Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Aldrine Guerrero is probably the most amazing Ukulele out there. Yes even better than the famous Jake Shimabukuro. Shimabukuro doesn't know how to sing, so all his songs are instrumentals. Amazingly played but all instrumentals. Aldrine plays amazingly as well as Shimabukuro but the difference is that he sings well. Obviously though he's not going to sing in this Tetris clip, because there are no lyrics but check out his other videos on youtube or his website


A few celebrities are upset that the Academy left Brad Renfro out of the RIP reel for this years Oscars. Speculations are because of the circumstances of his death and his troubled life. Renfro was basically a druggie and died that way. From an overdose of heroin and morphine. He pretty much died a week or two before Heth Ledger and some are wondering why Heth was included. Which I think isn't much of an argument. Let's face it. Heth overdosed on prescribed medication for his depression and lack of sleep due to a hectic filming schedule. He wasn't a druggie loser like Renfro. In fact when Renfro died no one really paid attention. I was like "who died?"

Comparison in acting, Renfro wasn't even in the same league as Ledger. Renfro was a C list celebrity at best. Ledger was an A Lister who's greatest role is still waiting to be seen this summer when the new Batman movie comes out. Ledger plays the Joker. A character that Ledger revealed in an interview troubled him very much.

It's funny cause as soon as they started playing the tribute I turned to my wife and said "watch, I bet you they won't even show the guy (Brad Renfro) who died two weeks before Heth Ledger." and sure enough they didn't. But at the end she did wonder why Roy Scheider (JAWS) wasn't on there either. I found out reported Roy wasn't on tribute because his death (Feb.10) happened after the Academy's deadline of January 31st for use in the broadcast. I'm sure he will be on next years tribute.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sounds like a promotional stunt to me. Doesn't it? Do they really have to shut down every single Starbucks chain (in the US) and train it's Batista's for 3 hours on how to serve better drinks? Come on. This could have been done all at each stores convenience.

But yea I guess they better train these Batista's to make better tasting drinks because my Venti Passion Iced Tea Lemonade (Sweetened) isn't tasting as good since they increased the prices this past year. I'm paying about a buck more so I better get an amazing tasty Iced Tea Lemonade!

I better be saying "Uuummmm, that's a tasty Passion Iced Tea Lemonade."


John Lennon believed in a dream. A dream full of hope and peace for humanity. The reality of it is that that's all it was in the end, a dream. Same goes for the rest of the dreamers in the world. They waste their time all day dreaming of a wonderful life...a peaceful life were everyone got a long and loved one another.

Boy is that some hippie crap or what. Lennon was the ultimate dreamer. He was a special dreamer, because he actually was talented. He knew how to convey his dreams. Hence his song Imagine.

All that hippie propaganda he was spewing out got him what? Peace? No. Love? No. Happiness? No. Killed? Yes.

Dreamers are lazy people. Doers are successful people.
That concludes my hippie rant of the month...thank you.


Doesn't growing old suck? Seriously. I hate the fact that we all have to grow old and fragile. Memba the guy on the left? He was massive. "7 time" Mr. Universe. He was so massive but the second he decided to go into acting, he got smaller with ever film. And thas because his training was cut down to casual lifting. If you know anything about body building, than you know that people that you see on television with ripped bodies work out constantly. The second you cut down, you loose that ripped look. It's the price of looking perfect.

Age hasn't done well for the bodybuilding icon. If you've ever seen the 1970s documentary "Pumping Iron" you'll know that out of all the bodybuilders featured in that documentary only the Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. But Arnold will always be the face of bodybuilding. Let's memba tha man that was know as Mr. Universe and not to much the old guy on the right, also know as the Govnernator.


After all these years I'm still trying to figure out what I or anyone for that matter found so humorous with the whole Jackass show? Stupid guys doing stupid stunts I guess. Sure it's fun the first time but don't you think it would have gotten old really fast? For some reason it didn't. It went on for a few seasons and two movies and a third in the works. Go figure?

Now we come to Steve-O. The craziest one of the bunch. This clown will do anything to entertain you, the audience. He calls himself a distraction therapist.
Steve-O was on Howard Stern recently acting as insane as usually, but this time without the help of any drugs, besides weed so he says. And he as crazy as he is rarely lies. He's more truthful than any given politician. So you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he isn't lying than someone please get him some tweek or something. Because he was more annoying and all over the place that Howard could hardly get in a word. His mind was all over the place. But when he's on drugs his mind seems to be a bit more organized.

The big question to God is "How could Steve-O who does all kinds of hard drugs all night and does dangerous stunts all in the word of fun still be alive? But a genuinely kind soul and one amazing actor by the name of Heth Ledger be dead on a few pills?" Why torment out eyes with stupidity when we could have been blessed longer with a brilliant performer? God is one cruel demented soul, I tell you. And the ironic thing is that Steve-O actually would like to die. Last time on the Stern show he was hinting that it would be his greatest die and become a huge icon.
Steve-O seems cool and fun to hang with. But seriously. With his crazy antics, how long will be before his antics get annoying and embarrassing? 20, 30 minutes?

Monday, February 25, 2008


The oh so beautiful bodied Jessica Alba is getting plump. And no not for a new roll for Shallow Hal 2. She's getting ready to pop out kids. Yes that's plural. Rumor has it that Jessica is due to have twins...what the heck is up with celebs having twins lately? Is that the new in fad? Pop two out the first time? J-Lo (well hers was planned) but now rumors that Alba and Jollie are to have twins also?

Celebs with their fads. It goes as far as kids being accessories, ask Britney and Nicole Ritchie.

Alba, I don't know what her case is. I thought that her and Cash were broken up and then next thing you know she's pregnant and it's his. And so is he excited about it? I doubt it. He's a Hollywood guy. The question is, did she pull the chick move? Have his kids and maybe he'll stay with me forever. If he wasn't into it from day one, he'll be gone during the kids most vulnerable years. They'll end up coming from a broken family.

Anyways, whoa she's getting up there. No more nice bod for awhile. But she'll get it back. She's a celeb, she's got money to hire a personal trainer to get her body back to hotness in a month after giving birth.


I didn't actually see it happen live but I heard about it after the fact and then found it on youtube later. Gary's one weird dude. It's amazing how he's rich and famous. He's probably the craziest celebrity out there. Britney coming in a close second.

I don't think anyone really wants to interview him, so he kinda just makes his way and forces interviewers to interview him. You can see how uncomfortable he makes Seacrest and then Jennifer Garner. You'd think she'd be a little tougher. Especially since she's trained in all that martial arts for Alias and Dare Devil and Elektra. Guess she hasn't trained in awhile.

check out the clip


I just don't like this guy. A real "class A" asshole. He's got this whole image of being a tough/rough guy. A real bad boy.

I dunno there a bunch of bare chested photos out there on the internet that spark questions about his manly hood. Could this bad boy attitude be a farse? Is he really a sensitive boy? Who ever interviewed him should have asked his mother (pictured on image) whom he took to the Oscars, that hard hitting question. "Is Colin faking the bad boy attitude? Is he really a sensitive kinda guy?"

Instead the interviewer (I can't remember if it was Ryan Seacrest or someone else) asked a fan question I believe. Well the question was something along these lines. "If you weren't acting, what would you being doing for a career?" With a sarcastic voice he replied "Probably something with my hands. Building something...some wood working?" But his answer was in a sorta annoyed sarcastic tone.

I know that wasn't that dickey, but still this guys a jerk off.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


The Oscars was on the other night. I don't remember much of it because it was a bore fest from the get go. They make such a big deal about the Oscars. They had a pre-show that lasted from 9am - 3pm and then the red carpet from 3pm - 5:30pm. The show started a little past 5:30pm and ended 30min over schedule at 9pm.

All day of Oscar hype and it was snooze fest. Even the music was terrible. I think if they had some decent perfomances by famous musicians than I think the show would be more tolerable. But no that's not how the Academy works. They're elegant and classey, which means they're big bores. As in lame.

There are only three awards you're looking forward to the whole time. Best Actor. Best Actress. Best Movie. That's it, well maybe Best Director too. But you have to sit through three hours of best lighting, best music editing, best film editing, best set design, etc. Real boring shit.

I kinda wished that the strikes would be still in full affect so that way we wouldn't have to go through with all these award shows. Even though I think this one would have happened either way.

Ah yes celebs getting recognized for their fine work. Why couldn't the fans get awards. Like best movie release watcher, or best popcorn butter squirter, some shit or best movie ticket tearer. No love for the people that allow Hollywood to prosper.


PageSix reports that Elizabeth Hurley and husband Arun Nayar paid their former maid between $2.33 to $3.10 an hour, working up to 70 hours a week in their London mansion. Her chores would have her up at 7:30 am and at times wouldn't be finished until 3am the next morning.

Violet D'Souza, 31 was set to have her case heard by an employment tribunal, but was canceled on the 11th hour because the case was settled out of court.

PageSix reports that Hurley's lawyers settled a 5-figure sum with the former house maid to drop the case. If you ask me I would have stuck it to Elizabeth Hurley and gone on with the case and eventually would have gotten millions out of her. I say Karma bit Hurley a little here.

Hurley who has a son Damian with business billionaire Steve Bing demanded Bing pay her an insane amount a month for child support. Well over 6-figures, might have been in the millions. She rejected 5-figure amounts that Bing offered her. Perfect example of gold diggin slut to me.

Think about it the only reason she became famous was because Hugh Grant's dumb ass brought her to an award show as his date. The next day she got roles offered to her. She's just a money grubbing whore if you ask me. Dating only billionaires. She's taken all this money from these guys (who are dumb in their own right, in letting her in) and she can't even spread the wealth. Especially to the help? The person that's making her life as easy as it is to get her in bed?

Violet should of buried her used and abused a$$. Taken her to the cleaners...okay I'm done.


The term "Based on a true story" seems to be thrown out there a lot now in Hollywood movies. And the guidelines for what the term means has spread. You can pretty much take a small portion of the true story and build a whole new story to fit the entertainment standard of Hollywood.

That is what's happening to a lot of movies nowadays and American Gangster is no exception.

In this based on a true story movie Denzel plays a smooth criminal mastermind named Frank Lucas who built a huge money making empire on drugs, his product? Blue Magic...which is? 100% pure cocaine, imported from Vietnam. In this story it depicts Frank Lucas as a drug dealer who's street smarts helped him get connections to bypass the middle men and get cocaine pure from the source itself (Vietnam). And his ingenious plan of shipping the drugs into the US in the coffins of fallen US soldiers in the Vietnam war. But in the end he was brought down by a determined cop (Russell Crowe) but being the ideal gangster he never turned a single gangster in only all the crooked cops on his and others payroll. Smooth gangster right? 100% true? Not even close.

Frank Lucas was no smooth dressing, talking, fair gangster, so says Nicky Barnes. Also known as Mr. Untouchable, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. in American Gangster. Nicky Barnes was also a notorious "American Gangster". He actually made more money than Frank Lucas did, with his drug empire. He was Franks competitor.

Recently on the Howard Stern show, Nicky (who is in the witness protection program) told all. About how the producers including Crowe wanted to glorify a gangster. They didn't like Nicky much so they decided to glorify Frank. He also went on to tell how Frank wasn't really the smooth criminal he was in the movie. In fact Barnes told Howard that Frank was kinda dumb and wasn't really street smart. Was definitely not smooth like Denzel in the movie. And the truth about Franks drugs were exaggerated enormously in the movie.

After hearing Barnes on the Stern show I was highly disappointed in the movie. Because before that, I thought it was one of the best gangster stories ever made. I mean it still is a great story but finding out the truth and reading about it just makes the story seem so fake. Now when I see parts I'm like "That didn't happen that way." Or "He didn't do that in real life." But I guess that's what "based on" means.
I still give the movie 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend you not read up about the truth before watching the movie. Might ruin it for you.


Karma's a bitch and Dog the Bounty Hunters son Tucker is finding that out. Tucker is the one that a few months ago sold the tapes to the National Enquirer. Tucker is now back in jail for parole violations. reports that Dog found out that Tucker, recently released from prison was doing drugs again. So Dog threatened to tell Tucker's PO about it. Tucker in return sold the tapes of Dogs semi racial rant. Who wants to bet he spent all that money on drugs? Loser.

Well apparently Dog did tip off his PO and so the PO placed him in rehab, which he walked out of and then the PO made a suprise visit at Tuckers known residence and didn't like what he say. Revoking Tuckers parole, sending his loser a$$ back to jail.
Despite it all Dog says he loves his son. Which I highly doubt is mutual for Tucker. He's a lost cause in the system, he should be locked up and left behind bars. He's no go to no one in front of the bars.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Okay so now instead of getting excited and wanting to squeeze one out to one of her videos. Now I see her and the ways she's gotten out of control makes me want to eat something. She so skinny she gives Amy Whinehouse a run for her money.

It's so sickening. It's only obvious that she does drugs. Tweekin' dude. There's no other way to get that skinny without white lines. It's so disgusting. check out some of her beach shoot.

I think Websters needs update their dictionary to ad Jenna's picture to the word "TWIG".

Click on image to enlarge


Haven't mentioned Britney in about a week or so. People are probably concerned about her. So here's the scoop.

Brits still a crazy a$$ ho talkin with a British/English accent. Spending time with her even crazier family, who now have control of her well being.

Yep still no hope for her, she still can't visit her kids and yep I still think she's going to die sometime late this year.


A few days ago E! News online reported that the crack down on the paparazzi has begun. Late this week 4 papazo's got busted under the new stalkarazzi guidelines. It's about time these papazo's got what they deserve. Their recklessness will only lead to innocent people getting hurt.

Besides they think they own the sidewalks. Get in your face if you block their shot. Provoke you. They're sikewalk bullies. Heck half of them have criminal records.

They're not even real photographers. I don't call pointing and snapping real photography. Half the time they're just sticking their camera up high and snapping away hoping to get a good shot.

Click here to view E! Online article.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Took me about a week to finally come up with a casting list for the proposed Robotech movie being produced by Tobey McGuire. I've looked at a bunch of other websites that posted their casting list and compared them to mine and I think I have the best one so far. The worst list I'd have to say was by the staff of Their choices were so off the wall. They casted every character to be played by a white actor or actress, except for Claudia, they actually picked a black person. But for Minmei who everyone knows is Asian, choose Amanda Bynes! Wha the fu-?

I found in all the sites that posted their cast list have Tobey McGuire as Rick Hunter. It's rumored that since Tobey is producing the movie that he wants to play the role of Rick. I say fuck Tobey (he sucks anyways), he has no business in the movie. Stick to Spiderman.

Here's Celebrity HAiDER's casting call:


Okay so first Tom brainwashed devote Christian Katie Holmes into his cult. Now he's throwing the bubble around Suri.

According to British magazine Star their daughter despite looking like a two year old is actually over a billion years old. That she knows everything already and doesn't really need to be disciplined. If she knows everything, than why doesn't she already talk alike a grow up or act like one?

Star also reports that Suri will be brought up (brainwashed) just like her older siblings Isabella and Connor and be schooled in the cult religion as she grows, and all her friends will be fellow cult members.

Wow, Tom really is a devote nut case. Just like those crazy super religious freaks, who take their religion or cult to seriously. Life is to short to devote every last breathe to something you don't know if it's true or not. I feel for Suri, she won't get to experience true life. She's going to grow up in this Scientology bubble for most of her life. I just hope that when she's an adult she'll wake up and distant herself from her nutty dad and his cult.

There should be a "Save Suri" campaign.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Amist the rumors and the speculations that Kat signed that racial photo of her as a present to her former employer, she’s managed to keep it underwraps. Thanks to TLC. The speculation is that TLC wants to invest all their eggs in Kat. So much so that they are willing to push Ami out. Ain’t gonna happen. His show is better. Her show is pretty much a full of salon nag talkin. She was hotter on Ami’s show, when she wasn’t talking that much.

Now she’s just another annoying chatter box chick. And to make it worse she’s got a shop full of yapping cunts working for her. The lone dude just sits there and blocks it all out. Her show isn’t gonna last long. It’ll be like Inked. There’s to much yappying and not awhole lot of tattin. Miami Ink is all about the tats.

The most annoying thing is she’s got all these girl power groups all backin her 100% with the racial rumors. They all think she’s the sweetest and nicest chick around. Wake up and smell the bacon. She’s a crack head! You think she went on a diet to look better for her own show? No you dipshits. Steve-O already told Howard Stern on Sirius of their drug binge sessions. He didn’t admit one thing though. That he was the reason why her ex-husband and her split up.She’s a great tattoo artist and I respect her work, but as a person she’s messed up. She’s got that rockstar attitude towards life. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll is the motto she lives by. She ain’t no role model ladies. You can say she’s a tamer Amy Whinehouse.

I still believe she would say crazy things like the things said on the photo to Ami. I think she would tell him in his face, off camera. She wants fame in a bad way. She’s a media wench.


Lohan tries very hard to catch the essence and feel of Marilyn Monroe. But from the slideshow link below, it doesn't look like she pulls it off. She is nothing compared to Marilyn Monroe, neither was Anna Nicole Smith. Marilyn was one of a kind, very unique and special.

To be honest Lohan doesn't look hot nude. Everything kinda sags, she's not firm. You can tell she doesn't really work out and her whole body seems to be covered with freckles. Her rack looks great in a bra, but not so much when they're free.

Check out the slideshow by clicking on the link below.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


For someone who acts so manly with that Jersey tough guy attitude Artie Lange sure is softie toward his bookie who owes Artie around $65K for the Super Bowl bet he won.

Artie says he felt bad for the guy (his bookie), who he's known for years. So he literally let him off the hook, just like that. He fed Artie a sob story and Artie ate it up, much like everything else. In the end he paid Artie about $18k of the $78k he owed Artie.

I don't know about you but if it were me, friend or not he made the bet so he better find a way to pay me off. Cause you know if it were the other way around and Artie lost the bookie would have been all over Artie harrassing him for payment.

This guy owes Artie big. And Artie can't let this go. No matter how well you know this guy. He's been taking Arties money for years and Artie's been paying for his bets now he can't pay back? This guys wife should be servicing Artie for $100 a session, until this bookie pays off the rest or she services him 650 times to pay the debt. But no that will never happen because Artie won't push it. This is how much of a loser Artie really is. He enjoys bathing in his own sorrow.


I just heard about author Amy Sutherland and her book What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love and Marriage on the radio when the morning Dejay's were talking about the subject. I haven't picked up the book yet to read for myself. But from what I hear it's pretty sexist.

People say that she pretty much compares men to dogs/animals. That women can reshape their men into whatever by taking the same approach to men as you do to dogs. Like treats as rewards, whenever we do something good.

Again I haven’t read it (to be honest I don’t think I’ll have the time to waste reading this book) but if it falls into my lap I’ll read it. But for now I can just go off on the reviews and being male/man I think it’s lame. And of course women think it’s such a great book. Whatever, just wait til some male author comes up with a book. What Flipper the Dolphin Taught Me About Socializing, Swinging, and Sex.


Last time Paris and Travis got caught smoochin' Paris got a shinner. Courtesy of Shana Moakler ex-wife of Travis. I bet Oscar Dela Hoya taught Shana how to land one, I mean he would land one on her on occasion (so goes the rumors) during their marriage.

Paris is so fragile and fraile she wouldn't stand a chance against anyone, well maybe Jenna Jameson. Have you seen her lately? Look up twig in the dictionary and you now find a picture of Jenna Jameson.

Anyhow the gossip is that Travis (whom tried to reconcile with Moakler late last year) met up with Paris to piss off Shana. Paris better run for the hills. Moaklers gonna get you.

So who's skinnier, Paris or Travis? I say tie.


Another one bits the dust. Just like most celebrity marriages pop artist Pink and motorcross GOD Carey Hart have called it quits. I guess she was to much man for Carey to handle and he was to much woman for Pink to handle.

Didn’t it run through your mind that Pink seemed pretty manly and Carey seemed so pampered like a woman? I mean usually it’s the guy that’s the rough one and the girl is the delicate one. Seemed opposite in this union.

Oh well apparently Hart isn’t sweatin’ it. He was photographed with a hot brunette recently in Vegas. I mean he is a prettty boy motorcross dude. Not like he won’t have a bunch of gold diggin’ groupies all over him.

Pink on the other hand. I see the brothas tryin to hit up on her. Brothas like a tough girl.

To celebs break ups and divorces are nothing. It’s like droppin that load you been carrying since lunch. Flushin it down the bowl and never thinkin twice about it. ( I don’t know where that analogy came from, don’t ask).


CH has just learned that the “DOG” will be back on the A&E. As you may remember his show Dog the Bounty Hunter was yanked off the airwaves because of his racial remarks he made on the phone about his estranged son’s girlfriend, not knowing his son recorded every word of the conversation.

According to A&E they feel he has made sugnificant strides by reaching out to the African communities in the recent months that he deserves his show back. Why not right? I mean it was a big rating show for A&E. Why lose that.

To be honest Dog was just being human. We all express things in private to family that we normally wouldn’t in the public forum and that we necessarily don’t mean. It was a heated private argument he had with his son on the phone. He thought this was private. His son stabbed him in the back brought it out to the public. I like Dog, he’s geniune, he does good things. Good people make mistakes, say things they don’t really mean…but that’s just me. You know black people will hold a grudge on him because he’s white.


That is the term used to lock down the hospital when a baby kidnapping is taking place. Last Friday the hospital that J-Lo will give birth in ran that drill. reports from sources that the “Code Pink” drill was run on J-Lo’s request.

Also from other reports, I hear that J-Lo being the self-absorbed diva that she is has had the room that she’s is planning on giving birth in remodeled to suit her. It is also being locked down so that no one else can use the room.

Apparently now the hospital is getting feed up with the pop diva and her demands.

Well isn’t this a perfect example of someone that had nothing, then got a whole lot of something and then forgot where they came from? Now that she’s rich and famous she feels the world revolves around her. That she’s better than the average hard working person. Better than any other pregnant woman.

Bust still when she comes in, she won’t have to wait for service, she’ll be first in line to give birth. As feed up as the hospital is with her, when she does arrive they’ll rush her in and tend to her every need first and push everyone else aside. Why? Because she’s got more money than any other pregnant woman in that hospital. And because she’s a celebrity. We can only pray that she has the most painful child birth any woman has ever had. Let Karma give a little something back to a bitcha$$ diva.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I know these images are old, but I just came across them again in my archieves and I'm just so overwhelmed by these photos, and I'll tell you why.

First of all, you're a celebrity (J-Love) and you know you're going to be observed constantly, so why go to a public beach wearing such a hideous bathing suit. Especially when for the most part you’re always fashionable?

Secondly, what the heck happened to you? You ever think about going to the gym? I mean again you’re a famous celebrity known for your good looks (and huge boobs). You wanna earn your money or what?

And thirdly (I don’t even know if that’s proper grammer) I hear about the paparazzi taking pictures of celebs making weird expressions, but man do you look like hicksville in these photos or what. Get with it J-Love.

click to enlarge


I swear Barney ruined the color puple. Anyone that wears a full purple outfit always reminds you of Barney.

Sorry J-Love looks like you didn't get the memo there.

But she gots something Barney ain't got. Huge knockers!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Now if Jessica was really inked like this, she would be smokin'. Hot girls with tats are hard to come by, so if she was tatted up like this she'd be the hottest chick tatted.

Japanese tats? $1000s, Hot chicks? A dime a dozen these days. Hot chick with Japanese tatts? Priceless.


It's been awhile since I've brought up the most hated couple on television (Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag). Well apparently Heidi has been trying to break into the music industry. Here is the about low budget and cheesy.

This is pathetic...she's so desperate to become really famous.

Friday, February 15, 2008


This guy Eric, who can be heard on almost daily calls to the Howard Stern Show could possibly be the most ungreatful disabled person in this country. For years Howard had been kind enough to give him prize money and free stuff after free stuff, just because he liked this kid.

But had this kid ever thanked Howard for his generousity? No. He's instead lashed out at the hand that feeds him. Ungreatful little prick. Hearing him on the radio, acting like a jerk off everyday. You can't really feel sorry for the condition he's in.

I mean the kids got no real sense of humor. But I guess who could right? He did get screwed pretty hard by god.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Memba this show? As a kid I remember I couldn't wait to get home to catch an episode of The Real Ghostbusters. This show rocked. The stories were always good. Some touching, some analytical, and some spooky.

It was one of the rare shows that had really good writers on board. It's sad that they don't make shows like this show anymore. Everything today is so Manga-ish.

None of the shows today can compare to a lot of the shows back in the days. It was the bomb back then.

If i could I would go back in time to when I was a little kid, watching shows like this. When life was so simple with very lil worries. I would be in heaven.


So I saw the trailer for the new Knight Rider show last night on NBC, and I have to admit I have my reservations about it. The car itself looks cool. But it just looks like a mustang with a nice car kit on it. A suped up GT500 Shelby, thats about it. Again it looks cool though. But I think they should of used another car. Like the police car in the transformers movie.

The acting of the main character, Justin on the preview looked like Soap drama acting...which means it's pretty bad. K.I.T.T.’s voice is pretty lame too. The original was witty and had a friendly tone to it. This one tries to sound like Optimus Prime.

The more I watch the trailer the more I'm not impressed. It’s sad cause I was really looking forward to it coming out. I dunno the car just isn't as smooth as the original. What made the old K.I.T.T. special and a memorable was his simple looks. Like his digital voice screen. The red LED on the front. The buttons on the center counsel to initiate turbo boost and the other gadgets. This new K.I.T.T. just seems to CG. Like the center counsel screen just seemed so green screened.

Check out the trailer for yourself.