Friday, July 4, 2008


This week we saw better performances with some, and some drop down a notch and a some just "turnt" it up. The theme as stated on MTV's site is: The eight remaining crews must create a routine that utilizes a unique physical transformation that is inspired by the song title. Here's the low down on the crews...

4.5 out of 5 stars
They definitely made up for last weeks performance. Last week they were a bit sloppy with on member missing a few steps and one member at the end with the sloppy finish. But this week with the snake theme for the song "Snake" by R. Kelly the crew rocked it! The girls where hot right off the bat coming out of the snake baskets. The choreography was tight, with the technical hand movements that hit beat for beat was sweet. Awesome performance by SoReal.

5 out of 5
Again they just blow you away with amazing unique stunts. And you know it's just not just boring stunts like Status Quo, it's unique and amazing stunts. Their song was Jim Jones' "We Fly High" and the theme they chose was "Superman". Coming out with the nerdy Clark Kent look and busting out the blue Super Cr3w Armory (inspired by their friends Jabbawockeez) shirts. It was just so entertaining, so far for 3 weeks they've been entertaining you from the second they step on stage. They are definitely friends with the Jabbawockeez cause they are just as entertaining and they don't even have masks. Throwing Do Knock in the air like 20 ft. up was just insane. Amazing performance!

4 out of 5
Boogie Bots make it 3 for 3 opening up the show with 3 hot performances. Their video game theme and cool costumes dancing to the song "Game Over" by Lil' Flip was off the hook. The references to popular video games such as Street Fighter and then glowing in the dark and ending with transforming into a Transformer. It was cool and very fun.

3.5 out of 5
Dancing to the Britney Spears song "Toy Soldier" their intro where they were those green plastic soldiers we (well my generation) grew up with. Again they continue to shove it in my face. They are amazing dancers with super clean and fun routines. I agree with Shane their choreography is always hot. I say it again they are representing L.A. to the fullest. L.A. kats should back this crew up, because just because they come off weird they can hold their own with their choreography.

3 out of 5
This week they got the song from Flo Rida "Elevator" feat. Timbaland. So naturally they chose to do the bell boy theme. Their routine was good, they're good but again nothing was there that really made you say "Wow!" They put themselves on a high standard from the live audition and each week since then they haven't really made me say "Wow!" Others crews have, like Fanny Pak! But Supreme Soul has yet to do so. Will they ever? I dunno, it's yet to be seen. Right now, they aren't even on the same level as the Jabbawockeez in entertaining the crowd. They're just alright. They need to "turnt" it up.

3 out of 5
Struggles in the beginning of the week trying to come up with a routine for "Big Things Poppin" by T.I. their routine showed some of that conflict during the week. The performance was a bit messy. It was an okay routine, they had some cool looking stunts, but no "wow" factor. They actually looked like they belong in the bottom 2. They need to step it up next week to stay out of the bottom. Cause next week they will most likely be there.

3 out of 5
Dancing to the song "Earthquake" by Tech 9 again they bring a routine that didn't seem that creative and was pretty sloppy. I'll give it to them though because they had a pretty hard theme to come up with routine to. Their time was about up anyhow. They were the weaker of the remaining teams. Next to Phresh Select.

Final words: I thought that a lot of the crews came up with another hot performance mainly Boogie Bots and Super Cr3w. Others improved from last week such as SoReal Cru and Fanny Pak. Surprisingly one crew dropped a notch...A.S.I.I.D.

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