Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You've seen his famous face on shirts. He's become such a trendy icon, makes you wonder if people really know what they're wearing. The symbol, the meaning, the life of a man they never met nor in most cases never read about.

To most in Cuba El Che was a revolutionary leader that fought for his people. He was a man that saw the horrors of his country and wanted to change it. He saw that materialism and capitalism was destroying his country and he was man enough to say enough is enough. He stood up to the greedy evils of the CIA influenced government and fought them to his last days.

All governments are corrupt with greedy self serving politicians, especially ours. He was man enough to stand up to his countries greedy politicians and was captured and executed for it. That is why people who know an ounce of his life wear shirts that adorn his face. He was a leader for freedom.

One day someone will stand up to our own governments corruption and start a revolutionary war. And they will die for it. And in the end people will wear shirts with his image. The question is, who will that person be? Will you the US version of El Che? Life is to short to be govern and controlled by evil politicians. You really think Obama or McCain will bring change? or any President at that? Remember they were politician's before they became President and there is not one single good politician. They are ALL corrupt by greed and money.

El Che will live on forever as a revolutionary hero.

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