Monday, July 21, 2008


Only assholes wear shirts that say "KNOW YOUR RANK" and that's exactly what Soul Sector is saying wearing those shirts during a performance on ABDC. "Hi we're a bunch of punk asses that think we're better than any crew in the whole world. And all ya'll other crews best know your place." That's the message they're sending.

And you know what other crews should be looking to cut them down. Battle them, call them out and put them in their place.

Heck the bay area crews are the ones that need to check them the most. They reppin' the bay area and right now they're givin the bay a bad name. Especially CJ Pharside whom the phrase comes from. On Invisible Stripes description of the shirt they write...

[This shirt was a collaborative effort of CJ(Pharside), George(Ge.Nius), and Invisible Stripes. "KNOW YOUR RANK", a phrase often used by Pharside when putting his subordinates in their place.]

I don't know why anyone from his crew would put up with that shit being said to them by him. Shit, you say that to me, I'll make sure your face meet my knuckles and feet up close and personal.

A friend that have met both CJ and George say both are big time assholes. Two white guys that can dance [an anomaly in itself] and they think they're better superior to other dancers. Not a big surprise there.

This crew is good but with their cocky punk ass attitudes, they need to be dancing on the streets with the rest of the wacky street performers.

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