Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Doesn't growing old suck? Seriously. I hate the fact that we all have to grow old and fragile. Memba the guy on the left? He was massive. "7 time" Mr. Universe. He was so massive but the second he decided to go into acting, he got smaller with ever film. And thas because his training was cut down to casual lifting. If you know anything about body building, than you know that people that you see on television with ripped bodies work out constantly. The second you cut down, you loose that ripped look. It's the price of looking perfect.

Age hasn't done well for the bodybuilding icon. If you've ever seen the 1970s documentary "Pumping Iron" you'll know that out of all the bodybuilders featured in that documentary only the Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. But Arnold will always be the face of bodybuilding. Let's memba tha man that was know as Mr. Universe and not to much the old guy on the right, also know as the Govnernator.

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