Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Last time Paris and Travis got caught smoochin' Paris got a shinner. Courtesy of Shana Moakler ex-wife of Travis. I bet Oscar Dela Hoya taught Shana how to land one, I mean he would land one on her on occasion (so goes the rumors) during their marriage.

Paris is so fragile and fraile she wouldn't stand a chance against anyone, well maybe Jenna Jameson. Have you seen her lately? Look up twig in the dictionary and you now find a picture of Jenna Jameson.

Anyhow the gossip is that Travis (whom tried to reconcile with Moakler late last year) met up with Paris to piss off Shana. Paris better run for the hills. Moaklers gonna get you.

So who's skinnier, Paris or Travis? I say tie.

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