Monday, July 28, 2008


Okay enough is enough. I'm tried of seeing these nice clean spotless houses that these "rappers" and "R&B singers" say they live in. The house looks like a model home you see in those home living magazines. Ain't no way in hell they are living in that house. Like today I saw an episode with singer Omarion. His house looked like it was straight from the magazines. Looked like a ladies house. Ain't no way he owns that. He's a young man, ain't no way his house is going to be that spotless and clean. Besides dude your a dude, keep it real, show some messiness. For reals.

My pad would be clean, but you'd see a little mess here and there throughout the house. Omarion's house was spotless. His bed was all made up and had like a dozen pillows on it. Like Ben Stiller's in the movie Along Came Polly. Someone needs to check his blackness yo. I think he's lost it. Cause that dozen pillows on your bed shit is straight uptight white people style. Just saying it how it is Omarion. Check yourself.

But I have to say the episode before Omarion's cribs it was Cisco Adler's and Shwayze's pad. Now that pad was straight messy and real. It was a nice big Hollywood hills type house, but it actually looked like they lived in the joint. Looked like a real bachelor pad. Ain't nothing made up and organized or categorized. Keeping it real, thas the motto.

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