Sunday, June 8, 2008


So the return of ABDC is coming up in a couple of weeks. June 17 to be exact but Saturday they aired the live auditions for the upcoming season. So I'm sad to say that none of the crews I mentioned made it onto the show. The ones considered to be the top crews in the West coast didn't make it onto the show, well Team Millennia made it to the live auditions but were beat out by a group wearing fanny packs! Bet they don't feel good about themselves right about now.

There weren't really any groups that looked like they were going to bring it. There are a lot of expectations considering the Jabbawockeez set the bar up so high. Like I've said before the uniqueness of the masks, creating such an entertaining character makes it so hard to watch any other crews dance. Seeing the faces of the crews makes all the crews look the same. The Jabbawockes stood out from the pack. And all it took to stand out was the masks. The Jabbawockeez as a dance crew are as talented as most dance crews in Southern California. In fact without the masks they look like a Kabba or Formality dance crew. But those darn masks do so much to make them stand out. It makes them original and that's why we grew to love them. No one in this season stands out. Except for the pansies with the fanny packs. (I'm still scratching my head about that group).

Then there's that cocky crew that claim to have beaten the Jabbawockeez in a battle. Supreme Soul. It seems that the two crews are rivals as at the end of the Jabbawockeez performance when all the crews hit the stage. Supreme Soul made it a point to not give props to the Jabbawockeez. But that's normal, if you're a groups rival. Back in the day we never gave props to crews that were our rivals. So it's understandable, but Supreme Souls cocky attitude won't go over to well with the fans. Confidence is one thing but straight out cockiness is just annoying. And seeing that dude (spiked hair) with the bitter beer face expressions doesn't help the crew. They are good, but so far they haven't really brought anything special. So we'll see how they do during the season.

So final thought? As of right now I'm not dying to watch the new season, but we'll see if all that changes when we all get to see what these crews can do during the season.

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  1. Yeah I saw what you saw how when the Jabbas came out on stage, all the other crews seemed to give them respect, while SS hardly acknowledged their presence with a few dispersed claps here and there. And then, after the Jabbas performed and all the crews meshed together mingled, you could clearly see that there was segregation between SS and Jabbas. They didn't talk to each other or greet each other on stage. . Anyway, what needs to happen is a REMATCH using ABDC as the platform. Jabbas versus Supreme Soul. How hot would that be? GO JABBAWOCKEEZ!!! Though I give SS all their due credit, I like the humble guys who know their the shit but don't need to parade that shit all over the place.