Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kate Upton...Where Did She Come From

I literally did not know who Kate Upton was. I've heard the name before BUT it wasn't until a buddy of mine asked if I knew about her. So I quickly jumped on safari and BAM there she was looking all hot. Her body is banging! Those boobs...leave you speaking in tongues! Haha

Friday, February 10, 2012

**TMZ** Ray J and Whitney Houston Have Been Together? WTF!

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That's just straight nasty! You really that desperate to stir up buzz Ray J that you gotta go out with an old has been crack whore? Wow man I don't know if I could call you a man or a dude with major mommy issues...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

**TMZ**Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone Kicking It Hospital Style...

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Man old age freaking sux! 2-3 decades ago these two where  the top dawgs of action movies. Now they're just and fragile...just shoot me when I get that old!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

MANdonna's 2012 Super Bowl Half Time Performance...

MANdonna's back with a manly performance at the 2012 halftime show! I wasn't a bad show, it was pretty watchable. BUT it's still MANdonna...I still don't like seeing her decrepit body dressed in somewhat provocative attire. No thanks!

Best Super Commercial This Year?

If you're a dude then you fraking agree with the headline title. Adriana Lima spews nothing but sexiness. And so does this commercial. If they just did a 30 second commercial of video of her just doing nothing but looking sexy in lingerie or skimpy outfits. Would have been the best commercial ever! Fella's do you concur? Huh? Three thumbs up? Enuff said.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Anne Hathaway As Catwoman Is A Bad Cast...

On the left is the very hot and sexy Catwoman in the Batman Arkham City game. On the right is Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the upcoming last installment of the Batman Trilogy. Yea the one on the right sucks! There is nothing sexy about Anne Hathaway nor does she possess ANY athletic abilities. She is what she is. A tall and awkward woman. The very opposite of what Catwoman is suppose to represent. The best on screen adaptation of Catwoman was Michelle Pfieffer portrayal of Selena Kyle in the Tim Burton Batman films.

Halle Berry's portrayal was mediocre compared to Eartha Kitt's portrayal in the Batman TV series in the 60's which Halle said was her inspiration for her preparation for the roll. Eartha Kitt was sexy and captivating. Halle looked like she was trying to hard...

Back to Anne Hathaway...her casting is turning me off to seeing the movie in theaters. I'll just wait til it's $1.20 at Redbox. So many other good choices for the role. I guess no one else was available. Obviously Kate Beckinsale was booked (my personal choice). But there are others like Charlize Theron, Rachel McAdams (maybe), Gina Carano would have been a better choice. She's got the boobs, booty, body, looks, and she can kick ass! Anybody BUT Anne Hathaway! Heck they should of just CGI'd in the Catwoman from the game...

Update: Just watched Columbiana with Zoe Saldana. She would have made a better Selena Kyle/Catwoman...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Idol Is Back

It's back! Yes it's back and the best part of the whole show is happening now...the audition phase! I love nothing more than watching people who think they can sing go up there and try to sing for the judges. The priceless part is the expression on their faces when they are told no. BUT its sad really, because you go through a filtering phase. I mean they clearly do not have the time to see every single person that comes to the audition. That's over 10k+ people coming in for an audition. There is no way they can see all of them in a single day, so it's spread out over two days, but still that's so many people that so it's obviously filtered through to preliminary auditions with producers and whatever staff they have for preliminary auditions judging. And those judges pass people that don't have the right to be auditioning just on the mere fact that they will be good for a comedic laugh on TV. That's kinda cruel. It's like telling the token nerd that he can hang out with the cool kids. But in reality they're only using him for a good laugh.

Anyways, again the show is back so let the laughs begin! See local listings for show times.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make Yourself Aware And Be Informed With What's At Risk...

STOP "Stop Online Piracy Act" and "Protect IP Act" it's all a guise to take control of the internet. They say it's to protect the internet but don't be fooled!

If these two bills pass. Our internet life as we know it will forever be changed! It will literally feel like we were living in North Korea. They will impose their own regulations and censor all content on the internet. Freedom of speech will immediately be thrown out the here to let be forwarded to Google's petition page and sign the petition to let the house how you's the right thing to do!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Michelle Obama Did Something Cool...BUT What Will The Republicans Say?

Michelle Obama did something cool. She made a guest appearance on Nickelodeon's popular show iCarly. Now the Obama's Presidency has been very pro social media. Keeping in touch with the public through social media outlets. I think they've shown that this administration, though has made tough calls. Some good and some bad, BUT they are doing all they can to stay in touch with the people.

The Republicans though think otherwise. They criticize everything about Obama. From his tie not being tied correctly to him swatting a fly. I can only imagine the uproar this appearance is going to stir up. Can only imagine the field day they will have with this appearance...

LMFAO - I'm Sexy and Inappropriate...

So you know the kids love this song by LMFAO, "I'm sexy and I know it" right. We hear it on the radio all the time and think it's a funny and fun song. NEVER saw the music video of it before. Now the other day while checking out music videos on the music channel and we see LMFAO "I'm sexy and I know it" soooo we're like these guys are funny let's check out the video kids! BIG MISTAKE! the whole freaking video is inappropriate for children! Really...close up of your junk while you...."wiggle, wiggle, wiggle..." Big WTF!

Check out video from LMFAO's official website click here

Katy Perry Up Skirts...

Searching for Katy Perry images to use and found a surprising number of up skirt shots. So I thought I'd put together some of the ones I found...yummy! Russell Brant is an idiot for giving up on this. You know what they say about religiously raised girls! I guess this one wasn't wild enough in bed for him. Or maybe she's just a prude in bed...a bit of a bore maybe. Either way she's great eye candy...

Kevin James Into The Filipina's

Kevin James is married to a Filippina American model actress Steffiana De La Cruz. I know right another dorky looking (and chubby) white guy snagging another pretty asian/filipina woman. It's still so trending ain't it? BUT in this case yeah she's into white guys like most pretty Asian women are, but Steffiana seems much more...she's a white guy chubby chaser. Not that there's nothing wrong with that, but her previous boyfriend was the late Chris Penn...just wanted to point that out. So I wonder what Filipino foods Kevin eats, cause he sure does look like he eats'em.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tila Tequila Is Gonna Be A Jew Now!

Wow this bitch just does not stop. Now she's saying she's converting to Judaism. Click Here to read full article from TMZ.

Would she just go away and stay away? Oh wait! I guess if I ask for that I won't have any material to use for this blog, now would I? It's great right when I'm starting this blog up again...Tila happens to pop up with another publicity stunt. It's fate I tell yeah! I was meant to write about her! Haha

Photoshop Fun with Tim Tebow...

Tim Tebow gets around...I know cheesy right? I'm just getting into Photoshop manipulation so I intend to see my photoshop skills get better as the days, weeks, months go by...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wheres Tebow Era Is Here!

Forget's the Tebow era! "Where's Tebow" is the name of the game...I will post more and more "Where's Tim Tebow" images as I finish them. I knew my graphic design schooling would come to good use one of these days!

Anyhow...come on you knew this would be coming sooner of later from me. This guys is the "Golden Boy" of football and for what? He hasn't done a damn thing yet. But he's already up on this HIGH mantle like he's accomplished so much in his NFL career.

The media is rolling on this guy. They pulled out all the stops for this guy...I have no qualms with people who are devoted to their religion. BUT I have a problem with people who force their religious beliefs on you. And that's what the NFL media is doing with Tebow. They are shoveling him and his religious beliefs onto you. Look for the main Republican candidate who will go up against Obama to try to use Tim Tebow to gain votes. It would not surprise me.

To me players that get this much attention lack something on the field and are used as marketing tools. See Mark Sanchez...they thought it was going to be him, but they found Tim Tebow and they knew this kid would be their best marketing's a joke but hey I have to admit. I want to watch him play, to see him do bad. I'm sure the kid is a good kid but you know what I say. The nicest and most religious guy is the guy with the biggest skeletons in his closet.

Need A Reason To Watch Scorpion King 3?

Selina Lo in The Scorpion King 3
Krystal Vee in The Scorpion King 3
 Two reasons to watch Scorpion King 3....need I say more?