Thursday, February 7, 2008


This week was "Super Tuesday." What that really means? There wasn't really anything super about Tuesday. Just idiots lining up to vote.Someone asked me if I voted and you know my response was going to be? "No, I'm not that stupid."

Do you really think that anyone of these candidates are honest and straight forward? Are people that dumb? They're politicians for Christ's sake! They're all liars and cheats, every single one of them. They say things to get your vote. They're the best sales people in the country, they sell you sh#t and you all seem to buy into it.

Diddy last time said Vote or Die. If you think about it, either way you die. No matter what you're going to die, it's inevitable. So I say make the best of your time here, why waste time voting? A single vote doesn’t change the world. This isn’t High School ASB elections.

As an aspiring conspiracy theorist, isn’t it safe to say that voting is a good way for the government to keep track of our population. But that’s your choice to believe or not. It’s your right to believe in whom ever you want.

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