to pick up a piece of paper or to make a signal.

That's it. That's the whole thing. There was no sex act of any kind.

So the policeman who happened to be in the next stall walks Senator Craig off, starts bullying him, accusing him of lying and, implicitly, threatens to ruin Senator Craig's career.


This is insane.

If a police officer can wreck a man's career over this trifle, then we might as well not have a Constitution or a Bill of Rights.

Look, I spend a lot of time in Idaho. These are good people. I can readily see why a Senator from there would quietly plead guilty to a small charge rather than risk a public fight - even though the police seem to have wrecked Craig's career anyway.

What I don't understand is why the GOP is tossing Senator Craig overboard as if he were a terrorist.

Even if it turns Senator Craig is gay, so what? Barney Frank is gay and he's one of the best members of the Congress. There are lots of fine gay public servants. Senator Craig has been the victim of a police lynching. A party that believes in individual rights should be rallying to his defense, not making him walk the plank.

Shame on the GOP leadership, and utter disgrace to the airport police and their thug behavior.

These are security people in airports.

Hello! An airport? Don't they have anything better to do?

HAiDER Says: Right on Ben. Power to the people. People love to ruin careers in this day and age. I'd love to try it on someone myself. Aw the joy of destruction.

Ben Stein

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Saturday, September 1, 2007


L.A. Galaxy and MLS's great white hype is out for at least 6 weeks with a knee sprain. The man that is suppose to open Americans eyes to soccer will be trying to do it off the field. Which pretty much means it ain't going to happen. America doesn't take soccer as seriously as other nations in the world do. Other countries literally kill each other in rivalries. There is no sportsmanship in soccer. It's just a group of guys running around an over sized field chasing a ball and trying to kick it into the other teams net. Well that's' just like any other sport like the NFL. Wrong. NFL football has well designed plays and formations. It's a game of strategy and planning. Soccer's lame, and so is the hype with David Beckham and his snooty Spice Girl prude of a wife, Victoria. She needs a good spankin if you know what I mean. You think you two are going to conquer America with that snooty look on your face? Go back to England with your tea and krumpets attitude. And don't forget to take your spoiled funky named brats with you. Go back to "Beckingham Palace" as you dubbed it you rich and proper english folk.


As reported by
R&B hottie Chris Brown got up close and personal with a hefty female fan at a NYC concert last night. Ooph, that's gotta hurt!
Brown performed with reggae-er Elephant Man at "On Da Reggae Tip," sponsored by NYC radio station Hot 97.

HAiDER says: DAMN! thas just wrong Chris. Just cause you couldn't get into the gym to do some squats that day, you didn't have to take it out on big mama. You just showin off now. Now the whole world know you can squat more than 300 lbs.


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