Friday, July 25, 2008


Okay so I watched that American adaptation of the Japan movie Shutter. Boy was it a big disappointment. For one, it involved another dead girl hell bent on revenge. The second, it involved a Japanese girl that was crazy over an American man. [I bet Japanese girls are appalled by the image they are painting of Japanese women. Very needy and if not tended to, will go crazy and stock you]. Third, instead of keeping the story in Japan, why not bring it to the US, since it is an adaptation of the movie. You can base it in the US instead of Japan. It just looks weird when the "white" leading characters parade around Japan like they fit in with the rest of the's lame. And fourth, it's the same f#*king story [basically]. It's like watching the Grudge and The Ring. It's like come on. Think of something else original, you're original idea isn't original anymore.

What pissed me off the most was the big advertising about the "Shocking" alternate ending. There was nothing shocking about it. They added a little part with the wife in the scene. That was it. I almost threw my remote control at the TV for that. It didn't' live up to the hype at all. The story sucked, like The Ring or The Grudge, it's just all shock value, making the girl look extremely terrifying.

I will never ever pick up a Japanese horror flick. It's all the same. In fact there really isn't a truly scary movie out there. The last time I was really freaked out was watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Now that gave me the chills. Is it real or is it in her head, or what. Did God really allow all of it to happen and then ask her if she wanted out or carry on with the message that the devil and demons do exist? That was a good movie.

2 out of 5 stars

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  1. Shutter was originally a Thai movie, not Japanese.