Sunday, July 13, 2008


Okay I know this review of week 4 is a bit late. But I've had some "technical" delays/issues to deal with that I haven't been able to long on to do my thing. Let's begin by saying this weeks challenge of going slow and then fast was kinda dumb, I thought. Here's the run down on the crews...

3 out of 5
After two strong weeks of performances, the Boogie Bots dropped down a notch this week. They were a bit sloppy at times and a bit confusing the rest of the time. Didn't get what story (if any) they were trying to tell on this routine. The ending seemed to be aborted as it seems that he lost his balance and just fell down. It was bad performance from the Boogie Bots.

3.5 out of 5
Gimmick looked great, story was great, very entertaining, BUT on the difficult factor it was about a 4. Super Cr3w seemed to drop it down a notch also. I'm just hoping that they're not loosing their steam as the weeks progress. They're very entertaining and creative I don't see how they won't be able to bounce back from this set back.

4.5 out of 5
This week did they bounce back or what. This week and theme was theirs. Thought I agree withe the judges on how ballerina's fit in with their cops and robbers theme. But it was still a good performance.

4.5 out of 5
Another solid week for the new Kabba Modern crew of this season. The got the who concept down this week. They are a very technical crew so this wasn't such a difficult challenge for them. Their girls are looking hotter and hotter every week. They just seem to get sexier and sexier. I was more in favor of Jackie Lautchang in the beginning but now I think I'm switching to "Eye Candy" Ailyn Isidro, but she really is "eye candy." She looks hot on TV.

4.5 out of 5
The 80's prom theme and the punk rocker girl spiking the punch bowl was very fun and very entertaining, but that's nothing new for this fun and entertaining group is it? For the group to tell a story in 55 seconds and have it make so much sense and to incorporate a whole dance routine that is so well choreographed by Matt Cady was just so pleasant. Tony Testa's Nick 6 would have better performances if Matt was their choreographer. Matt surpasses Tony "Whack" Testa by light years.

3.5 out of 5
Again they have yet to live up to their hype. They say the want to be the best dance crew but they have yet to prove that. They had an "Okay" performance this week. I liked last weeks better than this weeks. I've got to knock down anyone or crew that throws in the Tony Tesa's "Rockin Air Guitar" move. It's just lame and it's for little kids. At other times they were kinda moving into formations like a cheer leading squad would. Like when the did those baby side steps to form a line. It reminded me of a cheer leading squad's move. And then there's the arrogant shirts that they wore "Know Your Rank" which is a collabo with Invisible Stripes, CJ[Pharside], and George[Ge-Nius]. It is apparently a phrase used by Pharside to talk down to and putting subordinates in their place. So says the sites description of the shirts. That just supports the fact that this crew is cocky and arrogant. They will fall into the category of reality show villans. With the likes of Flavor of Love's New York. Or the Apprentice's Amarosa. They won't be America's favorite crew they will be America's most hated crew. That will be their claim to fame.

3 out of 5
Everyone knew this crew would be the out this week. You had to have known. They were the weakest link. They're just to new of a crew to have any real cohesiveness. They don't know each other well enough. And it showed big time. They had good routines during the second season, but not good enough to get far.

Final Word: I think from here on out it's kinda obvious who will be taken out week in and week out. Next week I predict that Super Cr3w and Boogie Bots will be the bottom two. With Boogie Bots departing. It gets harder for the judges to choose who gets booted because all the crews left are good. But the picture of who's going to win it all this season will become clearer from this point on. I've got an idea which I will reveal in week 5's review.

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