Thursday, February 21, 2008


Amist the rumors and the speculations that Kat signed that racial photo of her as a present to her former employer, she’s managed to keep it underwraps. Thanks to TLC. The speculation is that TLC wants to invest all their eggs in Kat. So much so that they are willing to push Ami out. Ain’t gonna happen. His show is better. Her show is pretty much a full of salon nag talkin. She was hotter on Ami’s show, when she wasn’t talking that much.

Now she’s just another annoying chatter box chick. And to make it worse she’s got a shop full of yapping cunts working for her. The lone dude just sits there and blocks it all out. Her show isn’t gonna last long. It’ll be like Inked. There’s to much yappying and not awhole lot of tattin. Miami Ink is all about the tats.

The most annoying thing is she’s got all these girl power groups all backin her 100% with the racial rumors. They all think she’s the sweetest and nicest chick around. Wake up and smell the bacon. She’s a crack head! You think she went on a diet to look better for her own show? No you dipshits. Steve-O already told Howard Stern on Sirius of their drug binge sessions. He didn’t admit one thing though. That he was the reason why her ex-husband and her split up.She’s a great tattoo artist and I respect her work, but as a person she’s messed up. She’s got that rockstar attitude towards life. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll is the motto she lives by. She ain’t no role model ladies. You can say she’s a tamer Amy Whinehouse.

I still believe she would say crazy things like the things said on the photo to Ami. I think she would tell him in his face, off camera. She wants fame in a bad way. She’s a media wench.

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