Tuesday, February 26, 2008


John Lennon believed in a dream. A dream full of hope and peace for humanity. The reality of it is that that's all it was in the end, a dream. Same goes for the rest of the dreamers in the world. They waste their time all day dreaming of a wonderful life...a peaceful life were everyone got a long and loved one another.

Boy is that some hippie crap or what. Lennon was the ultimate dreamer. He was a special dreamer, because he actually was talented. He knew how to convey his dreams. Hence his song Imagine.

All that hippie propaganda he was spewing out got him what? Peace? No. Love? No. Happiness? No. Killed? Yes.

Dreamers are lazy people. Doers are successful people.
That concludes my hippie rant of the month...thank you.

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