Thursday, February 14, 2008


So I saw the trailer for the new Knight Rider show last night on NBC, and I have to admit I have my reservations about it. The car itself looks cool. But it just looks like a mustang with a nice car kit on it. A suped up GT500 Shelby, thats about it. Again it looks cool though. But I think they should of used another car. Like the police car in the transformers movie.

The acting of the main character, Justin on the preview looked like Soap drama acting...which means it's pretty bad. K.I.T.T.’s voice is pretty lame too. The original was witty and had a friendly tone to it. This one tries to sound like Optimus Prime.

The more I watch the trailer the more I'm not impressed. It’s sad cause I was really looking forward to it coming out. I dunno the car just isn't as smooth as the original. What made the old K.I.T.T. special and a memorable was his simple looks. Like his digital voice screen. The red LED on the front. The buttons on the center counsel to initiate turbo boost and the other gadgets. This new K.I.T.T. just seems to CG. Like the center counsel screen just seemed so green screened.

Check out the trailer for yourself.

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