Thursday, July 3, 2008


As I watched a mini marathon of MTV's "Sweet 16" I came upon the episode that had Diddy throwing a birthday bash for his son, Quincy. The thing is Quincy looks nothing like Diddy and is in fact light skinned. He looks more like Genuine than Diddy. I was confused by the end of the episode.

With some digging the truth is that Quincy is neither Diddy's son nor let alone his step son. Cause Kim and Diddy never married. Quincy's real dad is actually 80's and early 90's R&B singer Al B Sure!

Now I was "Stunna" about the revelation. Because Diddy just threw this elaborate birthday party that cost millions and included Diddy giving Quincy two cars. A special edition Range Rover for him to drive in L.A. and a fixed up 67' Lincoln Continental (now that's my old school dream car...suicide doors in the back baby!) for him to drive in Atlanta. So where was Al B Sure? He was a no show. He again bailed on his son.

The story about the MTV event is that Al felt "disrespected" with the show because the theme of the show was first suppose to be "Stuntin' Like My Daddy Party." But was later changed to "Quincy's Stunna 16 Party". Reports close to the show say that it wasn't easy to change the theme but [Diddy] made sure that MTV changed it. And all because he found out that Al was upset about the it. Sources close to Diddy say that he has no problem with Al and has never kept Quincy from him. In fact he tries to encourages them to have a relationship, but he can't force it upon them. Diddy in fact reached out to Al personally to get him to come to the event and support his son. But Al never budged. Sources close to Al say that Diddy has never been the problem and has no bitterness towards him. He just felt disrespected by the show [MTV].

The back story I found out is that Diddy has helped raised Quincy since he was a toddler and has always treated Quincy as if he was his own. He supports Quincy the same way he supports his other kids. That's why Diddy tries to keep a close relationship with Kim. All for the sake of Quincy. I also found out that Al B Sure is pretty much a dead beat dad who sprouts babies left and right but doesn't support neither of them one bit. Quincy is one of those kids. Al apparently has no real relationship with his son Quincy. To Quincy Diddy is his real dad because Diddy has been there for him since he was a toddler.

I have no respect for fathers who don't support their illegitimate kids. If the things I hear about him are true, than he's no man at all. He's a immature little boy. He's one of those fathers that Obama called out. He deserves no respect from anyone and no one should give him any. Now I think money and fame has gotten to Diddy's head, but this is one thing I can't bash him on. He works to support ALL his kids. Just like how his mom did. He takes care of his kids and makes damn sure that they're taken care of. He's a dedicated father to his kids and for that I respect him as a man/father. I'm not the best father in the world but I make sure I'm here for my kids when ever they need me. I put them first before anything. And I'm sure Diddy does the same. To me that's what real men do. I have hate absent dead beat fathers.

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  1. Who are you to post comments and articles about something you know NOTHING about!
    If you look on You Tube you will see Quincy actually spent his real B-Day which is June 4th with his father Al B Sure!
    Sweet sixteen was filmed in December and was for MTV viewers only.
    The real party was with father and son, Al B and Quincy.
    Get a life!