Sunday, July 20, 2008


If Shane thought Ronnie's elbow sky flares where sick, then he should check out these guys. They can do sky flares on their elbows in their sleep. By the way this is the crew that started the masks. This is the crew that the Jabbawockeez's probably got the idea from. Though I can't show you the clip of this crew with the masks because it was disabled for embeding by Now the crew doesn't wear the masks all the time. Looks like it's only for certain performances. But never the less, they are the OG mask wearers. But they aren't a complete package as Jabba because they are pretty much just b-boys. The best b-boy crew in the world possibly. And they don't have the coolness factor that Jabba brings to the mask. But check them out on this clip anyway, they're still dope...

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