Thursday, July 31, 2008


Now a few of you out there are like "well I don't know if Celebrity Haider is a reliable source" regarding Chris Styles article. I'm here to tell you I don't put anything out unless the source is reliable. Now I don't have any real sources in Hollywood...well not yet. But here in Daygo it's a small world. If you live in Daygo you know that. So when the topic is about Jabbawockeez I have the sources at my finger tips. Here in Daygo the 5th degree of separations is more like 2 degrees. Everyone in Daygo know each other. For example my crew Darkside and our friends C-Force used to practice down south [National City] and guess who used to be there practicing with us? Kid Rainen. My boy [Darkside member] goes to church with Chris Styles and Kevin. And has known Chris Gatdula for years. In fact Chris asked my boy and my business partner to design the Jabba shirts before Armory but my business partner turned it down because at the time they only wanted 6 for the show. Here's another example my neighbor's neice is married to Kevin. Want more? My brother in law shot Kid Rainen's wedding. So the point is when it comes to news about peeps from Daygo, my sources are reliable. I know people from Armory, I know about the drama that is brewing but out of respect to my sources I can't blurt them out in detail. But I will say that a lot of people are upset with Chris and see him as the instigator for any drama. People actually want to beat him up and not because they're jealous of the Jabbawockeez but because of Chris's attitude.

So trust me if I put something out that isn't true and I find that it isn't true later...than I will admit I was wrong. Never had a problem with that. I said Fanny Pak was whack in the beginning, but took that back as the weeks went by and admitted I was wrong. Now I'm a big fan of theirs.

I like to say that I like to keep it real. I say the things people think about but are too scared to say. Now that's the end of my rant. Thanks to those who check out my blog.


  1. u hv no idea how many ppl check out your site

  2. i love reading ur blogs.
    but lets stop talkin about cris, hes not one of the fovourites. what about phil tayag..are there any juicy gossips about him :)?