Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well after a few days had passed the story started to clear up and the account of what happened is a little more clear. Kiel had attended a 4th of July party near by and with the requests of family and friends Kiel decided to drive himself home from the party around 10:15 pm Friday night, turned out to be a mistake that cost him his life. Immediately following the crash friends and family attending the party tried in vain to lift Kiel's car which flipped over and was crushing the superstar athlete. Police came in and Firefighters came shortly after. It took awhile to extract Kiel from the wreckage and unfortunately Kiel died during transport to the hospital.

It's a sad story that should have never have happened.
It is now speculation that the celebration was at the house of a present Chargers member, star linebacker Stephen Cooper. Who happens to live very close to where the accident occurred. When reporters came to Coopers house the following day to ask questions, no one answered the door. I wouldn't doubt it that it was Cooper's party that Kiel attended, because I personally saw Stephen Cooper with friends or family at the Carmel Mountain Costco on Thursday night shopping for the 4th of July event I assume. Because his shopping cart was filled with beers. At least 2-3 cases of Coronas (24 pk) and a couple cases of Tecates (I think). Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that or that it's his fault. I'm just saying I think it was his party because I saw him loading up the night before. I'm sure he is very upset and sad that his friend/former team mate died that night. As a Chargers fan I know I am sad he died.

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