Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Can someone please tell me why the trend nowadays is a throwback to the 80's? I mean aren't we supposed to be thinking about the future? And what new trends and fashion we can come up with? Now throw everything back to the 80's? I mean the 80's were great. I love the 80's. But most these kids these days sportin' the 80's trend weren't even born during the 80's.

They know sh#t about living in the 80's. Heck I was a little kid in the 80's. I loved it because of the cartoons and just being a kid in the 80's was the best. But I don't want to relive the trend in 2008. Just makes me sad and miss the good ole days of being a kid free of the stresses of the real world or adult life.

And now the entertainment industry is hell bent on bringing 80's shows and cartoons to the big screen. They reinvented Transformers last year, they're set to do G.I. Joe and talks of Thunder Cats, Robotech, Voltron, etc it's crazy. It's like the studios can't come up with new creative movies anymore that they decided to do remakes and milk that til it's dry.

Hell they've even brought back shows like Alf and Family Matters to television. It's like from now on, on movies that look 2o or so years into the future instead of making all these cool futuristic stuff they should just reference 80's trends and just make the future look like the past.

And of course the Japanese are looking at us and laughing because the trend has been over for them for at least a decade or so, they're up to other trends. The US is about 5 years behind Japanese trends and technology. You want to know why the iPhone isn't popular in Japan? Because they have better phones that do 10x more than what the iPhone can do.

It's just so crazy we're throwing back to the 80's. Kids with their tight pants and punk looks. But I have to say they did invent the new style of EMO or as I like to call them...FAGGOTS! (no offense to the Gay and Lesbians).

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