Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ha! Let the the witch rot and die miserably in prison. It's only an ounce of what she deserves for what she did 40 odd years ago.

Susan Atkins known in the "Family" as Sadie Mae Glutz was DENIED a compassionate release. Atkins has terminal brain cancer and already has one leg amputated. She has only months to live.

Her attorney, Eric P. Lampel, called the parole board's decision "unfortunate."

"[The board] ignored the vast majority of evidence presented," Lampel said. "There was a huge amount of pro-compassionate release testimony from many witnesses. It apparently fell on deaf ears."

Damn right it feel on deaf ears ERIC. Sharon Tates pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. Anyone who how has compassion for Aktins at this point is a pathetic peace loving hippie. And we at CH hate hippies!

Atkins told a 1993 parole board that Tate pleaded for her unborn child's life as she held her down. "She asked me to let her baby live," Atkins said. "... I told her I didn't have any mercy on her."

You want to have compassion for someone like that? You're pathetic if you do. I could give a rat's ass if she's now a born again Christian or has done all these programs to help violent kids. That doesn't mean shit. The crime she committed is UNFORGIVABLE. It's just to bad that the rest of the "Family" isn't suffering as she. Especially their sorry ass leader Charles Manson. He deserves a beat down for an hour everyday for the rest of his life. Karma needs to catch up to him.

Karma's now kicking in her door and Aktins is getting what she deserves. She killed a mother and her unborn child without an ounce of mercy. May karma have no mercy on her.

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