Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Idol Is Back

It's back! Yes it's back and the best part of the whole show is happening now...the audition phase! I love nothing more than watching people who think they can sing go up there and try to sing for the judges. The priceless part is the expression on their faces when they are told no. BUT its sad really, because you go through a filtering phase. I mean they clearly do not have the time to see every single person that comes to the audition. That's over 10k+ people coming in for an audition. There is no way they can see all of them in a single day, so it's spread out over two days, but still that's so many people that so it's obviously filtered through to preliminary auditions with producers and whatever staff they have for preliminary auditions judging. And those judges pass people that don't have the right to be auditioning just on the mere fact that they will be good for a comedic laugh on TV. That's kinda cruel. It's like telling the token nerd that he can hang out with the cool kids. But in reality they're only using him for a good laugh.

Anyways, again the show is back so let the laughs begin! See local listings for show times.

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