Wednesday, February 20, 2008


For someone who acts so manly with that Jersey tough guy attitude Artie Lange sure is softie toward his bookie who owes Artie around $65K for the Super Bowl bet he won.

Artie says he felt bad for the guy (his bookie), who he's known for years. So he literally let him off the hook, just like that. He fed Artie a sob story and Artie ate it up, much like everything else. In the end he paid Artie about $18k of the $78k he owed Artie.

I don't know about you but if it were me, friend or not he made the bet so he better find a way to pay me off. Cause you know if it were the other way around and Artie lost the bookie would have been all over Artie harrassing him for payment.

This guy owes Artie big. And Artie can't let this go. No matter how well you know this guy. He's been taking Arties money for years and Artie's been paying for his bets now he can't pay back? This guys wife should be servicing Artie for $100 a session, until this bookie pays off the rest or she services him 650 times to pay the debt. But no that will never happen because Artie won't push it. This is how much of a loser Artie really is. He enjoys bathing in his own sorrow.

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