Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wheres Tebow Era Is Here!

Forget's the Tebow era! "Where's Tebow" is the name of the game...I will post more and more "Where's Tim Tebow" images as I finish them. I knew my graphic design schooling would come to good use one of these days!

Anyhow...come on you knew this would be coming sooner of later from me. This guys is the "Golden Boy" of football and for what? He hasn't done a damn thing yet. But he's already up on this HIGH mantle like he's accomplished so much in his NFL career.

The media is rolling on this guy. They pulled out all the stops for this guy...I have no qualms with people who are devoted to their religion. BUT I have a problem with people who force their religious beliefs on you. And that's what the NFL media is doing with Tebow. They are shoveling him and his religious beliefs onto you. Look for the main Republican candidate who will go up against Obama to try to use Tim Tebow to gain votes. It would not surprise me.

To me players that get this much attention lack something on the field and are used as marketing tools. See Mark Sanchez...they thought it was going to be him, but they found Tim Tebow and they knew this kid would be their best marketing's a joke but hey I have to admit. I want to watch him play, to see him do bad. I'm sure the kid is a good kid but you know what I say. The nicest and most religious guy is the guy with the biggest skeletons in his closet.

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