Wednesday, February 20, 2008


That is the term used to lock down the hospital when a baby kidnapping is taking place. Last Friday the hospital that J-Lo will give birth in ran that drill. reports from sources that the “Code Pink” drill was run on J-Lo’s request.

Also from other reports, I hear that J-Lo being the self-absorbed diva that she is has had the room that she’s is planning on giving birth in remodeled to suit her. It is also being locked down so that no one else can use the room.

Apparently now the hospital is getting feed up with the pop diva and her demands.

Well isn’t this a perfect example of someone that had nothing, then got a whole lot of something and then forgot where they came from? Now that she’s rich and famous she feels the world revolves around her. That she’s better than the average hard working person. Better than any other pregnant woman.

Bust still when she comes in, she won’t have to wait for service, she’ll be first in line to give birth. As feed up as the hospital is with her, when she does arrive they’ll rush her in and tend to her every need first and push everyone else aside. Why? Because she’s got more money than any other pregnant woman in that hospital. And because she’s a celebrity. We can only pray that she has the most painful child birth any woman has ever had. Let Karma give a little something back to a bitcha$$ diva.

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