Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well the reality of reality television is that the only "reality" thing about it is that the people in it are real human beings. Not CGI or robots. There's really nothing you can believe on reality television. They like to tell you a story. And if they get you hooked to that story than you're just another fish fished out of the vast sea of television [fake]ality. Which brings us to Kendra Wilkinson. A pretty hot young [slut] from good 'ole San Diego, whom we are suppose to believe is in love with the crypt keeper himself Hugh Hefner.

But the probable reality is that she's not in love with him and that she's on the show Girls Next Door to boost ratings. The New York Post has recently claimed that Kendra's done with the Playboy mansion, she's done with Hugh Hefner and the two other girls.

The allegations that Kendra was never Hugh's girlfriend have be swirling around for years, and soon we might see the truth come out. It's said that Kendra cannot keep with the rules of the mansion. She's always out late and partying and has been linked to other guys. No surprise there. An insider said...

“Holly and Bridget hate her. They’re totally jealous. She has her own empire now. She’s got a clothing line, a modeling career and an exercise empire," said the insider. "They’re just sitting there hangin’ with Hef.”

Let's face it she's a hot blondie that loves rapper and sports guys...especially [black] sports guys. I've always said from the beginning of the series that she's going to be in porn in the future, watch. I would not be surprised if that ends up being her next career choice. I mean she's got a clothing line apparently and she's has a modeling career...nude most likely. So what would stop her from taking the next step? Why not. We'll just have to wait an see...but being Hugh's girlfriend was never believable.

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