Wednesday, February 20, 2008


CH has just learned that the “DOG” will be back on the A&E. As you may remember his show Dog the Bounty Hunter was yanked off the airwaves because of his racial remarks he made on the phone about his estranged son’s girlfriend, not knowing his son recorded every word of the conversation.

According to A&E they feel he has made sugnificant strides by reaching out to the African communities in the recent months that he deserves his show back. Why not right? I mean it was a big rating show for A&E. Why lose that.

To be honest Dog was just being human. We all express things in private to family that we normally wouldn’t in the public forum and that we necessarily don’t mean. It was a heated private argument he had with his son on the phone. He thought this was private. His son stabbed him in the back brought it out to the public. I like Dog, he’s geniune, he does good things. Good people make mistakes, say things they don’t really mean…but that’s just me. You know black people will hold a grudge on him because he’s white.

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