Monday, June 30, 2008


I never did like the BET Awards, mainly because back in the 90's the award show was so ghetto that rappers would actually get into confrontations during the airing of the show. The most infamous was during the West Coast & East Coast rap wars, when Snoop Dogg came out firing and spitting fuel to already tense atmosphere. Well all know what came out of the feuds...two of the most talented rappers dead. Tupac and Biggie. Ever since they I view BET as dirty as a strip joint. No matter how classy they try to be, they're still ghetto to me. And with the black this and black that comments these artists blurt out on this award show because they know they can. Any other award show they're on check.

One of the comments this year came from an obviously tipsy Sean "Diddy" Combs, he blurts out "To our blackness, black is beautiful baby, yea!" You know he wouldn't say that during an MTV award show, Kanye would. But anyhow I just thought that was funny comment for him to make. Considering he's the only black person who loves nothing more than to wear white. He's hosted a few "All white" parties in the Hampton's. If black is so beautiful why doesn't he wear more of it?

Then there's the what now seems to be politically driven Alicia Keyes with her quote and Obama support at the end of her speech. Oh let's not forget her comment in the beginning of her speech, where she made a comment about how everyone wants to be us (I can only imagine that means everyone wants to be black?). They only time I want to be black is during football season.

Diddy and Alicia were straight campaigning for Obama. Watch when it gets closer to the elections Diddy will be front and center with his "Vote Obama or Die!" I'd rather die. Obama would be as bad as Bush. No experience. But he'll have ALL the black entertainers on his side. They're going to push for the first black president. They want to break the mold of white presidents so badly.'s all a gimmick, Obama is a gimmick.

Back to the show, it's all about black this and black that at these BET Awards. 400+ years of slavery remember? They never let you forget. They are so oppressed know they've got natural ability to play sports and make millions doing it and they have this hip-hop enterprise locked down to where they're making millions off selling their brands...but they still complain. I wish us Asian guys could get into sports or the hip-hop front stage with ease and make millions. No we have to go through endless schooling to become boring a$$ engineers or postal workers. This show should be called the "Black Power" Awards cause that's the underlining message I get from watching this show. "We're great, your not!"

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