Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A few celebrities are upset that the Academy left Brad Renfro out of the RIP reel for this years Oscars. Speculations are because of the circumstances of his death and his troubled life. Renfro was basically a druggie and died that way. From an overdose of heroin and morphine. He pretty much died a week or two before Heth Ledger and some are wondering why Heth was included. Which I think isn't much of an argument. Let's face it. Heth overdosed on prescribed medication for his depression and lack of sleep due to a hectic filming schedule. He wasn't a druggie loser like Renfro. In fact when Renfro died no one really paid attention. I was like "who died?"

Comparison in acting, Renfro wasn't even in the same league as Ledger. Renfro was a C list celebrity at best. Ledger was an A Lister who's greatest role is still waiting to be seen this summer when the new Batman movie comes out. Ledger plays the Joker. A character that Ledger revealed in an interview troubled him very much.

It's funny cause as soon as they started playing the tribute I turned to my wife and said "watch, I bet you they won't even show the guy (Brad Renfro) who died two weeks before Heth Ledger." and sure enough they didn't. But at the end she did wonder why Roy Scheider (JAWS) wasn't on there either. I found out reported Roy wasn't on tribute because his death (Feb.10) happened after the Academy's deadline of January 31st for use in the broadcast. I'm sure he will be on next years tribute.

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