Thursday, July 31, 2008


Now a few of you out there are like "well I don't know if Celebrity Haider is a reliable source" regarding Chris Styles article. I'm here to tell you I don't put anything out unless the source is reliable. Now I don't have any real sources in Hollywood...well not yet. But here in Daygo it's a small world. If you live in Daygo you know that. So when the topic is about Jabbawockeez I have the sources at my finger tips. Here in Daygo the 5th degree of separations is more like 2 degrees. Everyone in Daygo know each other. For example my crew Darkside and our friends C-Force used to practice down south [National City] and guess who used to be there practicing with us? Kid Rainen. My boy [Darkside member] goes to church with Chris Styles and Kevin. And has known Chris Gatdula for years. In fact Chris asked my boy and my business partner to design the Jabba shirts before Armory but my business partner turned it down because at the time they only wanted 6 for the show. Here's another example my neighbor's neice is married to Kevin. Want more? My brother in law shot Kid Rainen's wedding. So the point is when it comes to news about peeps from Daygo, my sources are reliable. I know people from Armory, I know about the drama that is brewing but out of respect to my sources I can't blurt them out in detail. But I will say that a lot of people are upset with Chris and see him as the instigator for any drama. People actually want to beat him up and not because they're jealous of the Jabbawockeez but because of Chris's attitude.

So trust me if I put something out that isn't true and I find that it isn't true later...than I will admit I was wrong. Never had a problem with that. I said Fanny Pak was whack in the beginning, but took that back as the weeks went by and admitted I was wrong. Now I'm a big fan of theirs.

I like to say that I like to keep it real. I say the things people think about but are too scared to say. Now that's the end of my rant. Thanks to those who check out my blog.


They are all in the freaking Philippines. All the byters that I've seen so far have come from the Philippines, no where else and it's pissing me off. They're giving us Flips here a bad rap. We look like a country of byters over there. I mean they've been copying stuff from the US for a long time now, but this is big, because the Jabbawockeez are getting worldwide recognition and now that all these groups in the Philippines are wrongfully representing them, their reputation drops. I'm ashamed to be associated with the Philippines right now. I was made in Hawaii so I'm gonna call myself a Hawaiian for now. I'm all for bootleg and pirates but this is just crosses the line. It's wrong like black on black crime. It's Flip on Flip crime. Jabbawockeez need to go over there and show up where ever these impostors perform and call them out. And they need to wear shirts that say "Byters Will Be Eaten!" If I were the Jabbawockeez I'd be pissed off. It's not even my crew but I'm royally pissed off. They need to address this issue.


So further digging and I found that this group Type1 are Jabbawockeez byters big time. They go around the P.I. and do all the Jabbawockeez routines minus the breaking, because none of them can break. They're pretty pathetic if you ask me. They give us Flips here in the US a bad rap. If I went back home and saw these guys perform I'd throw shit at them. Disrespecting the Jabbawockeez like that, it's pitiful. On there youtube page they say "Leave us alone. It's just here not there. We're just having fun here." Why don't you leave the Jabbawockeez alone. Come up with your own shit. Fucking lame asses. Go to their youtube page Narudian and check out the rest of their imitation performances. Making money off the Jabbawockeez routines...PATHETIC!


Someone made a comment, well maybe they're just trying to introduce the Jabbawockeez to the people in the know what? Let the Jabbawockeez do that personally. Cause you guys are cheaply imitating and wrongly representing the crew. None of these guys know how to break at all. Not one single person in this cheap rip off crew. So they're taking a huge part of what makes the Jabbawockeez. My homeland disappointing me again. Come on, you guys are making us flips here look bad. It's worse than the Chinese making fake LV bags. Come on have some dignity and respect for the ones that work hard for the recognition...the Jabbawockeez. If you want them to perform there, call their agent get them to come over. I bet they would have since the rep the Filipino community. But now I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't want to consider it since all these cheap rip offs are there. [I'm nodding my head the whole time I'm writing guys over there look so pathetic right now, I'm almost ashamed to be Filipino right now].


Kid Rainen is better than most BBoys but in the international bboy world he's a few steps behind. What I would like to see is him and Ronnie from Super Cr3w battle it out. Big Kid Rainen fan, since he used to break with us back in tha day [Darkside/C-Force]. But Ronnie would kill him. In this clip he battles in what looks like an old Red Bull BC battle. He's got good clean combos, but not clean enough for the judges.


Girls from he Hills have nothing better to do than get wasted and make vids like this. I have to say who ever edited it did a good job. I doubt these two are hot, I mean they're wearing shades and fedoras the whole time and from the body shots looks like the two have a little bit of belly there. Beer belly? Still a funny vid. I would have posted the original video for the song but they've all disabled embedding.


Well I guess the movie caught enough attention to turn it into a series. Perosnally I thought the movie was weak and story was lame and typical. They didn't stay true to the orginal series. I really doubt this series will last. I'll be surprised if it lasts longer than a season. Unless they change the story and keep KITT true to his original self, than they might garner fans. But come on a KITT with no turbo boost? Let's face it, it's not KITT.

I'll try to watch the first season to see how it is. I'm hoping it's not as bad as the made for TV movie. I could hardly watch it. It was that bad.


The duo who were good friends, then became heated enemies, are now back to being friends and are also reuniting back to do a comedy tour. The two have recently said that they are tired of fighting with each other, they aren't getting any younger. They've grown to realize that all the bickering didn't amount to anything but wasted time and emotion.

The pair are now back together to do a comedy tour and guess what they're going to talk about? POT! Cheech feels that people are ready to hear pot jokes again. He's optimistic that it'll go over much better with today's crowds than in the 70's and 80's.

Chong who has been doing stand up for awhile now says how his old partner forgot how tough it was to do stand up, but he'll get used to it in no time. He's just happy his boys back.

A movie would be great, that would be so cool. It's the time of remakes right now.


Another mark on Kate's belt, the same can be said about Lance. What happened? They're both whores? They were too similar. I swear it's always a new guy for Kate and it's always a new girl for Lance.

I found it funny one article about Kate and Lance, in the comments portion everyone was kissing Lance's ass. Saying how great he was, how amazing he is, how he's such a hard worker and great father to his 3 kids. But when it came to Kate it was...WHORE! SLUT! TRAMP! Please, Lance is best described as these... JERK! DEADBEAT! ASSHOLE!

People still won't let go of his overcoming cancer to have a second chance on life. Boy he ain't wasting anytime with that. As soon as he recovered from cancer he said lates to his wife and kids and went off to bang celebrity girls and live the celebrity lifestyle. Everyone thinks he's a "stellar" guy, but he's the one that leaves all his women and boy does he leave them with burnt bridges. Sheryl Crow didn't have nice things to say about him. His wife certainly didn't. Let's see what Kate has to say in the weeks to follow. Lance is not a hero, he's a jerk off. He should of died of cancer. Stop kissing his ass people, you'll end up with hairs in your mouth.


First of all what the hell is this old fart doing with a hand gun? Who's he gonna set trip on? Who's out to get him? His Jerry's Kids kids I bet.

Held all these telethons, collected all this money, but did her really give it to help his so called "Jerry's Kids?" I doubt it.

Secondly, can he even shoot a gun. He's 82 years old. You can bet he'll shoot himself first by accident before he can aim at a would be attacker.

And of course since he's a celebrity, he gets "detained" aka private autograph/photo op session with airport security/staff. And they give him a citation. You know damn well if that were either you or I we'd get thrown in the detention facility with no privileges, get drilled in an interrogation room, a cavity search or finger bang search for tha ladies and then get picked up by the local police and have all the fun repeated down at the station. Celebrities always get the special treatment.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Break dancing has come a long way since my days. Everything is so extreme. A lot of the international guys' combos and stamina are comparable to gymnasts. In fact most of them grew up as gymnasts. They can do endless combos as seen in this clip. But style and uniqueness lack in these power breakers. Most look to uniform, to Olympic. But still very impressive.


Looks like the short lived time that the Miami girl group got on ABCD2 was worth it because now they are on Daddy Yankee's video with America's Best Dance Crew...the Jabbawockeez.


Most of us growing up emulated the "thug life" you know what I'm talking about. Listening to gangsta rap and sporting red or blue bandanas. It was like a trend almost. We all wanted to be gangstas, thanks to Snoop Dogg, N.W.A., DJ Quick, Too Short, etc. rapping about it. Being older now and seeing these rappers rap about being hard and tough just makes me realize how stupid it was be into it back then and how even more stupid it is now.
They act and come at you tough because they're insecure. They're angry because their parent[s] were angry. They feel like the world owes them because most only had one parent. No father figure to get them into sports or other things that would keep them from getting caught up in the streets. So instead of striving to be a better person than their absent father was, they just end up becoming like him. Not even close to a man. More like an insecure immature boy that uses fear on others to numb the insecurity, temporally.

Some people thought Obama crossed the line about his Father's Day speech about black absent fathers. But I think that was amazing. Finally someone had the balls to call out all these low life black fathers that call themselves men but act like selfish immature boys. He is a product of an absent father and he decided to be a man and not allow that to happen with his children. For that I admire the man. A real man is a family man and that is exactly what he is.
The ones that aren't man enough to be real men become gang members. Check out this clip of stupid gang members in L.A. trying to justify their lifestyle and why they are who they are.


Okay enough is enough. I'm tried of seeing these nice clean spotless houses that these "rappers" and "R&B singers" say they live in. The house looks like a model home you see in those home living magazines. Ain't no way in hell they are living in that house. Like today I saw an episode with singer Omarion. His house looked like it was straight from the magazines. Looked like a ladies house. Ain't no way he owns that. He's a young man, ain't no way his house is going to be that spotless and clean. Besides dude your a dude, keep it real, show some messiness. For reals.

My pad would be clean, but you'd see a little mess here and there throughout the house. Omarion's house was spotless. His bed was all made up and had like a dozen pillows on it. Like Ben Stiller's in the movie Along Came Polly. Someone needs to check his blackness yo. I think he's lost it. Cause that dozen pillows on your bed shit is straight uptight white people style. Just saying it how it is Omarion. Check yourself.

But I have to say the episode before Omarion's cribs it was Cisco Adler's and Shwayze's pad. Now that pad was straight messy and real. It was a nice big Hollywood hills type house, but it actually looked like they lived in the joint. Looked like a real bachelor pad. Ain't nothing made up and organized or categorized. Keeping it real, thas the motto.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


As of now it's still a rumor that K-Dash will appear on the next season of Dancing With Stars. She did tell Ryan Seacrest on his radio show recently that she would be honored to be on the show.

The show has not and will not release the actual list of celebrities until near the premiere of the new season. Which isn't until September 22nd. So don't expect the official list til the beginning of September.

Wouldn't it be great for the show and us [guys] if she were on the show. I think more guys would watch it just to check out that nice piece of ass, literally, dance around the stage in tight and sometimes skimpy dresses? Yea!

If she's not going to be on the show, I'm gonna be royally disappointed. They need Jessica Abla up on there the season after, and then Eva Mendes after that, and then Salma Hayek after that, AND THEN Alley Baggett! If they got her on that show I'd tape the whole season, well up until she gets eliminated. Point is they need a hot celeb on every season...


This is comes from US Weekly.

On her MySpace blog July 13, Holly Madison denied being jealous of fellow Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson's clothing and exercise "empire" and said they're pals.

She added, "I guess having people announce clothing lines and workout products that never come to fruition means you are doing "something."

HAiDER Adds: Sounds to me like she is jealous. I mean Have you seen Holly before the plastic surgeries and boob job? She was butt ugly, don't know what he say in her. She's still not that good looking, it's no wonder she's working behind the camera in the editing aspect of Playboy. Kendra's hotter than Holly and has more potential to be in the spot PORN. I'm still saying it...Kendra will be in porn, mark my words. Heck Bridget is prettier than Holly.


As I was watching this weeks episode of Miami Ink, Tim Hendricks made a comment about tattoo machines. Something that I didn't know til this show. Thomas Edison [pictured above] is credited for the invention of the basic tattoo machine.

I confirmed it by going to

Edison Has a Mysterious Tattoo on His Arm

According to a 1911 policy with the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, Edison had five dots tattooed on his left forearm. No one knew what the dots meant.

Interestingly, Edison was credited for inventing the basic tattoo machine. In 1876, he patented the Stencil-Pens, an engraving device that many years later was modified by Samuel O’Reilly to make the world’s first tattoo machine.

Though it would’ve been a neat thing, there was simply no evidence that Edison used his invention to give himself a tattoo.


I came across this clip and this site while I was looking for a Tropic Thunder trailer on youtube. I dunno why it popped up on the side bar but it did and I'm glad it did. How can you not sit there and not play the stare game with her? She's just to hot to resist. Can you imagine if she did this in her bras an panties or naked! She'd beat anyone that challenged her to a stare contest if she did it that way. Anyway enjoy this clip and check out the site.


This has got to be Ben Stillers greatest movie next to Something About Mary. I can't wait til this comes to DVD, because I've got kids and that's how life is when you've got kids. Movies on the big screen? Forget about it. Check out the clip of Tropic Thunder...

Friday, July 25, 2008


The more and more I hear about Linda Bollea, the more and more I get disgusted with her. The latest news now is that daughter Brooke revealed that her mother made her sigh an affidavid that claims that her father Terry [Hulk] Bollea phsyically and verbally abused her mother Linda. Brooke now says that at the time she believed what her mother told her and only later after signing the affidavid that she found out the truth and then asked for the affidavid to be retracted. Thus ending her relationship with her mother...for the time being.

Linda seems to be everything that I thought she was. A selfish person that has let her z-list celebrity status get to her head. And she doesn't care that it's costing her her family. She's done with her family all she wants to do is hang out with who knows who, trying to be young again and party it up. She definitely doesn't care about Nick's so called best friend who's living in hell right now with half his skull missing. She could care less that he's suffering. All she cares about is what parties are poppin this weekend and what she's going to wear. I hope karma gives it to her good.

People need to stop making her think she's a famous celebrity, she's nothing, she's not special, she offers nothing. Stop taking her pictures or asking for her autograph. Let her little ounce of fame die so she can disappear and never be heard from again. Thats my take.


Okay so I watched that American adaptation of the Japan movie Shutter. Boy was it a big disappointment. For one, it involved another dead girl hell bent on revenge. The second, it involved a Japanese girl that was crazy over an American man. [I bet Japanese girls are appalled by the image they are painting of Japanese women. Very needy and if not tended to, will go crazy and stock you]. Third, instead of keeping the story in Japan, why not bring it to the US, since it is an adaptation of the movie. You can base it in the US instead of Japan. It just looks weird when the "white" leading characters parade around Japan like they fit in with the rest of the's lame. And fourth, it's the same f#*king story [basically]. It's like watching the Grudge and The Ring. It's like come on. Think of something else original, you're original idea isn't original anymore.

What pissed me off the most was the big advertising about the "Shocking" alternate ending. There was nothing shocking about it. They added a little part with the wife in the scene. That was it. I almost threw my remote control at the TV for that. It didn't' live up to the hype at all. The story sucked, like The Ring or The Grudge, it's just all shock value, making the girl look extremely terrifying.

I will never ever pick up a Japanese horror flick. It's all the same. In fact there really isn't a truly scary movie out there. The last time I was really freaked out was watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Now that gave me the chills. Is it real or is it in her head, or what. Did God really allow all of it to happen and then ask her if she wanted out or carry on with the message that the devil and demons do exist? That was a good movie.

2 out of 5 stars


I just find it so funny that people, including my wife think magicians/illusionists like Cris Angel are real. That they made some pack with the devil or something. The easily forget that their official title is "illusionist" and they often tell you straight up.

We all know what "illusion" means right? Well here's's definition:
1.something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.
2.the state or condition of being deceived; misapprehension. instance of being deceived.

You understand now? What an illusionist tries to do is convince you that what they are doing is real, when in reality it's not, it's just an illusion. Hence the title Illusionist. They're deceivers and you're the victim, the one being deceived. And that's why each stunt is referred to as a "trick" because they are "tricking" you. They tell you up front, but you lose that concept when you're deceived. Your mind loses it's functionality and goes into a form of denial. It doesn't want to believe that it's been tricked. So it makes up this false belief and reality to justify it's real. Hence the "he made a pack with the devil, theory".

It's all fake people, get that through your head. Cris Angel is just an excellent entertainer. Here's a clip that explains one of Cris Angels tricks.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


This week the challenge was to use props and the theme was a high school theme. Some crews followed the theme perfectly incorporating their props with routines while others struggled to incorporate the props with their routines. Instead they let the props take over their routines.

3.5 out of 5

This is the first week that this crew didn't bring it. I agree with JC, I think they let the props control them this week, where usually they are the ones in control of the props. It seemed like they were thinking to much on this routine. They were so conscious about the props that they forgot about the routine. But they were still very entertaining to watch, as they always are. I see this team being one of the top 3 teams.

4 out of 5

As always this crew nails the concept/theme of the week. They are so technical that it's just amazing how they can choreograph a routine given any theme smoothly. If Ailyn's parents, who for the first time in her dance career came to watch her perform don't support her after seeing her tonight than she's got whack parents. If her parents think there's no career in dancing, her parents need to stop living in their boring world and open there eyes to the numerous choreography opportunities that are open to Ailyn. Anyways SoReal Cru again performs an amazing number. And they are for sure one of the top 3 heading into the finale.

3.5 out of 5

I loved this group in the beginning, I still like them, but the reality of it is their time has been up. They are the weakest crew up there. And this week they managed to dodge another bullet and remain on the show. Though they performed a better number this week, the mishap two weeks ago should have sent them home. They are starting to become this seasons Status Quo. Everyone remembers how Status Quo managed to dodge the boot week after week. If this is the case than we might see Boogie Bots in the finale. And if that were to happen than I think I've lost all respect for my fellow American's who vote. Heck if they don't go home NEXT week, than I think I'm just gonna stop watching the show.

4.5 out of 5

Just when you think this crew was starting to slip up, they come back this week with a sick performance. They had it all, breaking stunts, regular stunts [courtesy of Do-Knock] and CHOREOGRAPHY! Yes they had choreography, and a good one too. This crew isn't the total package that Jabba is but they sure are good enough to be as entertaining as Jabba. The whole basketball theme they did was amazing, how they played ball and did all those moves with the ball. They definitely belong in the top 3 for the finale.

SUPREME SOUL -Eliminated
4 out of 5

Finally this crew brings it. But a little to late. Week after week we've been waiting for them to wow us and now they finally do. To be honest with you, I thought this crew went home a week early. I thought they were for sure going to go in week 7 and not week 6. I didn't think they should have went up against Super Cr3w this week. It should have been Boogie Bots and SS, and SS would have stayed. The hockey idea was a good one, doing their steps like as if they were on ice was a nice touch. A great performance, but like I said it was unfortunate that they had to go up against Super Cr3w. One more thing, what is up with them ballin' like babies? Throughout the whole competition they acted all tough and cocky and now that they were voted out they start ballin'? What up with that?

FINAL WORD: I am really confused [like most] that Boogie Bots is still there. The weakest team remains on the show. Lil Momma put it best. "The Boogie Bots don't excite me!" I think the guy from Boogie Bots is getting a lot of sympathy votes because of his dad.


Haven't mentioned the Filipino's giving us other Flips a bad rap, buy stealing from their American Flip brothers the Jabbawockeez. All the Flips in the P.I. think the Sopboys are soooooooo good. I've watched them dance. They are average at best. They have no originality or style. They seem so robotic and created. I bet they can't freestyle worth sh#t.

They don't even compare to the Jabbawockeez, who is a complete group. Mixed with dancers and bboys. Sopboys are just a bunch of average dancers.

Ima hate on my homeland right about now...[why? cause I step on anyone] They don't know what real dancing is over there or what good choreography really looks like. They are all a bunch of below average to average dancers and that's about it. There's no one person or group that's unique, creative, or in sync. I've logged in hours of TFC, nothing wowed me. And all the girls dance like gogo dancers and strippers. Sorry my peeps from the homeland, but I gotta tell it how it is, it's the truth. You really think that Gary Valenciano's son is a great dancer? need to see California dancers.

Enjoy this clip of the Sopboys have a laugh on us...


Apparently so. A source tells me that Cris wants more money from their fame. And it's not like they ALL haven't gotten paid. It's said that Cris recently bought a BMW 7 series car with money from JUST the shirt sales. [Him not buying an M series tells me he doesn't know much about BMW's].

My source tells me that he's causing a little drama in the background of the Jabbawockeez sales side. He wants more money, was basically what I got from my source. Sounds to me like he's getting a little greedy. Like I said, it's our way, the American way.

It's funny cause a friend has known Cris for years through church. They both attend the same Christian church. I'm beginning to think it's not the American way, but the Christian way. Because my friend is a very religious Christian, church comes first to him. But with that said, he's the most religiously devoted friend I have, but then again he's also the most greediest, sleaziest business guy I know. Go figure. Now I'm beginning to believe that Cris is the same exact way.

What a shame, instead of enjoying the ride and cherishing the rewards that come with it. Cris wants to control the ride and take all the reward for himself.

This is solely the opinion of HAiDER. Make your own opinion of Cris Style. Let's just hope my opinion is wrong, that he's a great guy.


Ailyn's parents need to get with the times. She's a pretty dancer reppin' the Filipino culture. Her parents just need to let her dance and be who she is.
On the show she keeps bringing up the fact that her parents are traditional Filipinos who are deeply rooted Catholics. Which means that they are very very conservative. Also known as lame.

Being from the same culture I've seen parents like hers all my life. Heck even my parents were like hers to an extent. You know what those kinds of parents do to you? They make you afraid of everything, of life. They put fear into so you won't go out in the real world and do what you feel is your passion. They want you to live life to the book. The safe book. For girls, get a job as a nurse for boys go into the Navy or Postal Services.

Those kinds of parents don't want you to take risks. They don't want you to be truly free of them. They want you to be dependent of them. Terrible right? Well that's how they grew up, that's what the "Good Book" [Bible] tells them.

I say fuck the "Good Book" it's no better than Homer's Odyssey. It's filled with stories. Let your children think and feel for themselves.

Ailyn is doing just that with her dancing, but you can tell she's still a little dependent on her parents. But she'll eventually get out of their hold and be a fee spirit. Lets hope. Parents like hers need to teach and prepare their kids for the real world, instead of putting fear and lies into their heads about the real world.

Wow that went off on a little rant didn't it?


Ronnie battles the defending champion Hong10 at the Red Bull BC One 2007 and beats him. Ronnie ultimately wins the whole thing becoming the 2007 Red Bull champ. He's a pretty amazing bboy that has a lot of style to his breakin'. As other bboys just do their thing when the music is playing Ronnie actually breaks to the music. He's one of few that do that.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I saw Brooke being interviewed by E! news, I believe. In it she seemed more mature and pretty grounded and in control of her life now. A far cry from the Hogan Knows Best show where she would pounce around like a stereotypical blonde. But no, now she seems more experienced with adult life.

In the interview she was asked about her relationship with her father and mother. Surprising to me, she said she is closer to her father, because she says he's honest and isn't afraid to admit his faults. Her mother on the other hand, she says she has NO relationship with her at this time.

What I got from that little piece about her parents confirms what I've always believed was the main cause of the Hogan family destruction. Linda is at fault for everything. For a long time she lived under the shadow of the great famous legendary Hulk Hogan. No one knew who she was no one stopped her around town and said "Aren't you Linda Hogan?" She got no attention. But now since they got the deal for the show, she became an instant reality star. People know who she is now, people stop her around town and ask for pictures and autographs. She's living up and making up for lost time. She's let what she thinks is fame to her head at the cost of her family. But don't think she looses any sleep over it, I'm willing to bet she doesn't. She's obviously a selfish bitch. She's famous for being a real famous person's wife. She has never done anything. She's riddin on the coat tails of Terry and now she's jumped off thinking she's put in her time. I applaud Brooke for seeing that in her mother and distancing herself from that selfishness. Her brother in the other hand has his mothers mentality. He'll be more attached to his mother once he gets out of jail. He cares about no one but himself. Like mother like son.


Just read an article from the Los Angles Times [] that Bale's assault claims were pretty much that of a verbal and not physical. Apparently Bale confronted his mother [Jenny Bale] about some outrageous comments he made about he and his wife. Things got loud and more outrageous things were said by both Bale, Jenny, and added to the mix his sister.

Again like I speculated this was a "family issue" that got blow out of proportion. Families fight all the time. People get loud and verbally abusive, and on extreme occasions they get physical. But not in this case. Though I heard rumors that Bale bumped his mother as he walked past her. But again if that were the case it's nothing serious. We the media need to stop blowing this out of proportion.

Bale has said he's enduring a lot of stress lately with the his marriage going through a difficult patch, dealing with the loss of his co-star Heath Ledger, fielding questions about Ledger, and the long hours of promoting The Dark Knight. He's become depressed over it. [He truly is Bruce Wayne]

A friend of Bale's said that usually when things get heated Bale will leave, call a friend and go to the nearest pub to cool off. But in this case Bale was trapped in the hotel room because the media, fans, and paparazzi were outside.



Our beloved Christian Bale, also know as the best talent to ever don the cape crusaders cowl, was released 4 hours after he turned himself in to the London authorities. He was wanted over allegations made by his mother and sister that he assaulted them over the weekend.

London police questioned Bale for 4 hours after deciding there was no need to dig deeper into the matter. No charges were filed and therefore Bale was released.

Who knows what London laws view as assault. They could have been in a heated argument and his mother or sister called the police thinking it would escalate to something else. Family arguments can get really heated, especially when there's money involved.

Bale is a very private person, who often makes up stories to keep to confuse the media about his personal life. So I don't think we'll ever know what the assault was about, unless mom and sis come forward to the media.

Bale is still a class A actor who respects his fans and hasn't let fame get to his head. He's grounded as Johnny Depp and equally as amazing of an actor as Depp. I'm willing to bet this incident was blown way out of proportion.


Heidi Montag wants to perform for the troops in Iraq. She has a strong sense of respect for the troops, considering her step brother was an Iraq veteran. He died last year in a freak accident when he fell off a hotel roof while trying to clear ice off the roof.

The question is, what is she going to perform? She hasn't released an official album or single. The troops aren't going to know what her song is, or who she is. What is she going to perform? A strip tease to show off her newly acquired silicone? Seriously, what is she going to perform? She's not a real celebrity she's a product of reality TV.

I just find it so hilarious that she wants to go to Iraq to "perform", her heart is in the right place but you might as well send Jane Doe over there because they will hardly know who she is. She's not really famous, I don't think she realizes that.

Monday, July 21, 2008


She's still hot, even in this stupid G4 segment. I bet that stupid puppet had a booner and you know that tentacle looking monster had a hard on...I mean she did stroke his tentacle...


Only assholes wear shirts that say "KNOW YOUR RANK" and that's exactly what Soul Sector is saying wearing those shirts during a performance on ABDC. "Hi we're a bunch of punk asses that think we're better than any crew in the whole world. And all ya'll other crews best know your place." That's the message they're sending.

And you know what other crews should be looking to cut them down. Battle them, call them out and put them in their place.

Heck the bay area crews are the ones that need to check them the most. They reppin' the bay area and right now they're givin the bay a bad name. Especially CJ Pharside whom the phrase comes from. On Invisible Stripes description of the shirt they write...

[This shirt was a collaborative effort of CJ(Pharside), George(Ge.Nius), and Invisible Stripes. "KNOW YOUR RANK", a phrase often used by Pharside when putting his subordinates in their place.]

I don't know why anyone from his crew would put up with that shit being said to them by him. Shit, you say that to me, I'll make sure your face meet my knuckles and feet up close and personal.

A friend that have met both CJ and George say both are big time assholes. Two white guys that can dance [an anomaly in itself] and they think they're better superior to other dancers. Not a big surprise there.

This crew is good but with their cocky punk ass attitudes, they need to be dancing on the streets with the rest of the wacky street performers.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well the reality of reality television is that the only "reality" thing about it is that the people in it are real human beings. Not CGI or robots. There's really nothing you can believe on reality television. They like to tell you a story. And if they get you hooked to that story than you're just another fish fished out of the vast sea of television [fake]ality. Which brings us to Kendra Wilkinson. A pretty hot young [slut] from good 'ole San Diego, whom we are suppose to believe is in love with the crypt keeper himself Hugh Hefner.

But the probable reality is that she's not in love with him and that she's on the show Girls Next Door to boost ratings. The New York Post has recently claimed that Kendra's done with the Playboy mansion, she's done with Hugh Hefner and the two other girls.

The allegations that Kendra was never Hugh's girlfriend have be swirling around for years, and soon we might see the truth come out. It's said that Kendra cannot keep with the rules of the mansion. She's always out late and partying and has been linked to other guys. No surprise there. An insider said...

“Holly and Bridget hate her. They’re totally jealous. She has her own empire now. She’s got a clothing line, a modeling career and an exercise empire," said the insider. "They’re just sitting there hangin’ with Hef.”

Let's face it she's a hot blondie that loves rapper and sports guys...especially [black] sports guys. I've always said from the beginning of the series that she's going to be in porn in the future, watch. I would not be surprised if that ends up being her next career choice. I mean she's got a clothing line apparently and she's has a modeling career...nude most likely. So what would stop her from taking the next step? Why not. We'll just have to wait an see...but being Hugh's girlfriend was never believable.


That is the question that's been poppin up in my head lately. Eminem hasn't released an album since '04 and '06 was pretty much the time he stepped back from the front lines and took a seat in the producers chair. '06 also was the time that friend and fellow artist Proof was shot to death in an altercation.

So what's the best white rapper ever doing now? I read that he is finally working on his new album. Though I have not found out any anticipated release date or title to the new album. All I know is that the great white hope is coming back and people will go crazy for his new album. They say he's got a lot to get off his shoulders and as his style has always been, you'll hear him vent all his issues on the album.


A solid source says exactly that. Our beloved Jabbawockeez have let money and fame corrupt their souls. I can't go into detail about it but it's just a sad thing to hear that the crew America grew to love has gotten greedy quickly.

Pretty much one man helped them get rich off merchandise sales and in return they pretty much spit in his face, to get more of the cut. But hey that's the AMERICAN way isn't it? Greed it's the American Dream.

Aside from that they are still the sickest dance crew in America. It's just a shame they fell to greed so soon, so early in the game.

I guess it's true what they say, "Money changes people". But HAiDER says "No money makes you a hateful person."


Now this is the one that I was told about. One of the dopest performances, very creative and visually stunning. I wish I was there in person to see it.


Yet another clip of these bad ass b-boy from Korea...Expressions Crew!


If Shane thought Ronnie's elbow sky flares where sick, then he should check out these guys. They can do sky flares on their elbows in their sleep. By the way this is the crew that started the masks. This is the crew that the Jabbawockeez's probably got the idea from. Though I can't show you the clip of this crew with the masks because it was disabled for embeding by Now the crew doesn't wear the masks all the time. Looks like it's only for certain performances. But never the less, they are the OG mask wearers. But they aren't a complete package as Jabba because they are pretty much just b-boys. The best b-boy crew in the world possibly. And they don't have the coolness factor that Jabba brings to the mask. But check them out on this clip anyway, they're still dope...


Yet again another busy week for me so yet again I lag on putting up my weekly review of America's Best Dance Crew. But here it is better late than never...

Week 5's challenge was to create a routine to Janet Jackson songs.

4.5 out of 5

Again another solid performance by Fanny Pak. Another great choreographed routine by Cady. This group just remains solid and perfect in their execution. I just love how Cady choreographs his routines to the song. He throws in movements and jestures that follow certain beats of the song. He's actually very technical and it totally shows. And then there's the little nice touch Cady ads to the piece. He has Tiffani and Cara kiss. And did Tiffani kiss Cara or what. I don't think Cara expected that much contact. It was great.

3.5 out of 5

Though I thought it was a better performance from the group than last weeks. I have to agree with Shane, that they didn't wow me. Week in and week out thier performances are OKAY, but not GREAT. I liked certain parts of it more than others. Like for example the part where Bionic does like a drum down. That was cool. But the rest wasn't that good. Especially the parts with Raul (their resident b-boy), his parts just looked a bit sloppy. He doesn't seem to be that good of a b-boy. I would really be surprised if they get any further.

Boogie Bots
3.5 out of 5

Boogie Bots was one of my favorite crews in the beginning. But lately their performances haven't that good. Last week they end up messing up the ending while the beginning and middle of the performance was really confusing and somewhat messy. I was shocked to see that they weren't one of the bottom crews. With that terrible performance last week I for sure thought that they were going be packing their bags this week. But they dodged a big bullet. I would consider them to have a strong chance at getting eliminated next week.

4.5 out of 5

WOW the girls were WOW. Straight sexy and not at all trashy. The two girls is what keeps the attention on the group. Their choreography is very very technical. Much like Fanny Pak's, but their transitions are like Kabba but better. It's smoother and fun. But without these two girls no one would pay attention long enough to the group to see the very detailed choreography. I mean the guys aren't exactly good looking. They aren't good for TV (much like myself). Ailyn is just so cute. You just can't wait to see her perform every week. But I've noticed that the camera focuses more on Jackie than Ailyn. Which is wrong, it should be the other way around. But yeah their performance was off the hook.

3.5 out of 5

Just an OKAY performance from our favorite crew. Our resident b-boys just aren't good with actual choreography, it's just something their not used to. But their performance was still entertaining but there just wasn't a big "Wow" factor in it. There was a little "wow" in it but nothing that got you all excited. The boys just need to give us another cool gimick like the Ninja one. I still think this crew has a chance to win it all. They just need to step it up more and give us something dope and amazing, like they have before in past performances. They're capable of it and we all know it.

A.S.I.I.D. -Eliminated-
4 out of 5

This group didn't belong in the bottom this week. Last week they tore it up and this week they did the exact same thing. But apparently America felt different. One team was going to go and you know the judges weren't about to cut the "fan favorite" Super Cr3w out of the show. They're one of the main reasons that people watch the show. I really thought Boogie Bots (as much as I like them) should have been voted off this week. ASIID should have been voted off next week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


As an avid watcher of Ghost Hunters and the T.A.P.S. crew I gave Ghost Hunters International a chance since it had T.A.P.S. members in it. But then I later found out that they were no longer formal member of TAPS but instead just a part of the TAPS family (think of it as MySpace for paranormal groups). Brian Harnois, Andy Andrews and Donna La Croix are booted TAPS members. Well Brian and Andy are, I believe Donna left on personal gain to be more of a lead person on International.

So far I've seen two seasons of GHI and I tell you what, they're in and out of the European countries. They've been to places with hideous pasts and they haven't really found an good evidence. Either that tells me that ghosts don't really exist or that they just don't have the eye for it without the help of the TAPS team. Honestly they haven't found any evidence that would make you go "Wow!" like the TAPS team have found.

And then there's the GHI team. Brian Harnois is as dumb as he was with the TAPS team, only difference is that no one calls him on it, because their leader isn't much of a leader. He over exaggerates things and see things off camera that makes you wonder if he's making it up to look good on TV.

Andy Andrews is Mr. Over Exaggerator. His delivery is always to much. His facial expressions remind me of the one image of Senator Hillery Clinton when she was bug eyed. He's just so annoyingly annoying.

Donna La Croix on Ghost Hunters seemed to be a bitchy girl that wants to be a leader but doesn't really know how to be one. She's just full of herself you can tell, but they don't show it on TV, but you can tell by her body language. She just wanted to be on TV more.

The leader of the group Robert Demarest is to soft spoken and lacks any authority in his directions. Not to mention he looks like a child molestor or child porn player. He's not much of leader he never really gives any orders. He just let's the team do whatever. So I don't know why he's titled Lead Investigator.

Then there's Barry Fitzgerald who sees things no one else seems to see. I think Brian got some tips from this guy to pretend to see something. Barry has numerous times on numerous episodes run off or claimed to have see some horrible paranormal activity. But yet when he says somethings happening there is no other evidence to back up what he claims to be seeing. He reminds me of that British paranormal show that used to show on the Travel Channel. You know the dude with white hair and dressed like a rich business man and would totally exaggerate what he claims to see.

I think this show is a lame spin-off of Ghost Hunters. The original is still the best and will always be. GHI tries to hard and the members/team aren't really camera friendly faces. There's no one for you to get attahced to.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You've seen his famous face on shirts. He's become such a trendy icon, makes you wonder if people really know what they're wearing. The symbol, the meaning, the life of a man they never met nor in most cases never read about.

To most in Cuba El Che was a revolutionary leader that fought for his people. He was a man that saw the horrors of his country and wanted to change it. He saw that materialism and capitalism was destroying his country and he was man enough to say enough is enough. He stood up to the greedy evils of the CIA influenced government and fought them to his last days.

All governments are corrupt with greedy self serving politicians, especially ours. He was man enough to stand up to his countries greedy politicians and was captured and executed for it. That is why people who know an ounce of his life wear shirts that adorn his face. He was a leader for freedom.

One day someone will stand up to our own governments corruption and start a revolutionary war. And they will die for it. And in the end people will wear shirts with his image. The question is, who will that person be? Will you the US version of El Che? Life is to short to be govern and controlled by evil politicians. You really think Obama or McCain will bring change? or any President at that? Remember they were politician's before they became President and there is not one single good politician. They are ALL corrupt by greed and money.

El Che will live on forever as a revolutionary hero.


Wednesday night held the premiere of "The Dark Knight" movie. Sequel to "Batman Begins". And from the reviews of people that saw the film Ledger lived up to the hype that surrounded his performance.
They hype said this would be the best performance of his short life/career.
I have yet to see the movie (it's due in theatres Friday) but will plan on seeing it for his performance, oh and of course Christian Bale. Who in Batman Begins did an amazing job as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Bale is as dedicated and amazing of an actor as Ledger was. So to see two equally amazing actors in one film is a rare treat.
I've said it before and I'll say it again (without seeing the movie), this is will be the best Joker and Batman you'll ever see. This is the very true depiction of the two characters should be portrayed on the big screen. No other comic book characters have been depicted to their true intentions as Christian Bale's Batman and Heath Ledger's Joker. Not even X-Men or Spider-Man. They were close but not as point as Batman. This will be the summer's biggest hit, I guarantee.


Can someone please tell me why the trend nowadays is a throwback to the 80's? I mean aren't we supposed to be thinking about the future? And what new trends and fashion we can come up with? Now throw everything back to the 80's? I mean the 80's were great. I love the 80's. But most these kids these days sportin' the 80's trend weren't even born during the 80's.

They know sh#t about living in the 80's. Heck I was a little kid in the 80's. I loved it because of the cartoons and just being a kid in the 80's was the best. But I don't want to relive the trend in 2008. Just makes me sad and miss the good ole days of being a kid free of the stresses of the real world or adult life.

And now the entertainment industry is hell bent on bringing 80's shows and cartoons to the big screen. They reinvented Transformers last year, they're set to do G.I. Joe and talks of Thunder Cats, Robotech, Voltron, etc it's crazy. It's like the studios can't come up with new creative movies anymore that they decided to do remakes and milk that til it's dry.

Hell they've even brought back shows like Alf and Family Matters to television. It's like from now on, on movies that look 2o or so years into the future instead of making all these cool futuristic stuff they should just reference 80's trends and just make the future look like the past.

And of course the Japanese are looking at us and laughing because the trend has been over for them for at least a decade or so, they're up to other trends. The US is about 5 years behind Japanese trends and technology. You want to know why the iPhone isn't popular in Japan? Because they have better phones that do 10x more than what the iPhone can do.

It's just so crazy we're throwing back to the 80's. Kids with their tight pants and punk looks. But I have to say they did invent the new style of EMO or as I like to call them...FAGGOTS! (no offense to the Gay and Lesbians).


Ha! Let the the witch rot and die miserably in prison. It's only an ounce of what she deserves for what she did 40 odd years ago.

Susan Atkins known in the "Family" as Sadie Mae Glutz was DENIED a compassionate release. Atkins has terminal brain cancer and already has one leg amputated. She has only months to live.

Her attorney, Eric P. Lampel, called the parole board's decision "unfortunate."

"[The board] ignored the vast majority of evidence presented," Lampel said. "There was a huge amount of pro-compassionate release testimony from many witnesses. It apparently fell on deaf ears."

Damn right it feel on deaf ears ERIC. Sharon Tates pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. Anyone who how has compassion for Aktins at this point is a pathetic peace loving hippie. And we at CH hate hippies!

Atkins told a 1993 parole board that Tate pleaded for her unborn child's life as she held her down. "She asked me to let her baby live," Atkins said. "... I told her I didn't have any mercy on her."

You want to have compassion for someone like that? You're pathetic if you do. I could give a rat's ass if she's now a born again Christian or has done all these programs to help violent kids. That doesn't mean shit. The crime she committed is UNFORGIVABLE. It's just to bad that the rest of the "Family" isn't suffering as she. Especially their sorry ass leader Charles Manson. He deserves a beat down for an hour everyday for the rest of his life. Karma needs to catch up to him.

Karma's now kicking in her door and Aktins is getting what she deserves. She killed a mother and her unborn child without an ounce of mercy. May karma have no mercy on her.

Monday, July 14, 2008


When I heard through the grapevine that Armory was going to start selling Supreme Soul shirts alongside the Jabbawockeez. I was like what there ain't no one in the bay area willing to sport their hometown crew? Then Supreme Soul (Soul Sector) worn these "Know Your Rank" shirts on last weeks episode. I was like who did those shirts. Didn't have an Armory tag on the back bottom. Then I came across a blogger site no less of an Armory type store up in the bay area called Invisible Stripes and on their site they are all about Soul Sector.

So they do have a store front getting their back. What I've heard about Armory selling their gear is still not confirmed. Like I said I just heard it through the grapevine. They might be selling their shirts through a distribution deal with Invisible Stripes. But who knows what the real deal is. Once I can confirm anything I'll blog about it.

Let's see so far I know that Armory supplies us with Jabbawockeez shirts and soon to be released for sale Super Cr3w shirts. And then Invisible Stripes have Supreme Soul/Soul Sector. The question is what crew am I going to make and distribute shirts for? Does Fanny Pak have any one? Seriously. I'm a big fan.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


The Hogan's got a few threatening voice messages from John Graziano's (victim) half brother Frank. Click Here to listen to the messages on TMZ. I don't understand why there is now a pending investigation into the tapes. Most likely Frank will be charged with something. Which is retarded, just goes to show how stupid our justice system is. Frank is clearly upset with the Hogan's and their actions after the accident.

I would have left hundreds of voice messages if I were in his shoes. I would make sure that the Hogan's daily life is full of hell, just like how his brother's life is now.


I say we all need to see this because this is the result of a celebrity son's actions. This is what Nick Bollea (Hogan) did to his friend. And he doesn't feel one ounce of remorse for it. He sits in jail whining like a baby that he doesn't like it in there and that it's not fair. I bet he never thought if it was fair for his so called best friend (whom he blamed for being in the position he's in) to forever be the way he is now. Almost brain dead? After watching this clip it angers me that Nick only gets 8 months for causing this. F#$k Nick and his shallow family.


Well his lawyers did anyhow. Lately the Hulksters estranged wife Linda has been living up the single life. Partying it up in Las Vegas for the most part. So much so that she's nagging at the Hulkster about an agreement they had before their split that he would buy a $4.3 mil condo in Las Vegas. In 2005 the Hogans put down $840k as a deposit for the property. Now with the recent antics of their son and the divorce looming over their heads, Hulk wants to back out of the property but Linda wants it so that she will have her own place to stay when she comes to sin city to party.

Hulk's lawyers say that Hulk wants to get out of the investment because the value of the property went down and that he is preparing himself for the iminent law suit that the family of John Graziano will bring down on him. Her persuit of the property just shows how selfish she really is.


Okay I know this review of week 4 is a bit late. But I've had some "technical" delays/issues to deal with that I haven't been able to long on to do my thing. Let's begin by saying this weeks challenge of going slow and then fast was kinda dumb, I thought. Here's the run down on the crews...

3 out of 5
After two strong weeks of performances, the Boogie Bots dropped down a notch this week. They were a bit sloppy at times and a bit confusing the rest of the time. Didn't get what story (if any) they were trying to tell on this routine. The ending seemed to be aborted as it seems that he lost his balance and just fell down. It was bad performance from the Boogie Bots.

3.5 out of 5
Gimmick looked great, story was great, very entertaining, BUT on the difficult factor it was about a 4. Super Cr3w seemed to drop it down a notch also. I'm just hoping that they're not loosing their steam as the weeks progress. They're very entertaining and creative I don't see how they won't be able to bounce back from this set back.

4.5 out of 5
This week did they bounce back or what. This week and theme was theirs. Thought I agree withe the judges on how ballerina's fit in with their cops and robbers theme. But it was still a good performance.

4.5 out of 5
Another solid week for the new Kabba Modern crew of this season. The got the who concept down this week. They are a very technical crew so this wasn't such a difficult challenge for them. Their girls are looking hotter and hotter every week. They just seem to get sexier and sexier. I was more in favor of Jackie Lautchang in the beginning but now I think I'm switching to "Eye Candy" Ailyn Isidro, but she really is "eye candy." She looks hot on TV.

4.5 out of 5
The 80's prom theme and the punk rocker girl spiking the punch bowl was very fun and very entertaining, but that's nothing new for this fun and entertaining group is it? For the group to tell a story in 55 seconds and have it make so much sense and to incorporate a whole dance routine that is so well choreographed by Matt Cady was just so pleasant. Tony Testa's Nick 6 would have better performances if Matt was their choreographer. Matt surpasses Tony "Whack" Testa by light years.

3.5 out of 5
Again they have yet to live up to their hype. They say the want to be the best dance crew but they have yet to prove that. They had an "Okay" performance this week. I liked last weeks better than this weeks. I've got to knock down anyone or crew that throws in the Tony Tesa's "Rockin Air Guitar" move. It's just lame and it's for little kids. At other times they were kinda moving into formations like a cheer leading squad would. Like when the did those baby side steps to form a line. It reminded me of a cheer leading squad's move. And then there's the arrogant shirts that they wore "Know Your Rank" which is a collabo with Invisible Stripes, CJ[Pharside], and George[Ge-Nius]. It is apparently a phrase used by Pharside to talk down to and putting subordinates in their place. So says the sites description of the shirts. That just supports the fact that this crew is cocky and arrogant. They will fall into the category of reality show villans. With the likes of Flavor of Love's New York. Or the Apprentice's Amarosa. They won't be America's favorite crew they will be America's most hated crew. That will be their claim to fame.

3 out of 5
Everyone knew this crew would be the out this week. You had to have known. They were the weakest link. They're just to new of a crew to have any real cohesiveness. They don't know each other well enough. And it showed big time. They had good routines during the second season, but not good enough to get far.

Final Word: I think from here on out it's kinda obvious who will be taken out week in and week out. Next week I predict that Super Cr3w and Boogie Bots will be the bottom two. With Boogie Bots departing. It gets harder for the judges to choose who gets booted because all the crews left are good. But the picture of who's going to win it all this season will become clearer from this point on. I've got an idea which I will reveal in week 5's review.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


With the recent controversy surrounding Rev. Jesse Jackson's comments about Sen. Barrack Obama, Jackson has been bombarded with critisism. Even from his own son Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. blasted his father for his comments. One celebrity seems to be starting the blast Jesse campaign, rap legend NAS has told MTV that the civil rights leader is finished.

"I think Jesse Jackson, he's the biggest player hater," Nas said.

"His time is up. All you old ..., time is up. We heard your voice, we saw your marching, we heard your sermons. We don't wanna hear that ... no more. It's a new day. It's a new voice. I'm here now. We don't need Jesse; I'm here. I got this. We got Barack, we got David Banners and Young Jeezys. We're the voice now. It's no more Jesse. Sorry. Goodbye. You ain't helping nobody in the 'hood. That's the bottom line. Goodbye, Jesse. Bye!"

Jesse Jackson was never a real leader. He's a wannabe Martin Luther King. Where MLK was a great philosopher, leader, political genius. Jesse Jackson's like the dumb stupid partially retarded brother of Martin Luther King. Now that the younger black generation have someone like Obama who closely emulates great black leaders such as Malcolm X and MLK in his speeches, has that bravado and rapport with his audience like MLK and X. Come November we might be looking at change in this country. This could be a time that will be remembered forever, Obama could become a legend. We'll just have to wait and see what happens in November.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well after a few days had passed the story started to clear up and the account of what happened is a little more clear. Kiel had attended a 4th of July party near by and with the requests of family and friends Kiel decided to drive himself home from the party around 10:15 pm Friday night, turned out to be a mistake that cost him his life. Immediately following the crash friends and family attending the party tried in vain to lift Kiel's car which flipped over and was crushing the superstar athlete. Police came in and Firefighters came shortly after. It took awhile to extract Kiel from the wreckage and unfortunately Kiel died during transport to the hospital.

It's a sad story that should have never have happened.
It is now speculation that the celebration was at the house of a present Chargers member, star linebacker Stephen Cooper. Who happens to live very close to where the accident occurred. When reporters came to Coopers house the following day to ask questions, no one answered the door. I wouldn't doubt it that it was Cooper's party that Kiel attended, because I personally saw Stephen Cooper with friends or family at the Carmel Mountain Costco on Thursday night shopping for the 4th of July event I assume. Because his shopping cart was filled with beers. At least 2-3 cases of Coronas (24 pk) and a couple cases of Tecates (I think). Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that or that it's his fault. I'm just saying I think it was his party because I saw him loading up the night before. I'm sure he is very upset and sad that his friend/former team mate died that night. As a Chargers fan I know I am sad he died.


Article brought to our attention by the Mexican Wrestler -

"Bruno" Pranks It Up
Arkansas cage fights turn gay for new Sacha Baron Cohen movie

JULY 8--Lured by $1 beer and the prospect of "hot chicks" and "hardcore fights," thousands of Arkansans were duped last month into appearing as extras in comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's latest staged mayhem. Cohen and his confederates organized cage fighting programs on consecutive days in Texarkana and Fort Smith. Both cards ended with two male grapplers (one was identified as "Straight Dave" and wore camouflage) tearing each other's clothes off and, while in underwear, kissing down their opponent's chest. This man-on-man action triggered Fort Smith fans to throw chairs and beer at the ring, according to one cop present at the city's Convention Center.

Cohen is currently filming a follow-up, of sorts, to his smash 2006 film featuring Borat, his fictional Kazakh journalist. The new film stars another of Cohen's creations, Bruno, a gay Austrian journalist who interviews subjects about fashion and entertainment. It is reportedly titled, "BrĂ¼no: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt." The June 6 matches in Fort Smith were dubbed "Blue Collar Brawlin'" and were advertised with the poster seen below. Ads on Craigslist--like this one attached--noted that attendees had to be over 21 and suggested that fans arrive early "for $1 BEERS!" Cohen & Co. underwrote the cost of beer, which usually sells for $4 at the Fort Smith facility

"Blue Collar Brawlin'" drew about 1500 fans, who were greeted by signs stating that the event was being filmed. Attendees were also not allowed in with cameras or cell phones and some were asked to sign releases. The "Blue Collar Brawlin'" web site ( was registered two weeks before the event in the name of "Peto Philer" of Algeria. The site, which remains live but has been stripped of all content, appears to be currently hosted on servers in Los Angeles.

Monday, July 7, 2008


A-Rod is nothing more than a piece of shit who calls himself a man. A real man takes care of his family, protects his family and stays true to his family. A-Rod cares for no one except himself. He's that stereotypical man that thinks he's so manly that he can do whatever he wants and that women, especially his wife are there to for his pleasure and nothing more.

His estranged wife Cynthia claims she's fed up with his cheating. He claims that she doesn't care to work on reconciling their 5 year marriage. What a fu#king dumb ass he is, how more selfish can you be? You're mad at her because she doesn't want to reconcile a marriage that YOU threw away with your cheating? You're a pathetic piece of shit if that's your attitude.

Pretty boy A-Rod is nothing more than a dead beat father and husband. With rumors of a relationship with pop queen Madonna aka MANdonna. The question is why would he want to get with that manly material girl? Guy is probably like "Yea take that manly girl away from me, go ahead A-Rod."

Bottom line, A-Rod is a piece of shit and I hate baseball.


Pete Wentz recently admitted to having gone through a phase where he kissed guys. He claims he was experimenting with his sexuality. He adamantly denies he's gay or bi, that in fact he loves the puss.

I hardly doubt that. If anything he's bi-sexual. How man times do I have to bring up how girlie he looks? He blames it on the EMO look, but nah dude you're either gay or bi. Just admit to it.

No shame in the game. Be proud and sport tha colorful rainbow flag!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


If you have a Yahoo account than most likely you have an "AVATAR" An avatar is basically an image or object used to represent or identify the user.

Girls think it's cute. I actually thought they were cool when they first came out, but then I said to myself...oh how gay! (nothing personal to the gay community). I'm pretty much just referring to the Yahoo avatars. They're so lame.

If you have a Yahoo Avatar, you're pretty lame. That includes me who thought it was cool in the beginning.


Former San Diego Chargers Safety Terrance Kiel lost his life on Friday night when he lost control of his 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Now reports are still very not solid. Because reports say that he was ejected from the vehicle, but photos from the scene show firefighters prying the his car which after smashing into the wall fell into a hillside.

With that information and visuals from the crash I can only conclude that his car smashed into the wall ejecting him down into the hillside and then the car flipping over the 3-4 ft wall and with a stroke of bad luck, landing on top of him, leading to his death.

I know that sounds a bit morbid, but that's the conclusion I can come up with following the official reports and images.

The real sad part is that it could have been avoided. If he had only allowed someone else to drive him home. Message: Don't drive home drunk! Just cause you're a super human athlete doesn't mean your invincible. You can certainly absorb more punishment, but you're still just human.

It's sad news to hear of a former Charger lossing his life. It's a sad day for a Charger fan. Kiel was a good player that contributed to the teams success. But his legal problems cost him his job with the Chargers.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Let's get this straight for all the confused people that saw last Thursday's ABDC2 and noticed Chris Gatdula aka Chris Styles from the Jabbawockeez in the crowd sporting a Super Cr3w t-shirt. He was sporting the shirts because he is in fact a member of Super Cr3w. It is not unusual that dancers belong to numerous crews. Jabbawockeez is Chris' professional dance crew and Super Cr3w is his breakin' crew. Kid Rainen from the Jabbawockeez has two breakin crews he's affliated with, Killafornia and Footwork Fanatix. It's NOT unusual people. So don't think he's jumped ship on the Jabbawockeez. We straight? good, enuff said.