Tuesday, February 26, 2008


After all these years I'm still trying to figure out what I or anyone for that matter found so humorous with the whole Jackass show? Stupid guys doing stupid stunts I guess. Sure it's fun the first time but don't you think it would have gotten old really fast? For some reason it didn't. It went on for a few seasons and two movies and a third in the works. Go figure?

Now we come to Steve-O. The craziest one of the bunch. This clown will do anything to entertain you, the audience. He calls himself a distraction therapist.
Steve-O was on Howard Stern recently acting as insane as usually, but this time without the help of any drugs, besides weed so he says. And he as crazy as he is rarely lies. He's more truthful than any given politician. So you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he isn't lying than someone please get him some tweek or something. Because he was more annoying and all over the place that Howard could hardly get in a word. His mind was all over the place. But when he's on drugs his mind seems to be a bit more organized.

The big question to God is "How could Steve-O who does all kinds of hard drugs all night and does dangerous stunts all in the word of fun still be alive? But a genuinely kind soul and one amazing actor by the name of Heth Ledger be dead on a few pills?" Why torment out eyes with stupidity when we could have been blessed longer with a brilliant performer? God is one cruel demented soul, I tell you. And the ironic thing is that Steve-O actually would like to die. Last time on the Stern show he was hinting that it would be his greatest die and become a huge icon.
Steve-O seems cool and fun to hang with. But seriously. With his crazy antics, how long will be before his antics get annoying and embarrassing? 20, 30 minutes?

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