Sunday, February 24, 2008


PageSix reports that Elizabeth Hurley and husband Arun Nayar paid their former maid between $2.33 to $3.10 an hour, working up to 70 hours a week in their London mansion. Her chores would have her up at 7:30 am and at times wouldn't be finished until 3am the next morning.

Violet D'Souza, 31 was set to have her case heard by an employment tribunal, but was canceled on the 11th hour because the case was settled out of court.

PageSix reports that Hurley's lawyers settled a 5-figure sum with the former house maid to drop the case. If you ask me I would have stuck it to Elizabeth Hurley and gone on with the case and eventually would have gotten millions out of her. I say Karma bit Hurley a little here.

Hurley who has a son Damian with business billionaire Steve Bing demanded Bing pay her an insane amount a month for child support. Well over 6-figures, might have been in the millions. She rejected 5-figure amounts that Bing offered her. Perfect example of gold diggin slut to me.

Think about it the only reason she became famous was because Hugh Grant's dumb ass brought her to an award show as his date. The next day she got roles offered to her. She's just a money grubbing whore if you ask me. Dating only billionaires. She's taken all this money from these guys (who are dumb in their own right, in letting her in) and she can't even spread the wealth. Especially to the help? The person that's making her life as easy as it is to get her in bed?

Violet should of buried her used and abused a$$. Taken her to the cleaners...okay I'm done.

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