Sunday, February 10, 2008


No doubt the chick is hot. Hot chick with tats, what a wet dream. This is as simple as it sounds. She's a rock star (so she thinks she is) and is livin up to it. Before the show, Miami Ink gave her a pulse in the entertainment industry, she was tattoo hookin' celebs, mainly the Jackass boys.

Ami (Miami Ink) gives her a shot and they don't get along. That's life.

She gets popular otherwise because she is a very talented portrait tattoo artist and so then begins the roller coaster ride.

She gets fired from the show that basically created her, she goes on a cocaine binge (hence her skinny appearance on her own show "LA Ink"), she cheats on her husband supposedly with Steve-O from Jackass, and now is in the middle of this firestorm about a signed image that she gave to Ami James upon being fired from Miami Ink. Ami is of jewish decent.

She clearly craves for attention, beacause if you google image her name, there are many images of her in photo shoots. Which leads to the conclusion that she's let the fame get to her head, big time. Her show is so unbearable to watch that it give me morning sickness in the morning if I watch it the night before. Just a bunch of naggin bitches and one dude, who obviously took the gig to promote his own shop.

Do I believe she signed a promo picture of hers and gave it to Ami as a F you, hell YES. She's irratic and a coke head. Now she's desperately trying to put the flames out.

It's a shame to, because she was a hot a$$ chick. Now's she's on celebrity haiders, sh#t list. Rock on rockstar!

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