Monday, June 30, 2008


I caught a glimpse of the BET Awards (also referred to as the Ghetto Awards for his violent history) and I after 20 minutes I wish I hadn't. I saw Lil' Wayne's performance and boy did it leave me at the end scratching my head thinking "What the hell was that?" I could never understand a damn word that guy says nor can understand his performance. How the hell could this guy seriously sell a million records in the first week?

I nearly died laughing as I was on looking at Lil' Wayne pics from his performance. The comments that I guess the BET staff was putting on his pics. One says "Lil Wayne delivered a priceless performance!" or "Lil' Wayne did a great job in the finale!" or "Lil' Wayne closes with a great performance to a great show!" but wait there's more, of T-Pain's and Lil' Wayne's performance "They definitely gave a grand finale!" oh but it gets even better "The Fireman definitely delivered a hot performance!" do you want to hear more? It just goes on.

Tell me am I missing something here? I thought his performance was whack! Amateurish, lame, and the sound was terrible. You could hardly hear him, it's was like watching a 50cent live performance...boring!

You get Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def, or even the egomaniac himself Kanye West up there and they'll entertain you. This was just straight whack and if you think it was a hot performance than you got some whack taste.

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