Thursday, July 31, 2008


Someone made a comment, well maybe they're just trying to introduce the Jabbawockeez to the people in the know what? Let the Jabbawockeez do that personally. Cause you guys are cheaply imitating and wrongly representing the crew. None of these guys know how to break at all. Not one single person in this cheap rip off crew. So they're taking a huge part of what makes the Jabbawockeez. My homeland disappointing me again. Come on, you guys are making us flips here look bad. It's worse than the Chinese making fake LV bags. Come on have some dignity and respect for the ones that work hard for the recognition...the Jabbawockeez. If you want them to perform there, call their agent get them to come over. I bet they would have since the rep the Filipino community. But now I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't want to consider it since all these cheap rip offs are there. [I'm nodding my head the whole time I'm writing guys over there look so pathetic right now, I'm almost ashamed to be Filipino right now].

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