Monday, February 4, 2008


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The Giants didn't have a perfect season but the ended with a perfect game when it counted the most. They struggled during the first half of the season and towards the end started to pick it up. Their post season run was amazing. They played like they were possessed.

Through 18 games no one has been able to stop the so called perfect team (New England Patriots). Few came close while others were enilated. The perfect season record held by the ‘72-‘73 Miami Dolphins in most minds looked like it was going to be a thing of the past. The Patriots were all ready placed above that Miami team, by all the sports announcers. Heck the line was Patriots by 12 and the over under was 55pts I believe. Final score…17 Giants, 14 Patriots.

An upset? Yes. A miracle? No. One thing that everyone put aside these past two weeks was just how good NYG was playing in the post season. Manning in both play off games prior to the superbowl was almost perfect. Just like the Chargers (who should have beaten the Pats, but weren’t able to due to an injured riddled team) NYG’s last quarter of the regular season was great. Both teams finished off the regular season playing their best football, but unfortunately for the Chargers their players were all dropping like flies in the post season. Had they been all healthy I bet you would have seen a game of the two underdogs. David vs. David, Goliath no where in sight.

As much as I hate Eli (because of what he did to the Chargers during the ’04 draft) and Brady, Eli has been playing like he was the other Manning, Peyton. I have to give it up to him and his ability to make things happen in dire situations. Now the question that will float around during next season is wether Philip Rivers will be able to get a ring also. Being that he is one of the top 4 quarterbacks (Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, and JP Losman) to come out of the ’04 draft; 2 of them now have a ring. Eli and Big Ben. It’s going to be a lot of pressure for Rivers.

Okay back to the Pats demise…

I couldn’t really bare to watch the game knowing that it should have been the Chargers, but I did catch the last quarter. The last 2 minutes was the best and most exciting drives I’ve ever seen. It played out like a Madden game. Eli became a magician and back up receiver Tyree became a circus performer. It was exciting seeing the hearts of the Pats sinking as the Giants pushed their way to the endzone. Prior to the last 2 minutes the Pats drove it down the length of the field to score a Randy Moss TD. The Pats demise might have started when after Moss’ TD they began to celebrate as if the game was in the bag. Teddy Bruschi went over to congratulate Junior Seau on his first and long over due Super Bowl ring. Moss was seen carrying on on the sideline like it was over. But it wasn’t…the fat lady’s mouth was duct taped shut by Eli and company.

For the Giants to drive down with little over 2 minutes left in the game, score and then to see Brady and the “Untouchable” Pats sweating like pigs trying to make something happen was priceless. The coined “Best QB to ever play the game” by all the sports annalyst, looked like defeated Drew Brees. Taking hit after hit, knowing it was going to slip away from them. The 4th Super Bowl ring and the perfect season. All gone. The season isn’t worth anything anymore. 18-1 isn’t a perfect season. The best Super Bowl game, well best Super Bowl 4th quarter in a long time, at the least.

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